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Space TV

From a lunar statue display, she shoots electrical guitar slide bullets, for any kind of reception on the silver vines, the remains and echo of the act and reflection, shivering the mightiest of tyrants before they reach them, so she can see through herself, infinite holes await her, looking but never connecting, reflecting herself, reflecting beyond, so much lost in the translation, dreaming to be a star for all the world to see, even when she shined, she was dark inside, no matter how many acts she played, it could never show who she was, falling behind the scenes, brain waves plugging into my mind, replacing the static images with another, portrayed as clear freedom, a moving black electrical soul, surging the life in between, away from the beginning and end, I can see it all from all angles, I feel it but it's dead by the time it reaches me, without a returning point, I can't find my way back to you, displaying half of myself, there with a fraction of myself, I change the program but you always wind up on it, like holding down buttons and strings, we are alive when pressed down, yet we need to let them up again, an unseen reflective play of reality on the space TV, filling it up with the blood of belief, lifeless control and dark, filtering your times with demonic change and their life, fuzz, clarity, watch, repeat, or anyway you want to, forever displaying stories, receiving it with what we've been taught, limited views, watch it through you without, fly with it, everything is black and white space, a shape and reflection of dark and light being seen, an outline of lighted shadow self and nothing, we walked through her tv to meet another, in our displayless display beyond, watching ourselves inside as it all, with my own eyes.

Another surprise

shocking fearful chill, wonderus moments that rises my solar painting, all I see is the word surprise on them, passing by mysterious coincidences, unable to detect the essences with the senses of convoluted security, only the artificial release that compels me, she is familiar, a magical character i met in a game I played a while ago, she cries dreamy remembrances from her sharp space
comet eyes, flying in a frozen statue, yet they fall around and around
beyond what they see, emitting cracks of life and awakening, still unphased inside, awaiting for that death defying vision, still wont ever free her soul, a living peterification, everything stopped, flowing delusional time, you can't move forward or back like this, is this is what we become? A life of certain stimuli that lie? Its just another surprise, the biggest unbelievable miracle, the magic cure that keeps you going, corrupted veins flowing, surprised yet dead, shocked but the same, this feeling tells me fake free completion, is this the true love or our fearful indication of it? I need someone to truly make me remember beyond, that one that is like no other, more than a mathematical reaction, you cant define a surprise, it is a true unknown moment you never know, reliving and re experiencing old times in it, a love of past reconnection and deeper revelation, a familiar experience of another time, it's all a ongoing surprise of calming beauty, every other kind of person we meet with
similar traits or name is different parts of us and our soul, meant to connect and find more of ourself, embrace and realize them, her comet reached my painting, where it reflected us in a weightless nothing.

Lost youth

A blessing, self and all given to me in paper boxes, a holographic boy below, a solid girl above, believing in everything, going through the imagined forests with her, gaining up a new
utopia of salvation with the power of corrupted faith, a lighted circular clock,
slowly aligning with the living gold scale, One circular ocean platform of dreams and
beliefs, watching her view grow higher, mine sink, you were so high over the illusion, As we grew up together, complications, realizations and realities became us, leaving our free imagination behind, all slowly turning into curses, a seemingly simple life and death, so much strain behind it, it kept going until it reached it's limits, like a sun staying on one spot, destroying our
true revolution. you can never come back to the grounds of birth and
foundation. the other can never rise above the dark stagnation, is anything me? You? How do I know what is real and free? you ask what's the catch? you couldn't see love if it destroyed your face, if it was you, I wont ever forget feeling you rising away into your kingdom of royal death, won't you remember who you are? I know you do inside, you belong here with me, everyone isn't out to get you as you are beyond them, it will come down and who will catch you? We never thought this could be, We are the lost youth, we let the false truth destroy what cant be, gone is our imagination and true wonder, faith and everything has become a style, just another desperate scapegoat, as
long as we continue this struggle of material and comfort, we always
struggle as we pull and push the strings of imprisonment. all you have
to do it cut the string inside, I turned into something more than a hologram, another one in disguise, the true self is all inside, our branch clock hands met above as adults, our roots met as kids, in between we were free and beyond.

