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Writings by Sha’Ra On WindWalker

(in collaboration with Sha'Tara EarthStar)

Copyright (©) 2018 Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing

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Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

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Title Page


Accepting God's Gift

Back to God Again

Being God


Does God Care?

Does Prayer Work

Edging God Out

Entering Heaven

God Calling Collect

Talking With God

A Love Note From God

The Ten Commandments

The Face Of God

Promises Or Delivery?

Prime Mover Of Sin

Is God Behind You?

Is God On Vacation? Or Just Out To Lunch?

The Wooden Box

When You Pray, God Works

Where Is God

If God Built Robots



These books contain a form of free verse poetry, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.


Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.


It's all about life, if at times expressing life "outside the box" as the saying goes.



Accepting God's Gift


"Getting into Heaven is no big trick:

all you have to do is accept

the gift of God in Jesus Christ.

How you live your life beyond that

is purely secondary, a matter of choice."

Well, that's what I was told one day

by an old man with a Bible.


So, I thought,

I can be an ignorant S.O.B.

most of my life

(even if I know better)

and with "God's gift" in my heart

when I die

I am heaven bound!

(Who would turn down such a deal?)


On the other hand,

I can live my life impeccably,

be kind and generous and caring,

but if I refuse "God's gift"

that's just too bad

'cause when I die

it's straight to hell -

do not pass "Go" and

do not collect the $200 either! 


There you have it: these are the rules.

It's how you play

the Fun Da Mental Monopoly game

in Christianity. 

Believe it!

Amen brother.



Back to God Again


The God thing still eludes me:

what is God, I wonder

with all pretensions removed?

Is God a person?  A concept? 

A saviour?  A judge? A creator? 

Is it really the origin of all that is?


Everyone has a different idea

of what God is or should be.

Matters not if I enter a church

or seek answers on the street:

I’m sure to get an earful

of mega confused thinking.


Most people believe in God

but find two people

who completely agree

on what the concept really is-



How about a narrower concept:

A God of love, perhaps?

Yet those who believe this

are often the worst offenders

against the law of love.


Is God everything?

Good and evil equally?

Is God separate, but in all things?

Is God apart from what is marred

by the passage of evil?

Is every intelligent entity

equally God as is now claimed?


Preposterous, all of it, I say

God is that which foolishness

has put forth to hide itself

from itself.

Do I need God?  Yes,

if I refuse to live the law of love

or fail to live my integrity.

Being God

Being God is not arrogance.

but awareness of who I am.

Being God

is loving energies, forces, people.

Being God

is relinquishing control over creation.

Being God

is bringing happiness

or sadness - some like this -

into life: a simple matter of choice.

Being God

is the ability to make choices

knowing their power to manifest

exactly as thought and spoken:

God says... and so it is...

“and it is good.”



What is the driving force

within the confines of a church?

The Lord Jesus Christ?

The presence of hell on the outside?

Or blood money flowing within?


Pretend you're a successful evangelist

bringing in thousands of lost souls

within the walls of God's churches;

suppose all they contributed

was a new found faith - no money!

how long before

they're sternly shown the door?


If money no longer flowed;

if churches went bankrupt in the land,

would people worry how to upload

their daily quota of acquired sins

without access to

Would they feel a great emptiness

for no answers received

after months of prayer to a silent idol?

Would they feel a great loss

when miracles cease to happen on cue

(between commercials)

come Sunday morning's TV offering?


Would their god shrivel like an I. O. U.

in a miser's hand at death's door?

Perhaps some would see

their own light shine in the darkness,

learn to say: there is now

none other before me!


Does God Care?


They say the God of the Bible

loves the people he created;

so much so that when they sin

or forget to bring him sacrifices,

he judges them, condemns them,

sends them straight to hell

to burn in torment for eternity.


It seems logical, does it not,

since he created them in his image

and can't be but what he made them,

that he should be the one

to take first place in the fires of hell?


Some would say such a God can hear

when you say bad things about him.

