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Title: Moonlight on scale of fishes

Author: Ali reza khalo kakaee

Writing date:2008

Release date:2019

ISBN: ISBN: 9780463647691

Different images can awaken new emotions within us.

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We respect them one by one, and we say thank you very much for these beautiful pictures


Beauty of your name

The secretive world

How many?

Like the rain

The desert is alone

Which young heart

My heart wishes the world such as this


Tell! your eyes

The morning starts

The sea would kinder

Human and sea

Secret time


Night, moon and window

Say! Something

On the tear staircase

blue trip

Like silver with the moon

The sparrows do not know

Did not you see my heart?

Moonlight on scale of fishes

Music of heart dripping

under moonlight

Eyes dialogs

Moon and wind

You should be the rain

Oh! blue planet

Tangerine breath of sparrows

Lover or rainy cloud?

Your eyes

A window between two tears

Behind background of the window

The night

Beauty of your name

The beauty of your name,

Is an amazing mystery,

That the birds sing it,

At the edge of the morning.

Like the feeling of the journey

Or Sunset descent,

The young seedlings of your name

Is beautiful, obscure and deep

The beauty of your name is a window frame

To the perspective of the spring Smile

Like the feeling of the journey

Or Sunset descent

Your name is an incurable romantic.

Back to top

The secretive world

On the mirror of the water

Bubble smile is a beautiful secret

Whisper of the leaves in the wind

Is a secret


Is a secret


Is a secret

Top of these secrets

Confessing to all of these secrets, is a secret.

How many

Tell! me the truth

How many lover eyes have been dead,

In the jail of your beauty?



Silence silver!

Like the rain

like the rain

Be generous

And give yourself to others,

Without any expectation

The desert is alone

The desert is a silent sea,

Its waves are frozen

The brown mane of the desert,

Is empty of plants beautiful dream

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