Living advertisements

She sways the grandest image of beauty and grace, glowing infinite reactions of control and satisfaction, you have all of my divided attention, a million eyes in a million places, the automatic impulse of a fraction of me, a moving potential candidate of lighted soul, realizing only what I am taught to see, the surface, searching for the highest feelings, on top of a ocean ceiling, witnessing what is there, as the true infinity laid above inside, a trick for profit and dead existence, we've been following what caters to someones view, the images of what seems ourselves, this can't be all there is, Watch the living advertisements, a distractive allurement of the real, enhancement of false display, looking for that certain beauty, caught in the interactive view in between, never seeing the true soul, what's beyond it, squeezing her all into the One screen of the chosen obscene, just for a second of zombified attention, so clean and seemingly painless on the surface, hiding endless dark sorrows and questions behind the scenes, was it worth it? Removing the true core, the basic wonders, reveal your true self for you, see the core for what it is and beyond, that color will fade but you will go on, my soul flew threw the image to see her true heart of cold, we reflected our true light beyond, in and out of our image inside, seeing with our self and dreams without.

Where the echos go

flying towards a hopeful escape, a stone feather, the higher I go, the longer my sentence of those regrets writes on the ink string, seeking the defined point of reality, a solid feeling and vision of seemingly closure, what makes this more real than any other thing? The further she swims, the deeper she sinks into her own desire, the illusion of free end, a peaceful inner safety away from truthful departures, holding her memories and loves forever, never wanting to release them, i'm following her liquid chain around her foot, trailing broken heart worlds and dark spaces, flowing moments through the glowing gallows In between, the perfect timed connection and dream alive, an unseen surface of breezy happenings, where the echos go, forever going on and not inside so low, growing a secret memorial lunar plant heart, the crystal oxygen of self reflection is gaining seeable conscienceness, even a full heart has to breathe somewhere, every rebirth is a nothing taking a breathe, feeling its true freedom, an explosion of beyond, was it ever there or just inside us beyond? The unseen heart reflected the all of her seperations as one, meeting in the space above and below it, away from it all, your memories and all is always there in this, in our reflection and ourselves.

Camouflage mirage

the royal goddess, glistening Florescent essence of lavender, an aroma of soulful imagination, flowing through her rooted temple in the sky, on top of memorial sands, holding the orb breast, glowing infinite
dreamy light off her mountain slide eyes that go forever, yet everyone never sees her real self, just transparent colors of her doubtful inside, forgotten who she truly is behind it all, even when she is revealed, it's another deception, playing make pretend just to reach me, the true energy, on my emerald vessel, everyone can see me, no fake, it's what you take, apart of it all, feeling so far from it, like i'm here in front of it but I not connected, being seen isn't all what it seems to be, is this me?The more we contain ourselves the bigger and darker the release will be, being secured becomes lifeless and will come back ten fold, hold in hate, let out love, it still builds up, becoming something far more terrifying not you, Wearing her camouflage mirage, the veil of classical soul and memories, just another false reflection of the true one, showing dead parts of emotion, in between dark and lighted ghostly walls, she can blend into the brightest spaces, never seen, she can make the darkest places so fleeting and freeing, speaking artistic life through life itself, but souley, I see through all of it, my emerald made it to her as he roots connected to it, we became it all as one, still separate inside, was it even a real disguise? You are the camouflage of infinite you, make it one and free.