I don't think he hears anything at all;

but if he does,

he's terrified to answer:

I think he's been deprived of his old power

by an elite Cosmic 'court'.


When we accept this simple fact,

we’ll no longer clutter our minds

with this sort of ranting and raving.

We shall be free within our own thoughts...

finally – Yes! 


And Sunday morning shall find me enjoying

life on a nude beach.  Blessed be!

Does Prayer Work


They say God

is not the Genie in the Bottle:

He won't give you three wishes...


Yet in the same breath

they'll tell you that prayer works:

that God answers prayers.


OK, I'll grant you that.

Now let's get logical about this:

if prayer works

then God must grant every “prayer;”

if He does not

then prayer does not “work”

but becomes a heavenly lottery:

“Let's see: who's the lucky winner today?”


Since there is no reference book

to find out what prayers God does grant;

what He won't grant,

then one must ask “Why pray at all?”

I don't buy lottery tickets:

I figure they're a tax on stupidity -

and I figure prayer is in the same category.


Let's just say I've seen too many people

lose at that game.

Edging God Out


A cold Spring morning

finds me walking along the shore

(once more) and the sea tosses

after a passing storm.

I feel wet crushed stones crunch

under my leather boots.


My feet are dry and warm;

I am well dressed

for this kind of weather, and yet

I feel cold within:

cold thoughts tossing –

the cold grey sea is now at home

inside my head.


So I ask the sea:

What does it mean to have an ego?

is it a bad thing?

Why must I rid myself of this “affliction”?

Some wag I came across before

called it “Edging God Out”

and it makes me wonder.


Does having an ego

means I’ve edged God out of my life?

(In which case, what’s the problem?)

Or does it mean that when I get rid of it

only then will I also be free of God?

No more ego, no more God?

Ultimate freedom to be myself?


I realize many are really scared

to live a “godless” life –

though you can’t tell any difference

between the godly and godless these days –

pretty much one melting pot

of stagnating selfish ooze,

but apart from fear, what’s to fear?


I think I can figure this one out:

If I have an EGO – I’ve  Edged God Out

to be “myself” and no looking over the shoulder

to see if I’ve pleased or displeased

some imaginary divinity.

Now I hope I can do the good

I’ve always known I could

and always known I should –

without justification or blame

or carrot on some heavenly stick.

Entering Heaven


Hah! I hear you say,  heaven, indeed:

who knows what that means?

Who has been there and come back

to assure the rest of us that such a place exists?

Yet, I must ask this: If there is no such place;

if life is this and nothing else,

why don't we all live the same lives,

experience the same things?

We say "hope springs eternal in the human breast..."

and I ask you: where then, does hope come from?


So,  let me say this:

if humans lived a life of pure, blissful love

for each other, for all things making life beautiful,

wouldn't that in itself qualify as heaven?

Why do we have to think that "heaven"

is necessarily some place else?

Why couldn't earth be heaven?

Don't get mad, don't get upset...

its just a thought...

or perhaps too much of a challenge?

God Calling Collect


Sunday  morning:

Preacher ready to dance and yell

a sermon so carefully written just five minutes ago;

cut and pasted from a year ago:

“YESSS! Praise the Computer”


One leg in the air, arms raised,

and his helper interrupts:

"It's the Lord, sir. He’s on the phone again!" 

"That's the second time this week!

What does he want now?

Doesn't he know what day this is?"

"He says he wont be able to make the service-

He wants to explain...”

“No more collect calls from heaven,

he can go to hell for all I care."

"Well Pastor, there’s been some trouble at the exchange:

the board is meeting in hell he says."

"Fine, I don’t care.  I bust my ass,

I do his dirty work and he can’t even come and watch?

One more service for him and he don’t show,

I do the next one for the Devil.

At least he shows up, even when not wanted."


The Preacher glared at his congregation:

"What are all of you staring at?

get on your knees and pray, sinners!

Yes, pray,

for hell is but a call away!”

