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Sunny Jetsun

Each fragment of Life is Sacred

These are Your Children ~


On the river ~

a compatriot



Thus, have I heard

a still mind like still water

yields a still reflection ~

of what is before it

When you are not fed love off a silver spoon,

You learn to lick it off knives’ ~ Laura Eden


Nicola Tesla

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe ~

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’

All names, characters, images and incidents portrayed in this book are

fictitious. No identification with actual persons and places is intended or

should be inferred. Copyright Disclaimer ~ Under Section 107 of 1976,

Copyright Act. Allowance is made of fair use for purposes of knowledge.

The moral right of the author has been asserted 2018.

Copyright © 2018. Sunny Jetsun

All rights reserved 978-1-910363-71-3

Cosmic Naturalistic Harmonic Bhaktic

Sunny Jetsun

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Here * Now ~ Gems of Eternity’


Listening to blossoms falling ~

and rocks, growing your ‘Wa’ harmonies.

Messages to your centre ~ “Sayonara Hara”

Please excuse my asking for Enlightenment.

Conscience-less Culture, no sense of sin!

Quiet Sunset lights her obi ~


Listening to the blossoms falling

letting Karma please itself ~

be innermost source with nature.

No blinding Mind ~ no ugliness

no immeasurable pain from loss, Lover.

Energy behind the Temples ~ Ineffable,

not merely annihilation or nothingness.

Outside the laws of causes and effects ~

this permanent Supramundane hara-gei.

Quiet Sunset lights her obi.


Psychedelic Myth

Not a meeting of conceptual minds ~ how can you own the Sky?

When you process it do you lose something of the Combination;

Is it true?’ The West lives in the future and East lives in the past

Brazil & Africa in the moment ~ Time doesn’t mean anything?

You can’t Fix it’ ~ Always in a flow, Miss Romantic Herbalist.

I want to cross the Ocean of Love with You, I Really do!”

Try bio-Cosmic massage, detoxing a frayed nervous system,

regenerate your energy*feedback ~ It’s Your Chi on holiday.

Watching birds of Paradise ~ takes you to another World’

River Ghats, going down to the Source of Shiva’s lingams!

Crystalline swirls ~ sparkling along Omkareshwar’s shore


Morphing Auras

Sampling ~ Balance of the five elements.

*Earth *Air *Fire* Water ~ Celestial Space*

And Italian Babas dancing on the ethereal plane.

A Great Catalyst, Cosmic Fractals; It’s all truly Divine ~

We don’t even exist as you think ~ it’s not even real, time is not mine.

When we fly, immersed in the light * when we open into infinite night.

Vibrations all around, lovely smiles feeling connected to the Universe.

energies energies energies energies energies energies energies

energies energies energies energies energies energies energies

energies energies energies energies energies energies energies

energies energies energies energies energies energies energies

energies energies energies energies energies energies energies

energies energies energies energies energies energies energies

energies energies energies energies energies energies energies

interpenetrating energies energies energetic wave bands ~

energies energies energies energies tuning frequencies



I Looked onto a hillside reaching to the sea of

Parrot's wing and saw blue swimming pools ~

exactly situated on the terrasse, a cocktail and

reservation on Air France to make a Safari.

The Coast was complete with this quality

of Sophistication and desire. It was so

attractive to imagine such pleasures with you.

I Looked across the street from la plague and

saw a gypsy camp; it was raining and not

the season to play, it made me think of

the Italian lady struggling on the train

carrying her house


Karma 1

There's no such thing as a holy Renault,

there's no such thing as a holy house

that needs a Lock to keep away the Ghost.

Your dreams can sink in minutes

with the eternal change ~

that is so subtle yet strikes when the time

is right for it. A surging jet sound in the sky

that one day could say that you will die in 3 seconds!

There's no such thing as a holy Renault ~ it will sink

to the bottom of a river but you may still swim.

Give me the kiss that Unlocks the door

not the one that locks me in.


Govinda’s Singing

Nothing better than the Monkey brain ~ they have feelings too!

Let it run itself, Control for greed, another opposite of Free Love.

You’re looking at someone who’s telling you ~

that they don’t want to be with you anymore!

Carry your Ashram in your heart ~

You only have to Shine”


Sufi Test <:> for an Existential Goth!

As soon as you’re old enough to drink, You can drive!”

Met Jim Thompson’s friend in the Kali Bar!

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted”

Hasan al Sabbah ~ found A Savage Night…

Amongst a Red Harvest, with a Serial Killing Priest.

What could be a better plot?” You can’t make it up!

My ex-father in law is a mystic yogi,

works for the Post Office”


A Perfect Moment

It could be ~

the Rainbows

in the Sky

It’s all Divine



Perfectly Illusional : Vérité

We have to see we are acting; a Nouveau vague Theatre”

Illuminated process ~ closer to the Galaxy, beyond density.

We’re lucky sufferers * accepting the Ultimate, if we know it ~

frequencies arising, falling, arising, frequencies falling, arising

Impermanent light to light Inspiration, No self, Ego, ‘Me’ thee,

here’s just flow, no need of suffering, of Identifying with it now.

More Consciousness, all holistic healing, no need of placebos.

¼ hits, opening (separate) doors and windows of Surrealism

250 exponential microns, mushrooming to the Power of 10’.

Depends on the Crystals * keeping True Energetic Synergy.

Tantra fusion, Timelessness, My No Time * Space is precious

Shiva is beyond Yoga, beyond Meditation, beyond the Moon ~

Two energies that are one Celestial river born


Basic Nature

Prefer to be an Alpha,

to mate with an Alpha.

The Best genes ~

the leader of the Pack.

Strongest or Brightest.

King Arthur who; Merlin?

Is it possible for a hippie from the Cosmos*dome to hook

up with a beautiful Astrophysicist from Mission Control?”

There’s some pretty shallow Astrophysicists out there!”


Junkie on Freak Street

I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

No Recognition ~ the seed of all seeds.

Cannot put Love in a Cage’

No attachment ~ Pure heart and Nothing back.

She’s in that Zone, inside a Pure, smile moment”

Innocent, natural, smile or the Mind; Spangled Baba?”

A couple making Love ~ being United or Separated.

Receiving all the Love ~ Giving of the Universal heart.

They’re not Contaminated like us”; open, native people.

You’ll be amazed, when I saw the Invisible energy field.

Turning into Angels * In front of my eyes.

Reincarnation * rebirthing of Love * light


Don’t buy into any of those lines

Don’t think of it as Snow, see it as crystal Sunshine”

Welcome to the failing Catamites of Miserland’

The humming’s and hawing’s; “Do Not Pass Go!”

There’s No Money in the Cure” -‘Medical Industry’

Conforming Stereotypes of blackest tyranny, history;

you’re America you got all the money in the World!”

Rather put a bullet in their head than give them Ketamine!”

