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Writings by Sha’Ra On WindWalker

(in collaboration with Sha'Tara EarthStar)

Copyright (©) 2018 Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing

Published by: Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing

Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

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Pensive Homeless, Street Portraiture by Leroy Skalstad

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Title Page




Air Pollution

A Question Of Morality?


Aliens Walking Among Us



Inside Out

We Are What We Feel

The Forgotten Ones

The Earth's A Magnet

Destination: Earth


Days Of Innocence


Plenty Of Thought

Please Lie To Me As You Lay Beside Me

Are Earthians Dumb?


Children Of The Universe

Civilization Is Like Cement


These books contain a form of free verse poetry, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.

Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.

It's all about life, if at times expressing life "outside the box" as the saying goes.


Across the mall's floor

I noticed you

concealing with

long blond curls

a dark red welt

across your cheek.

Who was it?

Does it matter now?

The question is:

How much longer

must you endure

the angry hands?

I longed to go to you,

to tell you

I felt your pain

sting my own face

and your shame

burn in my heart.

Air Pollution

Troubled and irritated





one-eyed cyclop

a red sun


over the valley:

all he sees

is bluish-brown smog

sickly, ugly!

borne endlessly eastward

by dogged westerlies.


he plunks himself


in the man-made soup:

so ends another day.

picture him

(can you?)

all night


rubbing his sore eye,

hating the thought

of another day

of strain and


"Could someone

please take the red out?"


no one does

one day soon

his one good eye

may never open again.

A Question Of Morality?

'Tis said,

You can tell a lot about a people

by the way they treat their animals.

I say,

you can tell a whole lot more

about a people's heart

by the way they interact

with members of their own species.

Earth humans are one single species

crowding a shrinking world:

why doesn't this make them more compassionate

towards those who lack

the basic necessities of life daily?

In some countries pets rate higher

get better shelter, food and medical care

than most children in the world:

Can this be called a question of morality?

But then, humans still fight wars

and still believe that money

rates higher than the environment -

so maybe I'm expecting a bit much

when I speak of morality - or compassion.


Many are those who seek to find

a way out of their daily grind;

a means to get away, even for a day

to break free from daily reality

and enjoy the fruits of their labours

with vacations bought on the internet...

But what of those caught in the grind

the poor, the oppressed, the harassed

who cannot change their situation;

cannot escape the reality of their times;

cannot move at will across the lands?

Sadly, it is those places the tourists seek

for here service can be had for cheap;

the poor will sell you their wares

for a fraction of their costs at home

and some will even barter away

the dignity and health of their children

for that proverbial crust of bread.

But do tourists care for such injustice?

Not if they are tourists, they don't.

they'll complain if the service is poor

or the price of beer is up from last year

and look for another port, another city

to find their fun in the sun

come next Summer.

Aliens Walking Among Us

Walking a city sidewalk,

on a cool sunny morning,

I had a thought:

are there people from other planets

walking among us?

if so - what are they like?

Most Earthians believe in God

or at least in some sort of gods or goddesses.

Some believe in lesser spirits;

in angels and demons and such like.

They are not considered ignorant

or particularly stupid

for believing such things -

in fact, their ostentatious religions

loudly attest to the contrary.

Do they see these beings?

Can they prove their existence?

Can they prove their claim

to converse with them

or get "blessings" from them?

They cannot. Not one of them...

and are not challenged for their "faith."

So if I ask about "aliens"

why am I told that only ignorant people

would believe in such?

Doesn't it make more sense

to believe in aliens among us -

than in gods and demons?

O, the surprise of the day

when it is realized

gods, demons and angels

came, went, and return

but as visiting aliens.

O the surprise of the day

to discover this: that the root of man=s faith

in gods, angels, demons and assorted

invisible entities

came from the heavens

and not from heaven or hell.


Is it possible to seek entertainment

solely for entertainment's sake?

Look at it this way:

What kind of society evolves

from being forever entertained?

From seeking endless pleasure?

This can be said for “entertainment:”

that it should be a result, not a cause.

And the same goes for pleasure.

As the world seeks more entertainment,

more pleasure,

is it not obvious that the great “virtues”

such as courage, patience, peace and love

are the clear losers in this?

