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Writings by Sha’Ra On WindWalker

(in collaboration with Sha'Tara EarthStar)

Copyright (©) 2019 Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing

Published by: Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing

Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

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Title Page


Gorgeous Day


Knowing Love

Love Is A Bucket



On Healing

Life Resumes Its Course

Memories That Shine

Morning Glory


Natural Beauty

Nurse Log

Return To Paradise

River Flow

Sea Of Prosperity

Sensual Passion

Shadow Goddess

Shattered Fantasy

Shore Of Mystery

Welcome The Dawn

They Call This Time Fall


These books contain a form of free verse poetry, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.

Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.

It's all about life, if at times expressing life "outside the box" as the saying goes.

Gorgeous Day

Have you ever heard

when it is beautifully warm and sunny,

the complainers who say it is too hot

or too bright,

dangerous for the eyes or for the skin?

Then they add:

"We need a good rain to cool things off,

and get rid of the smog!"

But as soon as a few grey clouds

wander around up there,

threatening to do just that,

the complainers are at it again!

Now it’s too muggy and damp,

and when a few drops scatter in the dust,

it's immediately too cold and wet

too miserable to do anything outside!

They can't wait for the next sunny day

to brighten things up...

so they have something to complain about?

Little do they realize it is their thoughts,

bereft of the slightest hope or flicker of light,

that is affecting their world that way;

not the weather, not the earth,

not even God!

For always, our reality comes from within

and the mouth speaks the overflow of the heart.


"Falling in love" as they say

is to me as two dissimilar flowers

cut down in their prime

to be displayed in a jar of water,

without roots, without real food,

show-pieces without substance

soon to wilt and to die.

But when the plants are thrown out

perchance one, or both

may painfully take root

on top of the compost pile

or under a forgotten hedge

and there gently and quietly grow

and create a new plant.

There are people like that:

strong of heart;

active of mind;

who survive the shock

of being thrown out of in-love-ness;

who, having fallen out of love

create for themselves a different life

among the shadows of sorrows

and the too common divorces

of those whose roots

were too short to reach the ground.

Knowing Love

Ah, Love.

Was there a more absurd, abused term?

It's a bit like “God” isn't it -

That is, it can mean

whatever one chooses to make it mean.

Can be used to justify just about any kind of action,

most of which is not loving.


Two people madly in love today,

and down the road, divorce -

was that love?

Another two madly in love today

and down the road - Headline:

Man murders wife in bed;

claims she was unfaithful.

Doesn't love forgive all wrongs?

An army marches out

against an “enemy”

and slaughters millions

in the name of patriotism...

that is, love of one's nation.

Doesn't love apply to enemies?

Between you and me,

I don't trust “love” -

too much horror and bloodshed

follows it around.

You want love? Try compassion.

Unlike the concept, “love”

it is impossible to fake compassion;

and equally impossible to sell it.

Why? Because real love

result only from compassion.

If it does not - it is not real!

So, if you would know love

live a compassionate life.

Love Is A Bucket

Love is a bucket:

if you kick the bucket, it's game over for love:

you can no longer participate in the game.

If you spill the bucket

through carelessness or inattention,

you've spilled out your heart foolishly

and run out of love...

If your bucket is full of holes

you have "holy" love: it won't work

'cause the substance of your love

is only something to talk about.

If you leave your bucket outside,

opened and unattended

it will fill with dead bugs and assorted dirt:

and that's what your love life will be.

If you keep your bucket stored,

sterilized, empty and closed under a tight lid,

that means your love is as good as dead:

It won't benefit anybody, not even you.

So, what should you do

with your bucket of love?

That's entirely up to you:

I gave mine away.


The path unwinding before us

in this time we call the present

is not the only journey we've ever attempted

nor likely is it to be our last!

Let us have the courage, the wisdom

to allow our self a glimpse

at unformed futures - possibilities

springing forth from virgin ground.

Do we choose to stay on a path

that's known and sure?

(Is there even such a possibility?)

Or embark on the adventure

of the unknown, uncertain journey?

Crossing the river where no river exists?

Walking a chasm where there is no bridge?

Sailing an ocean without shores?

The choice is ours but only for a time:

we mustn’t ponder too long the issue:

the right or wrong, the choices in the wind.