Subliminal criminal

a far away alien princess, glowing memorial rivers to the past ocean moon, through the
roots she feels a oncoming chill, a familiar youthful soul, from the other side of her royal window, she feels the Shift of the land and life through the lighted sphere, unsure of why, she clings onto what she knows, common taught lessons of reality, someone is there somewhere, pulling it all without realization, casting her away, she can be right in front of you yet never know she was, with each movement, the river flows as the root lines write poetic sorrows of another place, away from the pain and chaos, the most pain his not being where she feels she belongs, deemed a evil enity, a nation where they follow another and the popular societal standards of fear, obedience and misunderstanding. what once was odd becomes normal but was always a normal oddity and neither, every act and result. Is from. Shifts and changes of itself, the reflection, reason of it all, not just someone or an usual act, there not. There, only In Themselves, i am, the native dark dweller, swimming through deadly nightmare horizons, echoing rings of my deepest heart towards the farthest place, on a burning bridge where we said we would meet, did she hear it in this tragic play? Safe here on this dark coil, why do I feel like i'm chained down? A secured entrapment no one realizes, my soul a millions miles away, like how Christmas is everyone's favorite holiday, our deepest love and
warmth comes from our coldest soul and freeing rebirth, in a Ghostly system of another, a seen message hiding the true secret one, we follow the belief and guide line, our divide of rise and fall, selecting what is free in Between, always in the middle, fully high and free, if You turn it around The scent of The acent, a secret decent into. The same, the first one in line, the first one to die, as the subliminal criminal escapes once again, without a trace, but like an album, it is done before it is released, we knew it was you, don't think you won because were still here, see whats behind it all, feel and see in between your senses, the burning bridge warms up her frozen crystal flower, evaporating the stagnant surroundings of constant reflections, reflecting our true message world in the moon and earth, we make it to
another, witnessing chilling pasts and coincidental wonders through the
house windows, our true fantastical core that is always there.

Beautiful loneliness

The shining dawn And dust, glowing memorial beginnings of Others, roots and branches shining over the imagined land, growing the farthest horizon as. One, like. Running through the parks young, full of dreams, still looking on to what's next, on the oncoming adventure, she wears the spacebrella, a dark crecent raining water rivers of worded Soul And tears Around her, always avoiding them, hiding in the shade, Where she shows the brightest fade, content with her dark oblivion under the soulful tree, togtherness is just an empty word, she has it all but she doesn't know it, Dream catcher clock, ticking out a rapid Fire ghostly projections, a frozen light tree, going on and off, powered by dark rooted disconnections, secretly growing through voided horizon spaces, frozen in a dreamy state, re surging through the other tree lives when they call, i couldn't have it all until I made that fall, into the ground clouds, I would've made it sooner but my lunar wanted another way, i'm connecting to anything around me, a secured dead togetherness, keeping me on my dangerous freedom, changing my atmosphere into a wonderland of peace and happiness, devoid of what truly makes me together, is that just another alone in disguise? keep me close as yourself, no matter how hard you hold onto something, it wont fill you up, it's just a emotional word, definition, a phase that doesn't mean alone, the only way to achieve it is to be free of it, You make lovelessness And loneliness Togetherness And loving. A beautiful loneliness, a aesthetic wonder of mysterious beyond, to reveal the next part, you must collapse or raise the curtain, two alone's makes it one, you take me through all my times and dreams of now and the future, Loneliness is true togetherness as you are free And infinite beyond, endless togetherness of You and anything, everything is there and not, the lights stopped flickering as the shade came off her, always shining celestial mystery and oblivious light, it's just the time that never was, it's not what you have but how you feel, connect to you, you have two eyes, one soul but together, they are it all

Celestial cabinet

Breath waves of my past and future flow through a space, moving yet set inside a false world, closed off to parts of heart and soul, only opening to be force fed with lies and delusional dreams,the unequal balance of balance, a religious belief, a mask of true sinful innocence, seen as dark, a sin of innocent free beyond, going into places of acceptable sin, as long as I obey I'll be okay, a ghostly closet closing of a realigned surrounding, classical paintings of royal horrific wonder and familiarity, a byproduct of this angle and perfectly timed connection, when I get to her core, it closes in front my eyes of infinite others, watching us, watching you, a sharp pain inside somewhere of a old sorrow and life, surging for release through its poetic string into me from below, through this pain and experience I hear her earthly melodies, a lunar bell ringing moments of she seas, where it all dies in the form of this illusive life, still singing behind and beyond inside the celestial cabinet, a cupboard of youthful oblivion and imagined innocent life, the wooded wing doors of true dreamy magic and contained invulnerability, reflecting new and old horrific fantasy and innocent oddity through their eyes of swinging dreams and memories, locked inside our own cage of societal pressures and fears, open it into another beyond, my breath makes it inside my cage as hers and mines fly away freely and open, it was never closed or opened