150gms; 85%, $5 grams of speed, scourge! And six days

weaving in a tinfoil hat, as the Government’s shooting EMF.

beams at you. Crystal Meth, Speed, Acid together, mangled!

A nice Psychedelic culture’ my Psyche-activated friend!

Living in Transcendence ~ Observing the Holy Grail”

All it is, Is only a drug, the rest is a lie. Ask a Shaman.

Consciously; why give so much Power to Drugs?”

Experience is a Catalyst for you ~ Intensifies



Pentagon <:> Vatican Truth!

Destruction of a body.

Forbidden fruit ~

Know Your Enemy’


His heart had been broken!

A Lakota Sioux ~

They’d killed his brother

Dead; had a family of 7,

three boys and four girls!

He gave me all that was left.



Do they say

It’s Higher Karma ~

if you’re Unemployed?”

Socrates had something

to say about Kings.

They put him to death

didn’t they?*


BaBa Bo*oM DaDa

Met at the Cabaret Qasar

I love Daliesque ingénues.

A surreal thread

thru a landscape

of Neon Giraffes

& the Intention ~

of exquisite Love.

Multi * dimensions

Centre of relaxation


Surf Hotel

Un homme et une femme

Lands ~ of the Mind.

Beach peaches

and greedy man’s need.

Forgive me daughter”

dans moi tu es une ange


Redon Revival

What did I put in my works that suggests

to them so much subtlety? I put in a little

door that was open on to mystery”

A Soi Meme’


Something alive ~

Coming Out of the dark

Do not be afraid



Sowing seeds ~ Who is Not a Slave?

Interdependent in all its parts”

She gave ~

the Invader


She gave ~

the Invader

Yellow Violets.

The body Is willing

so is the heart


The Universe

Coming Across

The River



As you pass ~ over the land into

the dream ~ time of the Ancestors.

Between Consciousness & Matter

Psycho-historical maps of Culture

Yang loving Yin ~ vice versa



Understanding with Compassion

forgiveness that gets rid of guilt.

It’s forgiveness from the Heart ~

that gets rid of guilt in the Heart.



They blew ~ the whole thing

with TV. over there!

Saxon’s night out



You build your dreams

Reality of Illusions ~ Timeless essence.

Her Mons Veneris playing in my Milky Way.

What's in any wo/man's head, heart?”

I'm a human not a precious Jewel”

Lost in the Mind-Forms-Paradigm.

Only thinking about the Objectives

not inner Space of Consciousness.


The pure and simple natural reality


You have been conditioned mate…

Duality to recognise the Singularity.

Who I Am for Real


Healing (It) Sue Marvel

Vibration I can {feel} channel it ~

Intention’ is to be already healed.

Sending direct energy waves there ~

Sending a more Conscious frequency

Letting go of time ~ then you realise

It’s fixed, defined, identified in your brain!

Then you let go ~ wet, as the falling rain,

dissolving ~ breath the source of all life.

Energy channeling ~ oxygen transmuter

Physical elements in your wave band,

being without this sense ~mind-body

we’re fucked!

Surely that’s not how

it’s truly meant to be ~

Is anything meant to be?

Ask a lovely Lily


Healthy Peaks * Full Whiteys!

London’s bloody hard and heavy! Classy Predators.

Left for the Brighter light ~ Out for the natural Good.

Centering as a Shield ~ ‘Go to Goa to recharge your soul’

Global beings chilling out in the Sun with hippie Intentions.

Rainbows of Inter-planes, flows, glows, human membranes.

Open, realigning, the base charka to Ancient India’s energy.

Being stuck into Survival ~ tapping into Spiritual Abundance!

Why be Miserable? Make a BIG HAPPY poster!

Get a suit in Delhi, good for convincing people!

High frequencies ~ beautiful light, I love it Bright.

What’s that mean though in Reality, where is that?

Alters in the process ~ DNA; formulating New Ideas.



Hopi Fire Dancer

Orbiting bodies, Moon Force

effecting your live-blood stream ~

gravity, waters, senses, emotions.

Energetic beings * Love Our Gaia’

(Not stuck in Ego) his Immune system is so high!

Channelling ~ absorbing fully, Cosmic power


99% say “Yes”

Tapping into the Collective Un^Conscious?

Working on the Psyche from a true Heart ~

Connecting with that source of pure essence

activates higher level perception ~ directing

higher energies to your higher Consciousness.

Trusting your Intuition, shit Yeah!

Free will, choice, natural rights of people, species

to decide, listening to that ~ or Fear Stops that!

Wanting to be happier every day, clear blue sky.

A drug for Inspiration ~ however it works.

We’re Humans and want to be ~ high!

Evaporating it ~ enjoying Perfection.

Equality, beings * we’re all unique…

Whatever works for the greater good.

Respecting the laws of the Universe



Intuition before ~

the logic Mind-sets

the flow of your gift.

Natural life force ~

flowing beingness

beyond any masks



Happy dripping

better to float

without it ~

In Tune

As It Is ~

Hey, it’s non stop!


Multitasking Waitress

Creative and superbly Inspiring.

Window into Conscious flowing ~

Entangled in Quantum Molecular




Your body is

Your Temple.

Depends who

You let into it”

Be Aware ~


We all Know the Truth

Only have to remind Ourselves ~

Our energetic channel Is ~ forever Changing

Intention, using that higher frequency

to support Healing Mother Earth.

Using that flow of Consciousness.

More and more Crystalline atoms nurturing us.

Keep working with structures in a Space lattice.

Product of the environment, “I really Love you ~

A delicate gaze with such inner beauty.

Mixing within Oceans of Compassion


What is the Point * Ultimately?

I never tapped

Into it…

an abstract being!

A different * energy

to be utilised Uniquely.

A creative ~ expressive

Loving Person


Got Any Obstacles

Mind communicating

You Can’t Paint!”

Breaking through Fear, ZAP!

Demons Inside You ~ letting

Abstract creations of energy

be expressions of what is real.


Maori Taonga

Letting go of my style

Singing from the Heart

lights went on all over ~

Using those channels

Against domination

I think that’s elemental Soul

driving with the Gypsy Kings



In It

Feeling ~ Feeling

Why not - Why Not?

Amazing inner Magic

of the Loving heart


Spiral Fractal

Acknowledging, those emotions, feelings presented ~

Symbolic spirit * objects manifesting in 3D holograms.

Watching a famous Rajasthani painter, paint a perfect

miniature picture of a King or God; Realism’s scenario.

The detail was so Incredible that you could Not deny ~

that this Is the true, Physical likeness of a King or God!

I like Abstract Expressionism ~ conceptual subconscious

beyond any material impression of what Kingship, God is.

I feel this is more in tune, essence, flowing with the infinite.

Invisible, Inter dimensional, honey moon, sea breezes, free.

Sharing that energy, light Love there is no absolute definition.

Time and Time again ~ being open, in tune to the boundless.