Talking With God


There is a saying I’ve heard;

“If I ever see God, I’ll whip His holy ass”

well, I first thought that was a good saying,

and I used it a lot when talking to Christians:

I just enjoyed seeing their horrified reaction;

but the more I think about it,

I find it’s not such a great thing to say.


Isn’t it just more talk of violence?

of some deep-seated hope I can get even?

There has to be a better way.


I think I would rather talk to God;

ask him why he did what he did,

or if he did it at all.

Ask if the Bible should be taken as the truth,

or just another hodgepodge of information

from some other time maybe better forgotten?


Maybe remind Him that his followers

still insist they must carry on the old ways

of wiping out non-believing enemies

to get their gold (I mean, their oil)

as He so carefully instructed Joshua

as regards the people of Jericho

and all surrounding lands –

Yes, that genocidal thing the Hebrews

were to do for God at that time.


I’m sure if I bring it up diplomatically

He won’t turn me into a toadstool.

I’m not so sure He’ll be willing to listen

however...   Sad.

A Love Note From God


I got a strange letter in the mail this morning -

it said, and I quote:

'Good morning, this is God!

I will be handling all your problems today;   

I do not need your help, thank you.

So, have a good day, I love you.'


Well, I thought I was having a good day,

then I caught the flu - OK, so I can't blame God

for a moment of inattention to detail,

but then I walked to town

and I lost my wallet on the street - OK,

so God wanted to give money to someone

I guess that's acceptable;

but then I got arrested!  Someone said

they saw me rob the bank on the corner:

I protested vehemently: How can I rob a bank

when God is handling my problems -

all day - He told me so in a letter!

I screamed at the cops!


I'm writing this from the psych ward,

a bit sedated, but hey, not so bad,

except for the restraints.

Thanks God, thanks for trying,

but don't you get it?

Every time you meddle in human affairs,

You make a mess of everything.

Please, since you couldn't even keep the peace

in your heaven,

(all hell broke loose up there, and don't deny it,                                            

I got your word on that one!)

can't you leave us alone

and go love an artichoke, or something?


I know there are humans who really believe

that you care; that you love them -

kind of pathetic, don't you see -

that whatever they credit you for

they did or didn't do themselves?

Please God, can't you get a life?


The Ten Commandments


A kind hearted woman once told me:

"If we all lived  by the Ten Commandments

the world would be a better place:

 no more street crime,  no more fornication,

 no more hate or murder; no more wars."


I thought, hey,  what if?


The Man Without a Face whispered:

"Does love come harnessed in laws?

People try to live by endless rules

made to control them as cattle and sheep;

to keep them wallowing in fear;

to keep them from discovering

the true joy of shared freedom!


When you break down walls

called judgment, condemnation,

you set yourself free to soar

on the ever-changing winds of freedom

and your much abused world

becomes more like a place

one could possibly call home some day.


You still don't understand?

Look around you when out in nature

and note what "commandments"

are followed by the birds and bees:

these you should pay heed to,

and let the fools fall on their knees

who pray to deaf and dumb idols

who make rules that benefit

only those in places of power.



The Face Of God


What is God?  OK, Who is God?

Is there an answer to those questions?

(Religious interpretations don’t count.)

Does the universe hide God’s identity,

presenting as proof of credentials

(that such an entity exists at all)

the created “order” of things?


Finding a car on the side of the road

does not prove the existence of General Motors:

just that someone made it.

Ah but what if it has a brand name?

OK – what’s God’s brand name? The Bible?

That makes me laugh so hard it hurts!


Let’s take God as a trinity -  pretty basic:

Spirit, Father and Son (sorry ladies, men only!)

One: Spirit that animates all things - including God!

Two: a Father who is the dreamer

Three: a Son - the created part of God’s thought -

the one who interacts with all his creation

in his dream.


Let’s break it down some more: gods.

Animated by Spirit, they come into existence.

Alone - so they think. 