Division is creation

Always a unseen veil line in between us, on one side is her, a crystal with wings in a space ocean, Colors here, colors there, flowing imaginative grace through her hair, like a crystallizing drift of dreams, reflecting silver strings of soul, glowing her artistic Forest of youthful oddity, far above it all, yet never breaking through the real surface of herself, just endlessly swimming through false conspiracies of chosen prophecies, in her ufo eyes, never okay with it all around her, an imagined separation, still inside her little encased glass, dividing the dream and reality, life and death, away from her and me, just half way there, how low and high guitar melodies go, like division in math, its about the rise and fall, it as a whole, the essence and wonder of the answer that keeps going because division is creation, where we reveal our farthest revelation, divide with it freely and truly, multiply as one through expanding realization, i'm on the other side, a wave with substance, waving out memorial calls, keeping what I am from what I want to be, always one, oblivious to all the other places around me, dreams, I don't want to leave this seemingly dead love, a cut open mind, flowing in place, when shes up there, I am down here, my wave met her reflection in between, beyond the line her crystal divided as my wave filled it, becoming one free, fully open together

This dopamine, dope of mine

Picking the flowers, her long past, returning and freeing parts of herself, each one filling up the empty river string glass, flowing poisonous flowers from her royal tunnel spaces in her mind, like looking through colorful spotlights, glowing neon misty moons of space, chasing it's ending beginning of her play, everyone watches her dreamy haze through the earthly city, still blocked by a mind set of chemical alterations, so many dreams, yet they fly out into oblivion, pretending to be happy as she smiles with her soul, her eyes, in her world behind her hair forest, a peaceful reality of dead illusion, a brain wiring of soul and heart, data transfers of living data, the alpha simulated beta, if. It's there and you then is it the real you, the first release of the released virtual reality, to check on something we must check ourselves before too, this dopamine, the dope of mine, rising up excitement of a possible moment of blissful coping, vigilance of corrupted risk or reward trough my veins, pouring dissonance from the vigil stone over true dreams and love, ready to kill any possible danger, take me away from this tragic reality, to another one that seems free, the smoke of imagination and clear focus changes the growing planning and self control, a different kind of self control of true free control, we all do what we feel, are, be, if that is the same then why isn't anything else? you have infinite imagination, the highest feeling of wonder and nothing, realize and unleash it through you, im in the blue cloud mountains, a clear of mind alternating substances, no other circumstances, my mother always keeping me focused, she pretended not to see all the uniqueness my mind wandered to, could talk but rather be by myself, ready to explode, still keeping it inside for her, spoiled little boy with wings of memories, always free from smokey veils, still never flying inside, kept from the outside possibilities, all the best doctors checked me but they couldn't find me out, how do I know I'm not on a clear kind of drug? I'm beginning to forget how clear it all is, to know clarity is to see the sincerity yet she makes me feel like higher than I thought, I reached her spotlight as it turned into a space of our dreams and memories, we watched them beyond, where we truly high, low and one, there was no dope, only our love and free beyond inside

Make up of life

Layered flame tail, connected to a source of toys and reflections, anything I want to be I can, yet why can't I be it underneath? Never wearing anything, free from modifications and suffocations, still I have something inside, something more than this same reflection, I want to show more of me, I know I'm wearing a veil of nothing, i'm far from where i thought i belonged, a twilight river, flowing lunar reflections and spaces from her celestial turtle shell, never showing her real inside, protected from those losses, pains and uncertainty, if only she would come out, disconnecting from her untrue life as he hair strings fly away, to form another world in time, she puts on her make up of life, thoughts and dreams, displaying what isn't her but everyone didn't care anyway, strike one, reapply, strike two, add more, strike three, you are out of this dead notion, into the true place and onto the next one, it rubs down a long lost sorrow of ink onto the paper, no matter how much you cover, the words and story still reach you, let's make up what cant be seen with infinite soul and nothingness, even if this ends now, it was worth it, it was everything, she wears my heart and her love forever, lets go back the the time when we were all young and free, I'll be inside, looking at our old outside, she'll be outside, watching our old inside, reconnecting to the rooted core of myself, the way you cry it away is like no other, no one smears it like you, she's like a space adventure back and forward to birth and the end, sadness without someone is just our natural reactions of what is usually part of life. it doesn't mean that it's everything and it's the whole. we need to break those normal trends, I showed my true core as she came out of her shell, my real freedom came into her, reflecting our real free nothing beyond