It all comes back to the same thing of physical transcendence

or we make Icons, Idols of those who want to rule our Minds.

And our Universal Spirits ~ becoming slaves, a Matrix Identity,

to serve a superior, despot ruler; be dominated or have liberty


Smart Karma Soulbot

Having a Religion or not Is ~ I know what I like; to be free

You must have something ~ to connect to the Universe.

You take your Peace with you inside, wherever you go.

Incantations ~ exorcise your conditioned, Mesmer eyes.

Awesome on the block, that’s what no rules do for you!

Hypocrisy, democracy; no he’s just a hick from Alberta.

Psychology of the VIP room; “hey Bill fuck off!”

Auto rotation, slowly, slowly, falling faster, faster

heart’s in your mouth ~ full Cosmic clearance.

Even the dogs loved it, tails all wagging ~

doesn’t chase, walks back, stops running,

to reboot his trees


Resistencia * Psicodelica

Losses, letting go ~ to trusting in that Spirit.

Are You American, have you been in Jail?”

I want to follow the Sun in a Happy Circle.

To feel at Peace ~ being in my Space

I need to move out of this tiny Studio!”

Put it all together on an Isolated beach.

Psytrance Universo * Paralello party

Amazing not being off my head!”

Dancing with the celestial flow ~

linked to the modern happy vibe

Tribal * hippie Cosmic Yin*Yang.

I Choose to be in the positive

Embrace all (the Godly bits)

Embrace all her Good bits!

Leading by example ~

Who would Choose

to be Miserable

and not to see?

The Beauty of Life


Revelations of Nisagadatta Maharaj’s chai wallah

Always on the trail of Perfect ~ Divine, dhamma law.

Then, this and that Karma, blossoms over time ~

Physical is Temporal ~ no past or future exists

Invisible Space Is the Eternal”


Perfect Natural Magic

Open Psychic Channel ~ can be Uplifting, transcending it all…

Cy Twombly’s Connection >:< Quattro Stagione, purest abstractions.

Feeling fresh, light Primavera’s delicate chiaroscuro ~ Cosmic balance



Darwin never experienced the Spiritual World

of the Cosmic Serpent; he recanted his findings.

At the end, ‘Origin Of Species’ was a limited edition.

The Mind is so beautiful ~ Narcissistic ego to Itself only.

Got to tell your Mind to shut up, there’s more to life. But

Mind won’t tell you that! Don’t use Programming words.

You have to give up everything ~ all thoughts are bound.

Is this limited Mind going to speak for us?

Because now I got to be free and move into

Awareness of New Dimensional paradigms.

Awareness speaks for itself

Not letting Master Mind mass control us, as it wants.

Is it better landing on the Moon or Understanding

the Nature of the finite Mind-set of all things ~ infinitely?”

To see the light you have to Meditate, sit still under a tree.

Quietly, calming the Mind to observe you, witnessing itself.

Not the I think dimension, go into, I am knowing now space


Laughing and Touching

Mall Robbers playing a bad Santa…

Look out for a man carrying a bucket.

What to do? What a complete asshole!

It’s against the law to Not help people

coming down from the Barrio ~

Making love or killing, in the City of God?

These Actors are Real People, this is their real life!

True Fairy tales in a high max security, real bad Jail.

And those secured in middle, Upper class ghettoes?

Rearranging the teacher’s words, being good parents.

What about the biological warfare of flu and vaccines?


Super Mad Beauty

Darling very selfishly

You taught me how to

go out of my Mind!

Full Power Wizardry

within floral, fractal ~

dimensions of nature


> My dreams Alive <

We deserve to have an Abundance

And to Share it for the Greater good.

Open to receive now goes round in a cycle.

If you don’t think you deserve it

You’ll never bloody get it, program!”

True conspiracies of a fluoride load of paste,

he’s walking through the mist with bad boys.


A Job, Debts, Remortgage, S/he’s pinned down!

Run for your Life ~ ditch it all and survive.

Happy, You have to go Up!”

Slave you wanted to fly high.

Fine Tuning a croaking frog.

Fine Tuning * Acacia’s DMT.

Out in the middle of nowhere



flying in Anjuna’s sky ~

Genie’s out of the bottle

Hofmann was very good to them.

Turn on *Tune in* Drop out * Become aware”

Out of the Mind-sets ~ peddling, Insanely happy


Letting Go

Depends what drug you’re on, or not!”

Is there any low feeder who will rip you off?

Free Free ~ no Scare, no paranoia; honour.

Sometimes people only listen to the drugs &

the drugs say “take more!” Need to be Aware.

Centering LSD *~* energy from Inside out

Realise > No Addiction & No Obsessions.

Cosmic Feeling * Cosmic Healing



Falling in

Takes time ~

Of course I have

Feelings, emotions

Think of today ~ now

Wanting to Change it

Do You Trust me?

I have no choice but to…

You’re the most honest person I ever met.

Taking it as Shanti as a dolphin ~

as Peaceful as can be


Greed Can Not be the Goal

Making it as easy as possible.

Drop the outline ~ being free,

do you want to make…

Money or want to have FUN;

are they Mutually-Exclusive?

Dancing with the devil ~

Caught in that moment


I Smart * Amandier

Nothing Wrong

in Learning how

to play the game, is there?

Goa: ~‘Happier here than anywhere else’

Thus, have I heard” She means business!

But she’s got a Heart of Gold.

Sleeping in power points

honest support……

not an exile but a Hopi.

Thus, have I heard”

A still mind, like still water,

yields a still reflection

of what is before it.’


Turquoise dream

Sun tanned ~ women

bringing out their beautiful colours.

Divine Greek Wisdom

Desires of a river ~

notes in your eyes



Keep it simple continuom

'Try to be an Angel to someone'. Who you calling a barbarian?

Instinctive, Free from Thinking-Ego, like an irrational Neanderthal.

Thought-Mind Identity into the body only relates to Things or not.

You paint your own picture through Consciousness; Start, Finish.

Life is timeless Singularity * reflections of conceptual Relativity...

The canvas is blank, just flowing throughout the whole.

Through the Finite ~ the Infinite is reflected’

I want someone I can go out and play with”


Robot Fucker

Good but not good enough ~ Identities that never met.

What you take is your business. Defeat, Repeat, Incomplete.

Man Made ~ MDMA; Organic spores of bliss.

Highlighting the cloudless Sky over a lagoon.

Timeless ~ dreaminess in your Spiritual kiss


First Free Generation ~ Liberated Women

Dreams finally came true with you; naked in a buttercup meadow ~

One romantic look; the World can now be their Oyster, a new view.

I fully corrupted these girls, they’re corruptible” the Cossack said!

Maui to Yellowknife, being in Love, if only I’d met any other woman.

Cosmic exploration of the Heart, to the end, then comes the ending,

the end end end end end end end end end end end end, changes ~

Showing the Mountain no respect; beautiful energy, with or without her.