Pleasure seekers are hedonists -

their only concern is finding something

- anything - that makes them feel good:

“If it feels good, do it!” or “Don't worry, be happy”

Yes, in today's world being happy

is next to godliness - if not a cut above

and many are the fools who live

but for their short-lived pleasures -

but what do they inherit from this?

A trivialized life -

costly in money, cheap in value -

meandering through endless week-end rituals

in a shocking morass of dead ends.

And the cure?

Plunge into even more hedonism,

invent new ways to get thrills -

and damn the consequences

for the environment, the future

and all relationships.

Today's gospel, in a nutshell:

“We're not here for a long time,

We’re here for a good time!”


Do not hide

your feelings or your acts;

whether it be business deals

or romantic excursions:

it is wise

in today's light,

to do all openly,

honestly and freely!

If all is not in tune

with love of self,

with love of all,

the enterprise thus entered in

will not sustain your interest.


if feelings or desires

remain repressed, hidden,

couched in fear or shame,

they will certainly crouch

at your bedroom door,

unwanted companions

to destroy your peace

and ruin your life.

Inside Out

What is felt inside

is projected on the outside:


will make the world

appear to be a miserable place;

and in this place,

sorrowful events will unfold,

prolonging the suffering

until even the shadow of death

will be seen as a possible relief,

as a ray of light on a dark path.

Wiser ones who have walked

this path of sadness

advise a change of perception

for the world is shaped by thoughts

and these lead to life,

or just as easily, to death.

Better to believe in oneself

and let each day’s struggles

form the foundation

from which visions and dreams;

even at times lofty ambitions,

may be boldly launched.

Better to go at it with passion

and aim for the highest peaks

for death is never slow to respond

and will come soon enough.

We Are What We Feel

If I cannot control my emotions,

then I must be addicted

to the way they make me feel.

But how does one control emotions?

A better question would be:

what are emotions?

Are they feelings?

If so, then what are feelings?

I've studied emotions at length

(so should everyone!)

and I have concluded emotions

are akin to exhaust from a car:

that which spews out

after the useable energy has gone.

I don't want to control my emotions,

I really want to let them go

as far away from me as possible.

I don't want to remember them;

I certainly don't want to dwell on them.

This brings me to feelings:

that which I am aware of

while my life energy burns

in the crucible of experience;

that which moves, motivates, spurs on.

Powerful things, feelings;

not to play with unheeding!

Uncontrollable, untamable

wild as the very first wind -

Hot or icy cold;

soft and gentle they may be

as I experience myself through life.

Yes, I think more than anything else,

we are what we feel.

The Forgotten Ones

We react with horror and sadness

as innocent people die of terrorist attack

in the back yard of a "world power"

but do not feel the much greater horror

of systematic oppression of smaller nations

at the hands of the bully - and I ask "why?"

Economic policies starve entire countries

and children die from lack of food and water;

lands are raped of resources, impoverished

while their leaders are well fed and healthy

because they do the bully's bidding;

the people wander naked, sick, hungry...

and we who live in the bully's back yard

do not feel, and cannot feel, and I ask "why?"

In third and fourth world countries,

most don't live beyond thirty,

because the fat of the land is taken

to the land of the free and the home of the brave;

and I ask about those who die in natural disasters:

I don't even bother asking where God's love is,

but where is our natural compassion

and our sense of outrage in all of this?

Is it all reserved for ourselves and our friends

and our sacred beliefs about the rightness of our cause?

Where is the collective compassion

for these thousands who die daily around the world?

Who die, we so well know, of preventable causes?

Where is that five minutes of silence in memory

of those who ensure we keep our abundance?

From the dust of the earth their voices, not silent yet,

cry to us to remember their sacrifice...

but we want to silence their cries for justice;

we want them to remain the forgotten ones -

otherwise, how could we justify our indignation?

We've always had someone to pay for our extravagance

are we to give up our favored status in God's eyes?

The Earth's A Magnet

It shouldn't surprise anyone

to be surrounded by positive and negative vibrations

while living in this colourful little world

spinning about its sun in fusion:

after all, the Earth's a magnet: it has

a positive (+) and a negative (-) pole

we call North and South, very convenient.

The human body is an electrical machine,

grounded to its source of energy,

and we're still talking of positive and negative

energy, aren't we?