The algae energy

The mysterious royal mage princess, burning secret memories of a sheltered garnet alien in a sea, writing her eulogy for all to see on it through branches, coming out all dark and blinding, blinded to see the true memory and heart, thrown into the chosen role, Without questioning, not even realizing if it's her, all she sees is flames of pains and uncertain heart, underneath her is me, a water vessel, grounded but to something far away, pretending to be just like them all, knowing I am not, if I have to be someone I'm not then I'd rather not have her at all, where does my strings come from? Go to? I have become what is around me, not what is in me, byproducts of a gentle breath we created out of fear, of hopeful salvation, corrupted imagined wonder with our own reality, dark piranhas with a mind, eating away what was innocent and real, soon to be a skeleton without substance, there's something in the air I can't describe, that time the space In between is just the outline and shape of It, Feel The algae energy of the elegy, like the oceans roots of soulful dreams, swaying weightless words of nothingness, the crystal of real Self, that existence, dreams and purpose isn't your vessel or circumstance but your soul, your awareness and reflection of a unbreakable clear sphere, ask yourself, why do you exist? What is existence? If its for you and beyond then that's the kind that's free, as long as you are here and say it then you exist, although it's not about existing, it's about you and the possibility, in this energy of similar oblivions we come together, in between my roots and her branches, shining her true light beyond the garnet, breaking my real soul and life from this circumstantial shell, I love it when you scream, you never looked so alive and wanting

Living dieaseas

Silent storm of celestial Ink, building from the silent reflection and infinite, swaying rivers of space secret adventures, by the city river, as long as she puts it down, she can let it go, those times. With her family and friends, she forgot what she write down underneath, reciting the rooted memory, turning into things she never wrote, twisting up from. Emotions, it begins to bleed out, I'm a stone book, everything i need forever, never opening up, never changing, her and me in our memory by the rooftops, my words, these words will always be here for you should be there when I wrote it for you, screaming our deepest wonder, wondering what we will be later on, I do t want to grow old, writing as my living dieasea, far off space diaries of space spilled hearts, the highest dying

love and release,  altered stories by the dark writers behind it, changing the future that won't be the same when it. Gets there,  when has life just become writing life down without truly writing it? Pouring out our real souls onto a page for no one to see,  It seems well never stop this pen of magical truth, like highlighting words, the brightest core is
always there, it's seems so easy to let go but not certain things,
were always surrendering and fighting so open and let what isn't you
go, just open you hand like you always do, don't worry about dying because you'll just become the next word, reveal the book of your true core, release it from. The pages, we burn and
build our infinite self, life and freedom, the a loud silent
storm of seemingly nothing, our words bleed to the celestial one, reflecting our real lunar memories, making new ones beyond. Forever and not in this ongoing story

Anti socialites

I see her animated mysterious reflection, like a conflicted character space owl from a space movie, speaking with dark confidence, Hidden with past tragedy, my mind picturing another part, which one is true? When she talks, everyone ignores it, so She holds it in, never knowing when to let it out her moon, what I talk endlessly, a social lion record, spinning on and on, there in the mist of conversation, am I talking about my heart or just unaware responses, my real thoughts far away, I need a break to take it in, We are the anti socialites, the antibody of the endless tongue, against what seems to be right, deadly social demand, do they feel when they speak mindlessly? Why they are? Speak without any pressure, breath, with you, everyone needs something against it in time, the only release, to be reborn, true words come from within at your time, every movement and view reflects the act, like stars behind a spinning globe, raining star showers into and out of it, if were reflecting the moon and vice versa then every moment was always in the moon and inside us, reflected at any time, our thoughts met in a space bubble, finally hearing another talk about nothing, her moon reflected what always was, a classical reunion of virtual adventures in them, playing them from another time in that time