As long as its Full Power * Full Energy * Full Feeling

No separation, no duality ~ together in endlessness.


In Absolute Singularity

Each Moment Is Present ~ without any mental, thinking.

Ubiquitous * ‘Enlightenment’, only an Overloaded Word.

Relativity of Perfect*ion is Perfect, each instant here now ~

Don’t need to rationalise about it, no need; Wanting Forever.

No identifying, judging; Realisation, be as it is * nothingness.

Silence Is still Golden, not listening to a forked tongue!


Dead Pan ~ American Gods Gone Up in Toxic Smoke

They say the Internet was Invented by the Porn Industry!

It’s not Chillums it’s the *LSD* Man in a Cosmic cloak.

Mirror opposites ~ going into symbiotic, kaleidoscopes.

The Sistine Chapel in black, no judgments, relent, intent.

Apocalypse Now, be clear of all habits and addictions!

Likes waking up to the smell of Napalm in the morning”


Rio Negro*Lighthouse

Humans are the dreamings of Dolphins ~

Turn it down! New Ideas, fantasies, visions.

I can’t see me going to Rishi Kesh ~ Babaji”

I’m just happy sitting here, gazing at the sea.

Temptation changes with innocent children ~

Protect our most naturally, priceless resource.

Terra-forming, already growing piglets in Korea;

in this Green house, a carbon dioxide Scarecrow!

Unhappy because he’s not well connected to Earth.

Every animal & chemical has a role to play, It’s Vital!

Encountering a Blue Whale off the bow of my Kayak.”

Tenderness of an Elephant, magic of salmon migration.

Blood of everything in Flora ~ Ownership is Stewardship!

A plant is everyone’s, how can you put a fence around it?’

They clear-cut mountains, killing ancient, sacred, Spirit trees!

Ignorance of greedy Exploitation, is that any excuse today?

Criminals burning it in the fields while everyone’s sleeping


Mother Load

Peaking In tune to Shiva’s Moon.

The dancin’ got me into the trance”

Gave him everything he wanted ~

Laughing Cosmically, I understand but

I don’t know! Investing in a bottle of drops.

Power of auto-suggestion, 30 secs. rushes!

Self-introspection, not a parasite in Paradise.

Still a hippie ~ “I’m dancing for Mother Earth!”

Can or can't make the connections anymore?

The Universe provides what you really need

If you allow it to....


Freaky Key

Every moment ~ Is Important

Got to Keep remembering that

or not, just living that, happiness.

From everything, all is an inside (Anatta) Reflection

No limitations ~ beyond any system of our Mind-sets!

Sent inter*stella strawberries from another galaxy and

magical mushroom spores, existing Inner * Outer Space.

Helping our Minds to survive, crossing the Egoist Matrix.

So use them to say *Hallo* in Alien*able Communication.

Going through the boundaries ~ Fuck it, accept it, deal with it.

Live in the garden, “every time I have less, I feel I have more”

Very nice things, the Things are Owning them, they really do ~

Scheme > desperate, hope, going through Mental ~ Imaginary

loss that seems Real, very Real, it always feels so Real to me!

Reality, upside down disillusions; what’s that mean ~ changing


All Bi Polars

Dreaming the dream of the dream dreaming ~

Psychosis from Society, running around for Me.

Higher frequency ~

Incarnated an EntiTy

White powders * Black holes


Beauty Full

If they survive in Nepal, got a good Immune system!

Is there any difference between Ambition & Dream?

Feeling like I’m home * touchy, Astral ~ sensation

Freedom of Spirit, Freedom of Vibrational Space

Lucky Karma, lovely Dhamma, essential Prana

In summer’s wild flower meadows ~



There’s no following ~

listen to, transmute your vibration

Ascendant Being ~ Truthful to Yourself.

I have to let you go, it will break my heart!”

Caught in Illusions of Pain, on an Insane plane.

Let it go ~ into natural flow

Completely Trust in the Trust, trusting

not the desirous, lustrous golden dust

sparkling in your shaved, pulsating star.


Transforming Its Radiance

Secret Ice cream eater & chocolate Easter eggs ~

Have to express it, the vibrations of ‘your’ Chakras.

Santa Fay ~ you begged me, ‘for us’ to stay, together.

Bitter not better, why? Lots and lots of Mind-feeling emotions.

Using your Imagination, through to the end of Time and Space.

Finding Yourself through a projected Image, in a nursery rhyme.

The language of waves, unacceptable, people treated as slaves.

RELATIONSHIP is giving, allowing as much freedom as possible.

Namaste, In Lak’ech, reflecting Myself in You ~ destiny is True.

Ignoring It or not being Aware of it, witness changing is forever

Synchronicity, code in the heart ~ moment to moment

Love Yourself * energy is open source, Perfect as it is.

Task, is to surrender to life, to what is, as it is

We’re flowering ~ bloom, no gloom here now.

Please move you’re standing in front of the Sun’s rays;

How to deal with the energy and make a blessing out of it?”

Let it flow, no stopping, Crown Chakra’s white light, beaming.

In luscious, Lily’s pod * all unfolding * sweet monsoons in Goa



A holiday from south Anjuna, Goa ~

If I was organised I’d be dangerous!”

Mother’s day on Om beach

I Love being a Woman

Fun * finding my Power”



Grass roots tribal

Let the unconditional Love grow…

Relating in the moment is a Relationship

Trusting and it’s always new, this reflection.

Russian girls are so alive now (they were so repressed).

Indian children come running to you happy and excited ~

pure Innocence; still unprogrammed in an economic War zone!

Thank you for reminding me again ~ that Love always changes


Fortien Belt

Vasco de Gamma rays * waltzing with Dukkha and Sukkha.

Through a Pigeon hole, you see, she’s been suckin’ a robot!

Patriotism is Private Property, words giving us Chronic pain ~

Add in Capitalism, Fundamentalism, Holy Religions, Oligarchy,

War, Corruption, Dividing and Conquering, Imperialist Invasion!

When Mind is Ultra-Pure, for some and not for others ~ rolling


So How Are You

Get the fuck over it!

Earth our Jewel in the sky.

Having to fill in the blanks ~

How do I know what's happening?

Live from the heart

blazing in their Cosmic kisses and blisses to the end!

You became a selfish, deceitful, dishonest person to me


Eden Kits in the * Pink, Orange Tulip

Just being in this Paradisiacal garden ~

Just being in the middle of no-ego’s-game.

Programmed # IIIIIII Omnipresent ‘MINDSETS’

Power bodies, Positive vibes, into the Wilderness ~

Imitating the Valkyries, full respect for strong workers.

Golden smiles in her full length, Bora Bora, naked pareu.

Her coloured tattoos full psi-trancing, on the dance floor ~

Psychedelic energies exciting hot chemicals in her nexus.

