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A Taste Of My Thoughts

Will Anyone Fight Back?

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2019

Smashwords Edition 2019

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2019 Steve Lake

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Will anyone fight back?

Copyright 1-10-2019

Steve Lake

Damn Kevin Hart

Back in 2010 you let out a verbal fart

I'm glad to see you are only human

So let's all tear him apart

Two wrongs never made a right

For others to purposely hurt you through their plight

Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

Or is that old saying now racist

Just because of the color of my brow

When will someone fight back?

Maybe a career is more important than pride

I'm sure Kevin Hart has been called by a racial slur

But he is not raging and crying disturbed

Man is only human

Everyone has a skeleton in their closet

Everyone has used profanity or a racial slur

Everyone has made an innocent advancement in poor judgment

But if you must cast the first stone in righteousness

I just hope they return it when thrown

I watched as Justice Brett Kavanaugh

He was a lamb being led to the slaughter

Finding himself, his wife, his children and his heritage being ruined

I ask myself simply why?

For something he did 20 plus years ago when young, dumb and spry

Cast that first stone Mr. Perfect

No one has the right to purposely hurt you

Be it physically or mentally

But everyone has miss spoke

Had a bad thought run silently through their head

It's God's place to judge not ours

Yet we are determine to play god with others

I simply apply the pros and cons to what Kevin said

I'm not offended so I turned my head

The only person that should be offended

Was the intended target of his slur

We now live in a delicate time

Giving only attention to those that whine

For those searching their family heritage

Putting skin back upon hatred of olden times

Trying to use it for an excuse

For a cash lottery

For so many reasons

Just try living for today

And bygones your useless play

How many times can we damn someone for their past

Are there no limitations?

Are there no reasonable excuses for their action?

Isn't their apology good enough?

Please complain at the time of the offense

Just get off of your fence

There are so many influences that affect us

Our environment

Our situation

Our heritage

Peer pressure

And all that which is not holy

So here is a bucket of stones

For that perfect person that walks alone

Hit me with the first stone so I can atone

Then feel free to kiss my bone

Damn it! Sorry! Please hit me with another stone

I have failed your example of perfection

Even though I miss-spoke

So God please bless all those that are human

No matter of their race, religion or sexual preference

As I am not allowed to say

Please give all these petty thin skin people a thicker layer of skin

So I am not damned for a 50 year old mistake or sin

Or pay the price for a mistake made by my grandfather, Noah, Moses, Adam or Jesus

As they are all related to me!

Please God I know you are busy

But please! Free me from all of this human bullshit

One more stone please!

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