What else can we say of our beautiful home?

it has a daylight and nighttime; hot and cold;

up and down; light and heavy; dry and wet;

male and female; open space and density;

life and death; the mountain top and sea bottom:

opposites attract, that we well know

so on our earth we should find

a great deal of attraction from all that opposition!

Let's meditate on that fact for awhile

and realize our warring and hate is but foolishness

which serves no purpose but to declare

to the entire cosmos we have failed to understand

the very fabric of our human life,

cursing the heartbeat of our mother: the earth

with our persistent ignorance of life's inverting laws.

All earth life possesses a positive and negative side,

never one or the other alone!

Yet in competition, are we not still trying

to prove that one is superior to the other?

Destination: Earth

Remember your destination,

and whatever you encounter here,

of the ugly and beautiful,

of the sadness and joy,

of the darkness and light,

of the pain and ecstasy,

of the hate and love:

share your light

that all may see,

and some may learn

from your visions.

–Walk on--

head high enough to see

pitfalls and dangers;

low enough to see

hands extended seeking help.

Heedless of failures,

unaware of success,

you will remember

who you are;

where you are,

perhaps even why.


Is she so blissfully unaware

or endowed of sources of energy

man knows nothing about?

For despite relentless attacks,

unmentionable crimes,

rapes without measure

against her integrity

she remains as ever

apparently unchanged.

Though armies have marched

over her breast

and the blood of her children

has been spilled

over her exposed skin,

she washes herself

and heals away the scars,

insisting on remaining


and smiles

her enigmatic

Mona Lisa smile,


for man to accept

the winds of change


from her mouth.

Days Of Innocence

You came to bathe

in quiet pools

next to the waterfall;

unafraid, unashamed,

full of love,

as natural and perfect

as the doe

which drank water at your feet;

as the blue heron

which fanned the air

with its great wings;

as the harbour seal

which stared placidly

from its rock across the bay;

as the grey wolf

which sang for you

in the moonlight.

Do you remember us,

in our days of innocence

when we made the earth turn

and the sun laughed

in our joy

before the winds changed

and the hills turned crimson?

But now listen:

the winds are changing again

and the season is returning!

Does your heart still hold

the dreamtime

we shared?


Many are we, too many,

cowed by rules and taboos;

living in fear, resenting, abhorring,

coercing children from exploring

sexuality’s natural state.

Many are we, too many,

lost in webs of deceit and mockery,

while our sexuality is crushed,

bought and sold as just another commodity

in earth’s cancerous marketplace.

Many are we, too many,

who curse a divine gift;

who see it as obscene, pornographic,

or a precursor to violence

unless encased in an institution

Many are we, too many

who so misuse our sexuality;

thinking it is but for personal pleasure;

for procreation or for profit,

yet still call it making love.

Plenty Of Thought

Today I heard of much

(and of too much)

and talk ran wild with speculation

on abundance and plenty

and when is it too much?

What is too much?

Few every think they have too much,

much more likely are they

to seek more and more...

and as it piles up

they call it abundance...

But abundance is not material!

it is a state of mind only.

One who is never satisfied

will never know abundance.

And what of too much?

How does one know could one know

what constitutes too much?

Now that's a simple question:

consider the one who has the least

living upon your world:

anyone possessing more

indeed, has too much.

And how does one get out

from under the curse of too much

in relation to another?

That too is a simple question:

Share. Share all good things.

Share until the cows come home...

and share the cows also.

Please Lie To Me As You Lay Beside Me


Please lie to me as you lay beside me

just for one night and one more day

tell me a fable that will never end

a tale that will never grow worn or old

let my ears hear the tremor in your voice

let my eyes watch your lips form the words

let my fingers trace their movement

and let my foolish heart hope again


I hear your wishes in your nightly dreams

I think nothing would please me more

than make them remain true for you

but you ask for a lie and not the truth

my own heart is weary of so many lies

each day a new lie told to promise truth

until every day given has gone away

lying for eternity in a shroud of lie


I cannot bear to hear the truth today

not today with my heart near breaking

without you I never was and I cannot be

you remember when you said to me

that was the reason we fell in love

I know you remember though you turn

please look at me for I’m always me

who grew only in your heart garden


that was a patch of wild meadow

not a cultivated piece of tilled sod

you city people know nothing of land

you came and danced vulnerable steps

my arms offered to steady your spin

you fell in and I fell for and ebony hair hid

the desire that already shaped curving lips

hungrily kissing not in offer but contract

Are Earthians Dumb?