Feeling the music inside, with her wet body not her brains.

The Oneness of LSD; embracing ~ Super Aware of Chi”

Seeing into her throbbing, Venus’ veins peaking

swimming in her surging molten, lava streams,

gliding through her eyes’ brilliant light beams ~

Reconnected, it was so beautiful

Trans formed ~Trance sensed.

To Manifest in multi*dimensions

Energies to balance In and out ~

helping to lift it up, helping to light up

all the frequencies spinning in Vortices ~

Transitional sacred vibes of Rainbow holograms

getting closer to invisible energy, Galaxy of devotion.

We cannot Stop the Ocean, extend or enhance nature.

Embracing full reflections because You have it inside You.

Find Yourself in Love ~ be nothing else.

Cosmic expansion * no more dualities.

You are the Ultimate Happiness



Go in the Trance ~

Shine out in the light


Gamboges’ Profundity

Solar Holograms creating different projections ~

Top Predator Heart (blood), Healing Shamans’ (DMT.).

Ayuhuascan gifts > Parallel paradigms of < Universal Atoms.

Crystals shimmering on Atlantis * women spinning in the spring.

Took me by the hand, renaissance in tune with her light, pink moon.

Me, I cross worlds, you too?


Cool Synergy

No more Duality ~

Only Peace, Happy Love

Real Power <:> ALL ONE

Natraj dancing in Parvati’s energies ~

on Shiva*Shakti’s, rainbow aura bridge.

Unity within a divine vision ~ spectrum

Diversity, transcending beating Hearts,

Nano black holes, exploding supernovas!

Inside the eclipsing of a Microcosmic Sun.

Inspiration, expiration ~ the navel axis.

Creative energies of the Pranasphere

Prima Star * Sushima’s Spiral column.

Force of Life ~ rising, sharing vibrations

Completely Pure the frequency of death.

Can’t kill them ~ Immortals, their full freedom.

Going through transformation can be confusion ~

Not the Circus, so let it be ~ every moment, Lovely.

Prana is the key to supra-astral multi*dimensionality.

Giving energy out each moment, Kundalini rising up.

We are frequency ~ every moment a new beginning.

Life’s Vibrations rising to an apex, out of body sensations.

A Lotus pose in sapphire pools of sympathetic joy ~ Mudita


Immortality Force

Shiva is ultimate Concentration”

to dissolution of ~ Self’s Creation.

Atomic Bomb * Bonbon de l’amour

Explosions of Love ~ Powers of Life


Rain is liquid Sunshine

Letting things flow ~ go through us

Vibrating of a woman is different to a man.

Cells concentrated in 3 dimensional density.

In tune with Moon phases ~ Heart frequency.

The One I came to Love

You see astral space in their eyes of Innocence.


Prima Dolce Vita Principality

Not allowed to Enjoy yourself,

but gathering in large Numberos!

Consciousness, effects wherever you are.

You are at the right place at the right time ~

It’s all Timing, You’re Creating ~ Your Own Reality.

Your will choosing how to respond, painfully or not?

Everything is there, the cause, taking your attention.


Blinking Sputnik #1

UFO’s, ½ ecstasy, ½ mescaline, energetic fruit salads.

No Ego, No Mind just a process of Inspirational change.

The river changes, the body changes, the Mind changes.

Electricity giving us the BIG illusion of some unity, entity!

FREE Wheeling beyond any mind-technique, thank you ~

so no me, body, time, death, fear or terror, nothing to lose.

SUPER FAST PROCESSES * faster than your Mind’s eye.


Alien * Off Planet

Death-finition, give it to a rat once a month!

DNA. just went off grid, Target unidentified…

No Soul, No Humanity, No Empathy, Heartless.

De programme, Defrag, memory wiped clean, rebooted.

You have to stand up for your rights or you don’t have any”

Iranian lips sucking up and down my bell end!

A Khmer with knives, she was fuckin’ lethal!

He was a Hell's Angel then discovered Ecstasy.

It's just another perception ~ way of interpreting.

We're all dancing for Mother Earth


My favourite woman is Venus on the terrazzo

What’s a definition of Collaboration? Natural energetic molecules.

Channelling the Creative-Arts, Channelling Thoughts-Mind-sets...

Channelling Life-force, Channelling No copyrights, free expression.

I don’t do dramas anymore” because it’s only particles processing.

It’s no Mind, no Ego, no anything, omniscient, infinite Space

Processes always changing, detached, from any subject.

Cause & effect, action-reaction is karmic (if you use time).

I take care of Dhamma ~ Dhamma takes care of me”

Without those seeds of ignorance, fear, anxiety, selfishness!

Leads to not getting caught in the ego habit of Identification.

Extra sensorial * Galaxies within Galaxies, what to do man?

Bio-Cosmic fields you call my emotions, ambitions, desires

darling; reflection of your truest conscious in deep stillness.

I can’t give the commitment you want to permanent unreality.

On a roll, no soul ~ leads to liberation * maximum bright light


What is this ‘I’ Itself

The State of Consciousness ~

Listening to Life’s support systems

Healthy ecology vital to our existence.

Ubiquitous fields of energetic information

Lost 60% of wildlife species in a generation!

Deforestation, pesticides, resources overuse

*We Are Them * They Are Us*

Skynet putting the clock back to summer.

Let’s have a New deal for Mother Nature.

Lost 75% of Hedgehogs in fifteen years!

Trillions have gone into a black hole.

Cutting the tall poppies!


More Macho, Got to use that stuff!

The thing is to Start... And I’ll take the trophy!

All women can’t be passive; looks like I Like you ~

not whoring herself out. “Who wants a line of coke?”

Whatever, you can have a good time, but

I can’t sell myself, for the fun of this game.

He’s married with kids and won the Prize…

She’s always fuckin’ with me, is that unfair?

I hope you get mauled by a fucking Bear!”

I took everything of hers to the dump ~

He’s a paddler with a stick of dynamite!

Alternative Crime Activists, not terrorist.

Wicked nights in a forgotten blues bar…

golden sequined lesbians fell from a star.

Red lights of hot, lascivious love’s desire.


Do they let Babas into Tibet?

Letter from our Ashram, allowed us into Stonehenge!”

The Deep state, they want to break it for the future.

For them it’s a horrible full Moon without a profit!

Raring to go ~ Freed it all up, consciously.

Life is beauty full, hey!” She’s full Angel.

Super model of fairies, just hanging loose ~

Meditation is a lovely balance of mind Space

to everything else ~ letting go, being detached.


Non-Interested Mental Movement

Everything lives in the Present ...

Yoni masseuse, the grace to impart

Healing just coming through me....

Not looking, the undoing, the being.

Karma knots, concepts blocking energy.

Expect Nothing, everything is good and

enjoy the unforeseen, around the corner ~


Insanely Happy Vortex

Absorbing, stimulation, simulation, needless needles!