Genetic phonetic

Playing a dreamy game of another real one, a ever gloomy zoolm of her virtual imaginative adventure, frozen in her twilight smile, a chilling line of secret royalty, a smirk of deadly determination and odd self capture, looking with a face of innocent sweet deception, collecting samples, for the usual result, when things don't go her way, she drops everything in dramatic insanity, ridiculing the seemingly fail error, not seeing its true fate she once had, the emotion on your soul was unfeelable, without chance, you cant know fate, you cant be without freedom, I'm the unusual one, the one that goes unnoticed, no limitation, never. Knowing what I'll be, still I need. To have a foundation, something I feel I should be, even the moon had to be something else to be,To have order, you must have chaos, a chaotic order of magical wonder, a freeing beyond. We shine the farthest in our changing Dreamy uniqueness, like. All It needs to. Have something different to be true and real, the more we stay the same, the more odd it becomes, a circus of dead set belief and expectations, a genetic Phonetic wonder, the kinetic  magical mystery, always the same in endless freedom, how it goes, is not how It flows, sounds like it, isn't it, the ever changing know, what it is is another, reflect your DNA of your soul, your true fate and dream, not what is around you, change the formula, ingredients, the way you mix it, your view of it and connection of it, it was never meant to be be one, just infinite Nothing of You

Celestial compass

When she cries, she washes away the blurry sand, calms the hottest fire, like a river flowing into sand, glowing memorial flowers towards the light Dial, nothing but flashy arrows and empty stars guides Her, never. Thinking twice about her heart that hangs on the edge of lunar ice, filling up with full memories, lost in phazy mirrors, did they ever breathe true? Arriving to Every destination, a artificial set illusion, not. The end of inside, afraid To get lost, still in the same Place, is it even that space? You are Always lost and found, the free adventure and security is Towards and away from it, burning to the sun dream ocean, I'm a fire comet, always flying around where they say I belong, never want it stop This, no end, no. Beginning, just in. Between wonder, soon I know I have to reach the at point, do I? My Friend are. Waiting for me, she's waiting for me, I'm there in this oblivious connection, I'm following my celestial compass of dreams, circling string clock Hands of Memories and self, going back and Forth into you and infinity, did I ever move at all? Am I going or staying, follow the one of it all, your soul beyond it. Always there, no matter where you go, you always end up with you, Everything is a adventure, a worded experience of celestial wonder, Dependency is more than what we think it is. It's being there through anyway. Inside. The love is there in the connection and there departure, I looked around to see I was there with her all along, my Comet was the beginning of her tears, all. One, becoming the star beyond, destination is all is You

life is a horror movie of love

Check one, my eyes open, In a prepared progress, preparing as I move in free, without any expectations, flowing with it, like walking into a lions den without anything, taking on it all without nothing, living what comes my way carelessly, to know my true soul, I need a preparation of none, to. Welcome her with open eyes and soul, I Can't say I knew this was coming but I did, I see fashionista, goddess of soulful style and graceful life, like A showcase of virtual veils, Always prepared, like a super woman of rebirth and near death saving, nothing can get her, safe but can't allow me in, will she ever let her guard down? Life goes on forever but she feels only half of it, everything is so. Dull, no. Surprise Or differences, Did she already? We Move in preparation, disguised as stagnant destruction, Life is a horror movie of peaceful love, but will end, dangerous but alive and together, just love and put love in all, if you love it then you can't feel pain or care, change is another beyond, beyond is just a change and not of what never did, going beyond is just another part and reflection of you, you can be ready but you'll never be truly ready, a lifeless expectation, you can't be free and open, check two, my body divides, a eye sore, I soar, between knowing and not, even when I know what was will be, you make Me Inside out, my truest free release, check three, the realization and release, check Three, the the free reflection, the true final freedom, Change your way of Thinking, accepting and perception, you change you and all. Life. Is about incorporating everything, moving yourself forward with them

