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A Taste Of My Thoughts

The Echo

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2019

Smashwords Edition 2019

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2019 Steve Lake

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The Echo

Copyright 1-11-2019

Steve Lake

I approach a towering piece of dirt

Twice as wide is its girth

I beckon to it my demands

But it mocks me

God knew this day would come

Me being an ant to the impossible

I worship not its impressive sight

No false god before me

I rally my spirit and sent it aloft

For another view but it got lost

So I beckon again

Only to be mocked again

My hate grows

Its size makes me doubt my own

Never before have I been shamed

Everything mighty has a weakness

I now shed my own

I yell insults at it

It sends them back ten fold

So I smarten up

Now only yelling self insults

It now mocks itself

My laughter starts to roll

I draw weary from my new fun

The day has used up the sun

I beckon one last good bye

It stutters and responds once in sentiment

Today we have reached a new understanding

Respect for another large or small

There is wisdom within an echo



A thought for all

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