Lost Yourself to addiction, its temptation, attracted by its grip!

Little choice, Powerlessness ~ “I gave up everything!”

Exploits you, doesn’t want to have any sense of You!

Being Oppressed by the system, Mind; see through it.

Finally Surrendering to my true, Cosmic self.

Falling into consciousness ~ Initiating

something Amazing has happened…

The intuition you put out on the ethereal ~

with the Merkaba kid, spinning his way to Venus.

Two counteractive fields ~ whirling in the same Space.

Spiritual Grace


'The more you steal the butter!'

They shoot deserters don't they but not the usurious Bangsters?

'Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your network…

we are checking if this is really you sending requests or a Robot'

Methadone, wall to wall junkies, “I wanna taste her oil”

They know if you're not from Russia, when you smile”

If you're happy you are making other people happy.

Everything from the heart not mind * is Spiritual Life.

Yeah some mad stuff went on”


Long before we invented fire

Law of nature ~ ‘where there is sweetness there are ants’

This Program called Earth, symbiosis, actually is creating us ~

Why should you be happy, don’t you feel guilty, any remorse?

Unaware, “I could breathe, fresh Cosmic oxygen” Life force...

Psycho Active, Trance Central, rising up like a fiery Phoenix!

Being surrounded by people who didn’t resonate with me.

A crazy-mad chef, I have to hold my breath and anger.

Sir, permission to speak freely?” “I need a holiday!”

Underwater Goggles, went to Moscow by the sea.

Sputniks shooting straight up through the sky.


Planet Consciousness

Bodhisattva motivation? Helping people to Total Acceptance.

Invitation, even in your biggest nightmare, beautiful Cancer!

A penny for your thoughts” You need LOVE medicine.

Not real in the mind, simulated as the future or past ~

Only experience, Instantly, immediate, Present Space.

Behaviour from living out their pre-conditioned mental state.

Intention ~ past Memories, future Imagination, all Illusions.

Ego > 'I AM MY THOUGHTS' Fears and Anxieties of loss.

I AM * BEING HERE * Attention; As it really, really Is NOW.


Gives me the willies

Nobody really can know the past or future only is the here and now ~

They were selling people for over 200 years, it makes an imprint, mum.

Happy, there's no bombs going off or people coming around to kill ‘em!

All my life I've tried to stay away from the troubles...

Being proper fucked up is a good feeling sometimes.

The Mind just can't conceive of something FORMLESS

Eternal Space is NOTHINGNESS as there is No Object

to fill in the gaps between 'My' thoughts with 'Mine' Thing.

Realising that Universal Intelligence is in each of our cells.

The Subject is beyond the Ego's self-seeking Mind-Objective.

There is nothing to hold onto, no 'Me', possession, attachment.

You are free flow streams of Consciousness which is truly You


I Am Another Yourself

Adopting a Sensory Mind-Field * In Lake chad

Fucking with a live volcano, bringing Expansion!

I'll be back on the razzle dazzle”

Nectar coming from the source of Life.

She's lost in not so blissful ignorance!

Being in the heart with bad brain ~ Neti neti.


Love Naturalism

The female’s way of life ~

No male logic, more emotional!

Truly Integrating Heart and Mind.

Psycho distortions in Mirror images.

How much real Information is there?

Don’t believe any-thing, be intrinsic ~

How much honest feeling exists within?

A simple sign from the one you are Loving.



Sacrificing more and more people, severing heads!

Offering people up to their Gods ~ Time of No Sun

30 years of famine, deep roots, trees mattered,

Keeping the soil fertile, key to eco-system, LIFE

Keeping water flowing ~ irrigating the crops

The bad news came from the Jet stream


Earthquakes with Tax Free Heavens

There’s mushrooms in every forest of the World”

The ground is moving all the time, Psychedelic Lotus.

The Planet is Non-Stop, breaks the normal fuzzy Logic,

Terminate the rogue drone, clone for clear energy.

Psycho-Robotics, hybrid females come to spawn.

If your magic doesn’t work what can you do?”

To believe or not to believe; African slaves chanting to their Gods.

16-year-old with a Kalashnikov and Qat, total urban tribal!

You with another man’s, woman’s, bot’s boot on your back!

It’s about humiliation; I’m a hippie not in the human traffick business.

Cruising off the Moons of Neptune; hybrid babies in Prison jackets.

Success depended on Aphrodite’s Sacred birth and Vision Quests.

If you want it perfect, get a Print.” “From the beginning is Vibration”

What am I doing here, am I contributing to this devastation?”

What’s it like to be in the middle of an eruption? Ask Brahma.

Absolutely, It’s Give & Take ~ her favourite Yatra, here now


His Nature

She’s a Witch

Burn her Alive!

I’m from the future!”

Full Passionate lights

I want your nectar!”


Beyond Heaven and Hell

Good Christian girls don't get pregnant if ~

they get raped’. Shattering my naïve reflections.

Instant Karma, the aim is to eliminate all our debt!

Whatever is happening is coming from the Whole

is Real, is Reality, is being here now in the totality of Life ~

We fall in Love with the Spacesuit, forgetting all about what's

Inside it! Even if we don't understand, accept it for what it is ~

even if it’s in her ego-syntonic algorithm, because it's ALWAYS

Changing ~ how do you want to change with it, miracle Baby?

Under that bright * light you can't hate or blame anyone else.

You lived that Unique experience of Your-Self.

Diving into multi-streaming Consciousness.


Energy of Life ~ I am not just this body.

A Form to carry the Soul, Nature is Not for fucking - Fracking!

If you can recognise the source, not exploiting it as a resource.

Use the complete loss of Ego to Open your perception ~

'Death is just the loss of the Personal, Illusional projection'

Suffering is limiting the Unlimited, mind-based Conditionality.

Animals are Life based.


Polyamorous * Petroglyphs

Nefelibata, “a cloud walker, one who lives in the cloud

of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does

not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art;

an unconventional, unorthodox person.” Not a Sociopath…

Just another projection, be Conscious; going beyond, as it is.

Pearl lines in soft white snow ~ Shiva valley not Silicon Valley.

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water’ Bruce Lee.


Super Jammy

Let's go to the Love Hotel.

Give her the password ~

Breathless, it's been Epic!

Nice to suit yourself ~ Happy.

He had 8 Cambodian girlfriends.

Living the dream * synchronistically


Lighting for Liberation

When you're walking down the street with your own jurisdiction.

The copper doesn't have any rights to do fuck all!

You are the head of a State of Natural Law.

If you don't say NO, it's consent!’

All the bad boys are in bed.....

Who's motivated by religious hatred? Never learnt their lesson…

30% of the land's destroyed by Agent Orange, the rest napalmed!

After bombing Hanoi to bits and poisoning Ho Chi Minh’s family,

going through the Valley of the shadow of death

did they get Liberated…


Can't see their faces

Who was it who decided to murder John Lennon?