Tapping on lunar's window

She bleeds Serendipity, coloring like a wise baby, glowing artistic simplicity of a sun moon city, the unknown known serenity, phasing in between animated dreams and what it seems, a horrific dramatic fantasy story, watching herself fall into another space, reflecting a shadow Over her face, my young boy reflection looked at her but didn't see her, she reached out as a root wrapped around a memory, a female Donatello, reflecting infinite styles through the ghostly futuristic streets, which one is her? A Endless. Mystery I don't mind, she can blend into anything, like A Colorful neon pool, always anything, she can't stop changing, trying to remember her real self, looking to Stop for a second, she's tapping on lunar's window, awaiting an answer Through the glass, echoing the reflection for her to hear, all she hears is dark images, a phone ringing forever, rippling escapes, will you reflect your real self? Can you open up my true dark light? watching her Is Like smoking the highest garden, I'm a burning alien, shining my dream, my life for. All To see, what I reflect on her she gives back something dark and cold, what I am is blinded by the visionary impulses, never. Seeing my real core, The greatest. Things is seeing what's behind someones world here, how familiar there true soul is to you and magical it is, their true past and imagined dreams, who they feel they are, as the window. Opened, her city became a lunar forest, my light became a silver soul, truly reflecting as lighted nothings

Beautiful clowns

The sorrowful unstoppable alien mime, the simple city girl, chilling the space alien building trees with every step, reflecting memorial dreams from her surburban roots to her hanging owl moon
necklace, shining the soulful canvas of the fire words behind her, all
an illusion of her true sweet imaginative light. so fearless yet gentle, mimicking what's around her, laughed at but not with, gaining empty attention of deadly awareness, putting smiles on hateful and unhappy life at her expense, just to gain a little false happiness of stepping on another, to remove the memory of Being stepped on, people make fun of you for doing it because they know you aren't afraid to be yourself
again and again. people wear the same system, beliefs and closed hate
every day, I can Still see your real innocent carefree soul behind it, a uplifting odd humor of sweet real truth, smiling your free chilling magic, the protocol of professional seriousness, the selected uniform of life and regular expectation, never laughed at, focused on the demands and seemingly mature self, don't break. Out, don't be what they don't be, put on the mask of endless greed and reputation, you can always get Laughed at, how can I free this true release? This constant view of what seems to be right and perfect, holding in our real funny soul and heart, won't I Lighten up? never stopped on cause its just another illusive act, a solidification of your rooted core, growing another way to Come. Back more, Like The earth taking it in, never touching it. Always free beyond, you only stepped on The notion, always on the ground of space, The hardest with the softest, hard to break but soft to being broken, we are beautiful clowns, funny people of chosen normality. The true humor is our definition of it, our own version of It, trying to not be it, a Clown of another, be a clown of Soul. And heart, laugh out oddity of You and free youth, that's who You are

Infinite vanity

the red royal crown world, bleeding what was magically read, the heart of burning lost love and memories, looking for it's soul to cool The flames, a dreamy release of the real memory and birth, given by the death of the false one, still one And Birthing, always shining the highest beauty, a luxury she can't afford, looking through a closed gold eye, seeing one side of it, nothing ever good enough for. You, can't you see beyond a biased value? she burns behind the wall of self obsession, pushing her true heart away, maybe if she has it all, they'll notice, still can't pay for me, out possible connection, even if she could, what's the fun and truth and that? I'm an earth prince, ruler of royal beginning and simple life, building over and over, far from Falling, wearing the highest freedom and imagination, getting me nowhere inside, how could such a bright star notice me, want me? Can you feel my royal love?! you'll never have enough to Afford yourself, true infinite soul because we are priceless, you can't see What you are attached to, I'll. Never fly with my soul down Here, The biggest horrifying life and love is rising and sinking approach, the highest suspension suspenseful, it's all just one of you and all in the infinite vanity, the Pre rise of the dead illusive prize, an endless self love and admiration, corrupted by comparison

and material, balancing connections, nothingness of dreamy wonders we believe, the illusive eve, eating it's own Illumina of a dark evening, the next beginning and all of any apple, one of an angelic escape and memorial flowing self return? the highest death and gasping for air, the certain point of freedom, dream and self release, like getting air, it all becomes floaty and weightless, the true life is the abundance trance of the burning Lance, soaring through, the a growing surrender, forgetting the true one of humbleness, be and reflect
the infinite pride of the other side, a highest ride of the lowest tides of free soul and innocence, admire it all and beyond humble, you can only be so shiny, where's the value in its substance, how. It connects. To your soul,  self worth and love isn't a jem or a. Number, only Your Free Soul And decision, the essence. Of youthful eternal wonder, she she shined. Through her crown,. My soul flew to her balcony In between