They dream companionship: a new world

(as big or small as you want it to be)

They project themselves into their creation:

The “son” is the inter-actor in their dream.

And they also observe themselves interacting.


Some “push” the dream, make impossible demands;

create rules of conduct, maximizing polarity:

these are the dictators:

you don’t want to find yourself created there!

Then, they wake up - the dream ends

and they go on with their regular routine:

for many of them, that means kindergarten...

Yes, gods are usually just kids playing.

Simple, isn’t it?


Promises Or Delivery?


God promises, Satan delivers.


Ain't it the truth...


I got a strange letter in the mail today,

it said: Hi, I'm Satan.  I'll be handling

all aspects of your life today.

I don't need your help - just have a good day.


Hmmm, I thought, pretty strange,

but then I went up town

and as I passed by an unsavory hotel,

a young woman came rushing out,

grabbed my hand, led me to her room

and we made love for two whole hours!


Damn, that was good!


Then as I passed a bank, a robbery was going on.

Two guys ran out waving guns

and people were screaming as the alarm went off.

As they got in their get-away car

one dropped a suitcase full of money -

I grabbed it and kept on going.


Yeah, that was pretty good too.


Then when I came home around noon

my neighbour's wife came over to my place;

she tore her clothes off and said:

I've had the hots for you long enough:

take me!  And I did.  She's great!


You gotta admit, this guy delivers the goods!


Like he says:

if you gotta live in a screwed up world,

You may as well enjoy the best of it:

sex, money and... sex.

I'm sure there's more but it's still early.



Prime Mover Of Sin


In judgment sin is imperfection, but

isn't it  beingness in experience?

The whole creation by definition

                   is 'sin'!

If we admit that creation is imperfect

(sin is found in it: vice, violence, death)

In judgment we must condemn creation

and that which created, which is called God!


For God created all things good

yet bad they went, then worse

so they say, so we observe.

But we're also told nothing exists

that God did not create!

We're also told that we ourselves

are but the pure image of our Maker!

Let's follow this simple thought

to some logical conclusion

and see where that leaves us.


The people who wrote the Bible

never intended to demonstrate

this undeniable truth:

that God is the Prime Mover of Sin

yet no other conclusion

may be drawn from their record.

           -Your witness! -



Is God Behind You?


It's OK to see the world

through rose-colored glasses...


It's OK to see the world

through the eyes of religion...


It's OK to see the world

from any vantage point you choose,

but know this:


Reality is still reality,

and God notwithstanding

it's up to me, it's up to you

to make it a better place.


But don't worry, if God is behind you:

He's a master at taking credit

for all the work you do.

Is God On Vacation? Or Just Out To Lunch?

I got a question:

does God only 'grant' general stuff,

like faith, courage, serenity, peace

but can't or won't do specific stuff

like building me a home

where the Buffalo roam,

or putting a million dollars in my account,

or a parking space near Wal-Mart?

Ok, well maybe he’s on extended leave,

gallivanting in another dimension

with Miss Universe?

He packed his bags, slipped down a ladder,

snuck out of heaven

through an old black hole that hadn’t been sealed

and the last thing anyone saw

was a huge Cheshire cat grin fading out...

Or he’s holed up at the donut shop

dunkin’ and forgot about time?

But just maybe, just maybe,

we really are going it alone

but too afraid of the responsibility;

of the scary thought we’re in charge,

– no one else--

and we can really make this old world

a better place to live in;

a much happier place

without <snip!>

you know who.

The Wooden Box


Searching for remnants of ancient times,

I came across a rotting wooden box

covered in sand and dust

housing a heavy, dog-eared book.

As I bent down to pick it up,

gusts of wind tore at my coat

as if to push me away from my discovery.


Kneeling down in the wind's insistent pull,

I let it brush away dust and cobwebs:

on the book's cover, I read "Holy Bible"

and realized I had stumbled inside a church;

a last remaining stronghold

of earth's priestly class

of people trying to keep alive

their old concept of a sky wizard,

a god of error and terror childishly imagined

as living forever in some cartoon heaven

of slavish servants and angels on harps

of harmonies for no one to hear

but imaginings in empty, frozen reaches

of their mind's shrunken inner space!