Type, ‘CIA. Assassin’ into google, see what comes up!

Depends if you're walkin' around, fixated in your dream.

Fulfilling beautiful reality, took him to Intensive nursing.

It's nice to be nice, did God answer your prayers?

Money greed is the greatest mire of our times ~

You wake up in the morning and you're fucked!

Defend your people and the environment.

In the factory of the World ~ subminimal-Tao


Full Solar Ray

Artists, they look for the beauty.

'Free Time is a real luxury...'

Kali destroys duality....

looking at things relatively.

The wise lament neither for the living nor the dead'

"What do I want to see when I open my door?"

Krishna always surrounded by milkmaids

Having a big smile on your face ~

Follow your dhamma, it's all me.

The entire Universal space.


The Mafia Is the Ego

A conceptual ‘bird’ on a wire ~

By not naming it, could be seen as a 'Tree'

(When it's ALL esoteric, Infinite Mystery)

to the self-seeking, Mad-limited Mind-set.

There is No duality - No beginning or end!

Its Totality * IS Now * keep smiling Inside


Poisoning the Crop * Circle

Luddites protecting the land ~

covered in toxicity, mind & body

'The Psycho-Biology of Disbelief'

All knowledge is flawed in the brain ~

What is the Mind-set of a humane cell?

Making new genes ~ for the Totality of One.

Your skin reacting to Fear or Love’s perceptions?

Life's chemicals sensing the Universal intelligence.

Receptors feeling 10 trillion neurons going off at once!

It's an absolute, Unknown Mystery

Not calling a bird by any name.



'The only way to Stop Unconsciousness is to become Conscious'

And God created the Rainbow ~ that’s damned heresy they say.

Indoctrinated, they'll believe anything that's made up.

Fed with fake news and distorted perceptions of Life

Mind Controls, brainwashing, Auto-suggestion ~

Pointing at the Kingdom of Heaven Inside You


Experiencing the Vibe

Thinking that you Know it all Existentially ~

Where is the Hidden hand lurking tonight?

We're all Lab rats”

'You can take a horse to water but can't make it shit'

The Magic wand of Universal Studios, Hollywood's wagging dog.

Just a Mirage of Mental-content not the Power of Now, signposts.

Embracing Silence's Golden Emptiness


How the Fuck did they do it?

Life * is the Totality * coming from the Whole so whatever

exists is ~ ‘Reality’ because it exists here now completely.

It has nothing to do with me being effected by the Mind.

We are the ripples on a lake ~ we are integrated in its flow

The most perfect reflections in the world ~

You cannot feel sad in a house with kittens!”


Transmigrating B-21 Raider

Love Is Trusting Yourself * an ethereal fact ~

She's got the same 'I' pod as the Dalai Lama.

Question… ‘How do I measure happiness?’

Natural Innocence not Ignorance is bliss ~

Why do it if you can get someone else to do it?

He'll always make me a nice shamanic chillum”

Bought a flying carpet in lapis lazuli, Afghanistan


Varanasi Massage

Too much money to waste and spend.

'If you pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys'

A reality check when the lights go out...

PEACE IS LOVE * Meditation * be who you are.

Is Life * is now * is the Totality * One is All * Om

so everything is becoming ~ as essentially it is


Pineal * Gland

Degenerated egoism, forgotten how to use it ~

Try tuning ~ yourself into Higher Consciousness.

Lens for focusing light, not any illusion * delusion of

bipolarity, melting bare reality of narcissistic kissing.

Travelling ups and downs ~ what do you want again?

You’re on the Plateau of Intuition ~

The most Important, change is here.

We breathe Prana ~ higher Vibrations

how we see Consciousness flowing ~

Bringing Heaven and Earth together


Bon Voyance Auras

Pussy in ecstasy, she Loves that big Priapus’ phallus!

Look at her smiling face jammed between my knees.

Crystal gazing * Surrender and be forever Free.

Ask any Greek or Roman Bacchanalian poet,

who has witnessed the cherry Goddess.

Mythological faeries, nymphs, nereids,

translucent Orbs come to play with you.

Sleeping with Angels’ ~ blissful Tulips.

Sitting peacefully in her water garden ~

purring, gazing into adoring Lotus eyes.

A happy family is the best in my life.


Resonating Dimensions

Pussy willows beside a fluorescent, magical, faerie pool.

It means we’re taking it one day at a time ~

Regular as clockwork, cuppa tea and a shit,

most people are like that, ain’t they?

An average 4 out of 10 will participate in the stoning!”

The lesser of two evils is still evil mate, look at the Caliphate”


LOVE’s High Energy

Gluing Guerrillas to the Trophy Wall ~

She is just being a Tiger ~ In Free Space

Overcoming the fear of what others think.

$1 a month for workers in North Korea!

And who’s sitting on a mountain of debt?

Repaying the interest, more than on education

They’re satiated uploading the frequencies of death!

Predators bathing in low vibrations of the killing fields

Carnage, no feeling, no empathy, no human emotions.

Interpenetrating, interpretations in our narrow waveband ~

Unconscious, that’s why the Psychopaths continue doing it


Natural * Creation

Whole * No Separation


Vox angelica in her light summer dress.

Everyone is as Holy as the next or not...

Not them, it’s their involuntary Sociopathology.

How unconsciously did you treat your own children?

Everybody’s good when being in the Present moment.

We leave no trace ~ “I was at the Heartbreak Motel”

Darling take that bone out of your nose,

do you think you’re in a primitive tribe?”


On the Top Stoned

I Love bare leg, I’d eat that to death mate,

I’m goin’ to slither ~ up there and get you!”

Be Yourself; Why? Be Whoever You want to be ~

No meta-data mining, rattling, holding you on track.

Where and when is Fertility time?


Coitus’ Shanti Honey

Panspermia * Coddiwomple * Wisdom written by an Unknown…

The happiest people don’t always have the best of everything


Fungo * Magico, Paradise is instantaneous Consciousness ~

A blissful moment in the ever-changing state of Space

Cosmic Resolution


Mr. Sugar Cube & Miss Aromatic, Spicy Temptation

We have selected hot housewives, 10 miles within your location.’

Big Clit, Creampie, music Compilation, 3 married women in bed.

Going down to the heart and switching it off for good!

Over-riding it with a concept of your abstract Mind ~

What do I feel in practice? Your heart’s a quiet place.

Something’s coming through, we’re imitating, initiating.

I’m my self-Identity, program’ Unplugged, the way I think.

Playing with your own imagination at the end of the process.

Stop doing what you’re told and do some critical thinking ~

Gotta keep body and soul together in this World of Space.

A mental-movement too far down the road.

I’ve let it all go *now* you’re where you are ~

Secret Psychedelic-head, you’re touching Truth.

We are the Universe, I’ve seen so many little bits”

Writing a love poem, condensing energy into Infinity.