Brambles and briars, weeds and mists,

those assailing doubts

from life in the comfort zone

will grow more impenetrable,

eventually cover these enchanted ways

from our present view: and once more,

we'll be watching the evening news,

or getting ready for work...



you gave me life

years ago

in my time

now in my prime

you give me hope

for years

to come


in your now

you give me sun

in water to swim

warm rocks

to stretch

my naked body

on and laugh

at passing gulls


you give me love

for all that surrounds

my childlike




beyond dreams

my time in libra

universal free soul

On Healing

The master Jesus needed no healing room:

his 'healings' happened weather permitting,

in the open air, while walking from place to place

or in someone’s home, or a public eating room:

Of “healing” paraphernalia, none to be found.

These healings consisted of simply good teaching,

there was no need for all the clap-trap

of modern technology to supplement the faith

the Nazarene, and those who believed in him

and in themselves, kept within their souls.

Remember how he said:

"Do you believe I can do this?"

What a question! If the answer was 'Yes'

then the healing worked,

because in actual fact it is the person saying 'Yes'

who activates the law of Oneness

resetting the cells in their proper order.

Jesus was merely the channel to make this happen.

So must we do: it is not our power, location, or moods,

which make the difference, but our faith,

a life that shines forth in humility and love

for all comers

no judgment, no fear, no con... and best of all:

no insurance scheme or money taken at the door.

Blessed is the one who understands this!

Life Resumes Its Course

The river overflowed its banks,

frightening, awful, mighty.

It flowed, thundered, tore,

but gave much in excitement

and in unexpected passion.

Now the summer sun rises

and the waters recede slowly.

The normal rhythm of life returns;

leaves and grass cover

the debris from the storm.

Do you know what I'm saying?

It seems we lost it for a while,

things moved too fast for you and I.

But now, alone, I must

allow my life to resume its course

as appointed: I will go into Fall

and into Winter

without our fire of Spring.

But I hold no regrets.

I feel that side excursion

with you

was well worth the exercise

and I thank you for it.

Memories That Shine

It's Autumn once again;

drifting leaves

attempt to shroud my memories;

rain falls like tears

washing away a last remnant

of hope that had lingered

in the soft warmth

of your fading breath.

Birds twitter timidly in shadows;

as mist assists the waning light;

empty meadows offer their soggy carpet

for my feet to wander aimlessly.

I hear your whisper

before the breeze dies down;

see your tears fall

from bare branches

to a lifeless ground.

Night defeats day

without a challenge

but as darkness asserts her reign

in this underworld of whispers,

the moon appears

and for a brief instant

the memories that shine

cast an eerie shadow

upon an empty world.

Morning Glory

There is a park

at the edge of the city

where miracles happen

for those who dare to see.


the light shimmers

on dew covered plants;

birds sing their delight

greeting a new day;

the morning sun

gently touches my skin:


on a mist-covered lake

a vision of perfect beauty

appears and as she rises

above the waters,

I see the white lotus,



a new dawn.


Powerful art thou,


in your gentleness.

From within


the love flows freely;

From within


life is given

as sun and rain

feed the earth in springtime:


Thou art

and without you

nothing exists;

for you know

all things that have been;

all things that are;

all things to be

must proceed

from your womb


I give thee thanks


Natural Beauty

She never wasted her time

painting her body for the mirror

nor for someone who's only care

was for her outer beauty:

she was uniquely beautiful,

a stone gently polished by a stream

cascading from flowered hills...

It was that unfeigned beauty

that one day cast a spell on me,

that gave me a taste of love

as can never be manufactured

from dermajetic make-up

or latest fashions.

Look in the mirror every morning

if such is your habit,

but be happy with who you see

looking back at you:

it's your best friend!

Whoever you might attract

by advertising any other

but your friend in the mirror,

will never stay with you

but leave with the illusion wiped away

at the end of the day...

Nurse Log

The wind carries the sigh

of a mighty giant

fallen to its side

in a bed of ferns.

Decaying through the years,

it gives back the life

nature so generously gave

in its own beginning.

From its rotting hulk

this new life will spring

striving to reach the light

and make its space in the sun.

Return To Paradise

Sex, a commodity, a means of support,

instant gratification of lustful passion,

yes, instant... and instantly lost:

must it always be that way?

What have humans failed to recognize

when indulging in sexual pleasure?

An ageless Woman says wisely,

I wouldn't have sex with you if you asked -

sex fulfils neither you nor me.

Are you willing to let down your defenses?