I think this is a rhetorical question:

one only needs to review an election

to answer that! Yes, most people

at least on this benighted world

are certifiably dumb.

Time after time, people will go to the polls -

oh yes, less and less are conned into this

but still, they legitimize this enterprise

of putting liars, cheats, self-serving narcissists

in positions of power.

People give individuals with minds

comparable to those of egocentric feudal lords

power over all aspects of their lives -

and they do this of their own “free” will

thinking they have no choice.

And that’s the point, isn’t it:

do we have a choice or not?

Must we endure ignorant self-serving asses

as “governing” members of society

or can we do without them?

Let’s consider this question logically:

what would we need to get rid of “them”?

Well, we’d need to be absolutely certain

we are morally better than they are.

We’d have to be certain we truly care

about others and about our environment.

We’d have to know we can discipline ourselves,

not oppress our neighbour, not take advantage,

and be there when someone needs our help.

We’d have to live by a basic moral code:

we wouldn’t fight, cause unrest or be disorderly;

we wouldn’t be racist or misogynist -

sharing all the good things equally with all

regardless of class, gender, race.

Oh and most important of all:

we’d have to know that however provoked

we would not hate another - ever.

Well, that’s about it.

If, as a society of intelligent beings

we know we cannot meet these obligations

then we’d better continue to vote,

pay our rising taxes, accept the asses in power

and expect the ever growing worst.

Why should we deserve any better?


Inspiration is from the Muse

and the Muse is like the wind

or the stars in the night sky

or the view of the mountains

in the morning sky:

aren’t all the beautiful things free?

How I long for that wonderful day

when inspiration need no longer be sold;

is no longer turned into a prostitute

pandering for buyers, for money

in the earth’s market place!

Any art “sold” to the highest bidder

by definition becomes prostitution.

The Muse departs and Mammon takes over:

now you look for it on a billboard,

a TV commercial, a Dot Com web site

and bring out your charge card or cheque book.

Then look inside after you buy;

or study the picture on the wall

or listen intently for the message:

The moment of titillation will last

what the money spent dictates – no more.

The book will land on a lower shelf;

the CD will descend to the bottom of the cabinet;

the painting will hang on the garage wall.

You purchase a thousand words,

a disk of sounds full of fury;

a canvass with swirls of paint:

where is the lasting substance?

Sadly, today’s artist must beg

at the doors of Mammon like a dog

at a master’s table: isn’t it time

we changed the way this works?

Children Of The Universe

Why do fish habitat studies?

So we can find ways

to save fish from extinction?

So researchers can receive grants

to tell what is already common knowledge?

So some can earn wages

extracting water-based resources?

To find out how much fish

one drift net can take out of the sea

in a boat's lifetime?

The Fish People answered my query:

“What do we think of studies done

on our Earth habitat?

They are of no consequence.

If Mother Earth is distraught;

cannot provide for the Fish People,

there will be no Fish People

in the seas, lakes or rivers.

If she is happy and healthy,

can provide for ten billion of us,

there could be ten billion Fish People

swimming the channels of her veins.

We have no claim here,

no expectation.

We are children of the Universe

and travel far and wide.

Unlike the human,

we do not conceive death;

we leave our bodies everywhere

they are of Earth.

As for your studies,

a word of awareness for you:

“studies serve

but those who order them.”

Civilization Is Like Cement

There's an art to mixing cement

so it will set properly,

not too fast, not too slow, not too runny or dry

and there's a time frame

in which to do the pouring

and the finishing that must follow.

It would seem that civilizations

pose the same problem as does cement:

If they are to be finished properly

they have to be thoroughly mixed;

poured in retaining forms

then worked and reworked

until a smooth surface is achieved.

Using that as an analogy

one must wonder at the state of mind

of the contractors who poured

Earth's various civilizations.

Simply put: they've all been a total mess;

No intelligent buyer would spend a dime on it.

Yet here we are, daily convincing ourselves

there's nothing wrong with society,

with the way it's all been set up.

We know this civilized cement

was poured in layers over time:

one layer covering another

all over the property as the builders came;

as they found the materials handy.

I'd say they'd have been better off

to jackhammer the works

and start afresh -

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