In that old time, as I must conclude

they had come to realize their god existed

but flattened between the confined spaces

of a book's dog-eared mouldy pages;

prisoned from change within old wooden coffins

where a stale breath of air wafted weakly

and remained as still as in a grave.



When You Pray, God Works


A church billboard proclaims:

“When You Pray God Works”


Two reasons to call such a claim as false:


the first, and obvious, is stated clearly in their Bible,

that their God

(and they're so quick to remind you theirs is the only One)

completed all of his works, in all their vast array,

on the sixth day of creation, declared it good,

and on the seventh day rested from all of his labors.


One would think that even ignorant preachers

would know this much from their procedural manual,

and their CEO: that he took early and permanent

retirement and that is that, according to the book.

The second, perhaps most poignant,

and most disturbing reason would be this:

that billions pray, every day, several times a day,

all of them to this One and Only almighty God

who promised to heed the prayers of the faithful,

and what do we see? A world so lost;

a world as much in demonic perdition;

abandoned, given over, enslaved to greed

as any science-fiction world ever described;

a world wherein licentiousness and murder are thought virtuous;

a world every day closer to becoming a garbage dump

and no improvements in sight——

this is the result of prayer?

This is how God works?


Or perhaps it's time God's followers realized

their God has at the very least an inkling of intelligence

and has become utterly fed up with mere lip service?

Their book talks of self-sacrifice to gain sanctification:

apart from some crazed suicide bomber,

where is the evidence of such?

Where Is God


Why so much suffering and sorrow?

Why the poor, the weak and the helpless?

Why the suffering of children in war zones?

Does God not hear their cries?


An old man remains alive years beyond his time

and a friend gives thanks to God

for keeping his body alive, if unable to move:

there, God cannot heal,

but He can use modern medicine for miracles!


A plane crashes in a mountain

and two hundred people die in the tragedy,

and I find myself asking - not “Why?”

but “Where is God today?”


If God can keep one decrepit body alive,

surely He can save two hundred people

from such a horrible and fiery death?

Surely someone on that plane

begged the Man upstairs for help this day?

Surely they were not all perverted sinners

deserving such dreadful punishment?


And so I ask: why save one half dead,

but let two hundred healthy ones die?

The answer lies in the question:

I don’t blame nor credit God for this -  


There is a greater force, certainly

that determines the outcome

of every experience we face in life:

that also goes for “God” like it or not.



If God Built Robots


'Tis said God made man in his image,

which included the gift of free will --

Is it so wonderful to have free will?

Why would a creator god grant such a gift?


Seems to me since "god" isn't talking

I have to look at time and history

to get my answer to such a weird question:

Why did God give free will to man,

especially knowing what the future would bring?


Ah well, it's quite simple you see:

God is probably the smartest inventor of all --

and he knew if he made robots

and they malfunctioned - he'd have to act on that;

he'd have to take responsibility for his machines -

either fix them, re-design them or destroy them.


But if he gave man "free will" it was the perfect cop-out:

whatever man does now is not God's fault --

man has free will and he can do whatever he wishes --

or so we are supposed to think...

until we stub our toes on the Ten Commandments!


Say what? Thou shalt not do this or that?

But, I thought I had free will -- that I could do this or that

and not have to worry about the creator's feelings --

so what is it I'm not getting?

Do I have free will, or don't I?

If I do, there are no laws, and there's no sin!

But if there are divine decrees, laws, taboos

and there is punishment for breaking these in some way,

then obviously, I don't have free will.

Not a bad scam, God. And you got away with it

for many thousand years -- until now.


"Fess up: the game's up. You've been found out.

You've lied to, and royally cheated, earth humanity

so you could set up a bureaucracy of religions

to milk the saps for all they were worth.

Thanks for nothing, God.


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