Can you share all the love you have known,

all the love you know, or could know -

with me in one moment of passion?

Do you want to transform one moment

into an eternity of knowing?

Would you know me? A yes is enough.

Love waits for no one.

River Flow



to receive the flow

in the Spring

of my passion

for I AM

the valley receiving.



the wild tumble;

bend to the call

of the water

for I AM

the river flowing.


we give life,

maintain balance

create harmony,

in times

calm or turbulent.

Thus love,

as wild irises


forever marking

the path

of our joining

in the endless


Sea Of Prosperity

Why is it taking so long

for my dream to manifest?

The spirit of WindWalker speaks:

"Have patience, friend–

And this does not mean

standing like a harnessed donkey

in the pouring rain waiting;

waiting for some master of fate

to crack the proverbial whip!

Allow your dream to flow like a river

which, even in the wildest winds

flows deep, in the rhythm of the universe,

yet still carves her own path upon the earth.

Remain open to all possibilities,

and flow freely into any opportunity;

through such determination and faith

your dream will certainly reach

the great sea of prosperity.

For you see, you know such exists

as others have been there before.

Who says it cannot be yours also?

Who could so arbitrarily decide and declare

that such a one as you is not worthy?

Take heart, not shortcuts, friend.”

Sensual Passion

I welcome

the sun's advent

over the mountains:

his hot passion will move me.

I pledge

to give my body

unrestrained pleasure,

under his auspices today!

I intend

to reach a point

of ecstatic freedom

at least by early afternoon!

The point

you may ask?

I seek an abundance

of love I may share with you.


and gently pass

through my space today

before darkness descends once more.

Shadow Goddess

I saw her shadow

tossed upon white sand,

as waves unfurled

their thunderous applause,

yet all I had ever seen was her shadow.

(I had heard her voice!)

I wondered what it'd be like

to taste her breath, touch her skin,

see the colours in her eyes,

the smile on her face;

to feel my fingers though her hair.

Days went by, spaced by longer nights,

and still she remained but a shadow

until I closed my eyes, went to sleep,

and boldly imagined her by my side!

A warm wind touched my skin gently,

kissed open my eyes

and there she was: the goddess!

We shared the day, or so it seemed;

she showed me her passion:

a life wrought from love discovered

roaming freely through starry galaxies

and in her moment of release

we touched infinity.

Shattered Fantasy

From some other dimension,

she appears as a wisp of golden light,

swaying in warming winds;

preforming the dance of passion;

the dance of joy (and of sorrow).

Her energy awakens my loins,

excites my every sense,

freeing love to follow

that ageless path

strewn with shattered dreams:

the path of the universal lover.

The flame of desire leaps within me

as she spins her web,

an enchantment

intertwining pain and ecstasy:

what can I do

but follow her sinewy form

into the morning mists?

Summer runs as sand in an hourglass;

soft murmurs and tranquil days

end as suddenly as they began:

one look into her eyes says it all –

she releases my trembling hands

and fades away into the sunset.

Shore Of Mystery

Your wraithlike dance

on the ocean's stormy shore;

your graceful steps along the surf;

your long hair blowing in the wind;

your swaying body

shrouded in time's mystery;

reveal the coming, the strength,

the growing passion of my love.

The ocean's ageless song

uncovers love's desire

as dwarfed by restless waves

I watch your image dimmed

by the mist in my eyes.

Welcome The Dawn

Hear the songs--welcome the dawn

pushing away the endless night!

Like the birds, every morning,

give a breath of precious love;

like the trees, breathe deeply

of life to awaken your soul;

let all your senses feel

the sun's diffused light

shining through branch and leaf,

aware of beauty shed without measure.

Like a river fed by myriad streams,

giving life along its path,

gather up your strength every morning

and from the wildest of dreams

brought back from the night

ride a white Unicorn with joy

and pass it on in awareness

to your mother, the gentle, loving earth!

They Call This Time Fall


They call this time "Fall"

I no longer wonder why

temperatures fall

leaves fall

fruit fall

nuts fall

rains fall

and when you get "here"

and the walk gets icy

you slip and fall

so that clinches it

it's all "Fall"

but wait a minute

do I have to wait

six months

to spring back up?

the temperature


it will spring back up

but what about the leaves

and the fruit

and the nuts

and the rains

will they spring back up?

I do wonder about "Spring"

as I do not about "Fall"


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