Unity for Unity’s Sake Is a Round Line

Pictures of expectation ~ No possessions or Yes Sir!

Each being makes their own Involution ~ re*evolution.

Living, sharing Magical Rainbows and Solar eclipses ~

Pain in confusion, worry doesn’t help, only accentuates.

Not Trusting, that’s what Spinning Propaganda’s about.

Giving our energy to the Governors of Fear, not going ~

through the star gates at the end of your road dear. And

Ma Kali brings you beyond time ~ bring it on; Full Power!

Goddess Shakti enshrining Shiva’s blossoming flower ~

I Love that little saxophone’s engorging, golden tune.

Staying in eternity everything is meditation, no mind.

No need to force the seeds of life

in the heart of the infinite galaxy.


Not a Drop - Stop!

Where you gonna get your water today?

No need of resistance from the Mind ~

Against the natural flow ~ the momenta.

Jumping into the Florien belt of Love bells

with Mayan worshippers of Suns and Moons.

Making the circle round ~ Spiraling Cosmic Kells.

Spent a season with Shanti Baba at a psi-trance party.

Multi-dimensionality, sparks contact into human Forms ~

going Inside the poles, frictional Love, the Psychic Wars.

LSD - fire moths don’t need magic plasma or laser beams,

going against the grain ~ Sai Baba called me in my dreams.

Floating in swirling currents at a natural spring’s pools of Love.

Imprinting, reflections glinting * living the most potential energy.

Learning Freedom in my Dreamboat World


I’ll do some Meditation after I’ve made the wall Higher.

Jumped the Gun - and Shot Your Self in the foot!

Quantum Madrigal, “I am going completely mad”

Myths self-expressing your fabricated mentality”

Met a nixie, pixie, goblin, a Rabbi, sorry rabbit,

along the banks of Affinity with Divinity riverside ~

Thanks for reminding me * Love Conquers All.

All things change, and we change with them’

Love Is All * Light * No light * Starry bright


3D Depth Standard

And this randomness of two people sharing a Crystal.

Less regulations and the people are less regulated too.

You really never know; I try to bring out the best in people.

Not a recipe for Paranoia; know we are the Power, it’s simple.

About Awareness >conditioning’s not <Omniscient Education.

Is it your problem that somebody else has a f…king problem?

It’s never too late for a tiniest bit of empathy sweetheart….


You are Dead * We are Heaven Inside”

Psi*trance is for dancing, it puts me in a good mood.

Stepping outside the Matrix for Real, from Your Mind.

I’m in my own jurisdiction even if I’m shagging!”

I don’t wanna do anybody out of anything”

I’m on my own, I can do anything I want”

Don’t have to answer to Mr. Mrs. Anybody.

Wearing the hat of my own Person, mine!

FREE to do whatever you want, desire.

A Big Illusion, actually in Brahma land.

Let’s have a Shiva Valley Party!


Candle Rays

Fell into the pit ~

of selfish, greedy ego…

Dark, full of poisonous vipers.

Tried some romantic, sociopathy tragedy metamorphoses.

Transcended it, sharing in some more Solar Power spots.

Into light beams ~ non-duality, evolutionary spectrums.

Going around a wormhole in radiant consciousness


Gagging Orders

Her letters were redacted, biased, censored the evidence, curfewed!

She’s in pieces; I spend money on making my life easy, really good.

I don’t wanna do anything now; having another panic attack.

I don’t believe in what anybody says anymore!

My blood is boiling, I’m into escapism that’s all.

You can play with me if you want.”

I had a good time, that’s the bottom line isn’t it? I’m happy.

I’ve been in some blocks of flats where they have flowers

on every windowsill, and your dad’s growing a bit of weed.

Wasn’t that the day I got busted?”


Sea * Shells

She sells micro-string bikinis on the seashore ~

Cunctipotent, metaphor for sublime, Heavenly.

I don't believe in Santa Cause any more Babaji”

A Selfish, heartless, ignorant, lost, black magic kunst.

No fear, you get up there, something about Confidence

not a shattering self-identity, scared of your own shadow!

She put her fingers all over it, Shiva-ling in a crystal*Temple

What Do You want? Not giving it any more time or attention!

Old enough to have tantrums, they came out of a cage!

Bought them at the Friday, ordained slave market.


A very big drop down

Sitting in a café reading my book.

A girl sat down and gave me a sachet of Viagra.

And when I turned around she just smiled ~

If I don’t do it now how will I ever know?

A process of renewal, if I want something

I get it, otherwise a load of stress, thinkin’ ‘bout it!


Processing a Sort of Evolution in Space

There are ripples in the lake ~ who knows the whole story, Excalibur?

Your cells can only absorb so much then give it back to the Universe.

Unless you’re tripping, then you get the nano-detail ~ You get it Raw!

It looks like distortion; it’s everything really, not cleaning it out ~

Feeling groovy, my brain’s filtering 11 million signals per second


Different Food

She likes Speedy balls,

She likes ‘Wonderland!’

She gets her energy from it * She likes coke for her ego too!

Why persecute her, a tragic abuse of the Innocent victim?

I never feel like doing bad on good acid”

Using Up All Your tokens * Receptors.

Psi*stems and roots of a Bodhisattva


Simple, came for the Up*Loading, the Inspirational

not the down-loading, want some free Loving baby?

Forever on a come down, leaving in a bad mood.

I wouldn't lick it!” Sucking it dry as a sour grape.

Meditation, 'be who you are' ~ in the stillness

being in the trance flow, forget all the rest.

The wealthiest man is a free time man'

Straw in his trousers, free as a gypsy


Cosmic Energy Grove

I was in Love first”

Fuck the System…

I feel empowered, understanding ~

why I'm getting screwed every day.

It's not Rocket science!”

Spreading the Love


Total Relaxation

Grab those tits, squeeze those puffy nipples ~

Auric fingertip on her throbbing, engorged clit!

Tongue on her tongue, rub it up and down!

Are you ready ~ spicy, hot and sweaty,

Insatiable, harder and harder pounding.

She loves to suck a Big fat cock mate!

Harder and harder, again, again, again!

She sucks like an uncontrollable sociopath

bitch, she fucks like a dirty Queen.


Self-Possessed - Polyandrist, Greedy Social Crimes

How many Palaces do you need? Try Organic, permaculture working!

The government’s tellin’ yu one thing and doing exactly the opposite!

Devising a Punitive tax system while all theirs is offshore, PM. et al!

Free speech, maybe you can but who does? All craving Insiders…

Who is giving and taking, caring, sharing in the energetic vibes?

Feeling the lingam’s deeper penetration ~ how much for a kiss?


Dissolving Beingness

Prana ~ concentration on the ever-changing breath.

Conscious of the Matrix-mind’s disillusion of thought.

Don’t yu know? Wandering through your multiverses

It's always there totally


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