still respiration

I see a dark space man with a star heart, floating through her space. Roots, writing wonderus adventures above The lettered mountains spot, a earthly dreamy memory, reflecting with the story words on the other side as one, breathing in and out realities, separating dualalities, any dream unseen, blowing away pains that stand still, Taking in peace. And growth, lost in between, never releasing her real imaginative soul, it has to come out sometime, I'm a sun wolf liberator in a Virtual world, releasing the hardest and highest results and bright ends, going through every obstacle, inside. My lunar cubicle monocle, am I truly breathing out? How Can I reach the end if I Destroy It? Never Letting anything in, pushing love and myself farther away, another freedom thrown. Under the rug, a reflection of still respiration, the reassuring resurrection, inhaling and exhaling resources. Without, something to Keep This illusive life alive and here, was it ever there or inside? an endless pull and push of nothing,  don't let yourself down, always lift it up with being you, your truest self sacrifice of sacrifice, a dual self end of a new beginning, for the next play, just another living intermission, to go Back Home, You must lose It all like. You were Before, Were always respirating self and the empty experience, the real breath is your free beyond, a endless breath of weightless nothingness, always breathing without, the other light, a painful blinding mystery of what isn't from it, a self fear and empty part of it, the soul and true one life, where you were from all along, the story of your final Finalization, for The final first time, just truly deciding and reflecting it together, a moving act of Another, this is where I feel the flame of youthful reconnection the most, in this moving tide of reflection and progression, true end is a stagnation of lifelessness, a never moving life, breathe out so I Can Take You in, she released. Her dream and heart as I took it in beyond, finally seeing through the walls that never were, well make it final this time

At your horizon door

She breathes, she sees a cosmic wasteland through her transparent eyes, complicating axioms fluctuating atoms, a Circular cone of Dreams And memories, only seeing to a certain point, processed images and views flow Into Them, changing the original vision, opened but with false nothings, she let's Out what isn't her, with every move, we grow, the approaching and transformation of self and dreams, that ancient place of rebirthing nightmares, blinded memories of a fated tragic ancient identity, far From her real core, all I see Is Delusions Through this living wall, my own clarity, the farthest distance never. Stops Me, everything I need is Inside, do I really see what is there? When does it end? I can see her but she's there but not, only a shade of her real self, shine vibration so we can see, look with your naked eye of clear set vision, you see the mist, the clearest and heaviest nothing, like seeing imagined fantasies and weightless wind, swaying to the beat of classical innocent backyards and a old crecent clock, ticking time vines of eternal familiar vibes, when you remember who you are, your rooted heart, the true self and all comes out, even eternal change can be tiring and dull, the green of imagined clear life, clouding up the true clear dream and soul, flowing cloudy seperation and nervy fear from the veins of altered dark thoughts, the true realness is its fake Ness of free magical nothing and beyond, grow with everything as it, bring the root to the next air surface, our emotional adventurous fun and chats change the channels, i'm not Tired of being tired, so Tired. Of endless Light and happiness, this trend is Losing its style, maybe I'll see. The other side for a while, a world where they sell anything u want by taking your dreams and memories and aligning them on a screen, I'm at your horizon door with a lunar flower, could we grow together inside the inside of its tranquil mellow futuristic fantasy? The chilling wonder of infinite familiar rebirth and reconnection, as we watch where we are Going to and from, the weightlessness high, see with the celestial scope of the farthest beginning and free connection and awareness, look with the naked covered eye, the dressed soul of free dreamy reflection, as Long as you see and feel then it's always there, just to know that someone is always connected, the eternal connection of seperation, our own lives, that is the closest we can be, all things we believe are love and happiness, it's all there, it's the connective release and inner knowing there here, like deepening adventures. Of another, the best part in before the end the beginning, I opened myself as she closed her eye, there was no distance, only space of one, right in front of us, it was beyond it

 Melodic bat

A robotic flower, awaiting the soul to resurge itself, seeing the fog of life, our own secret delusion away from peace and your true self,  A endless mist you mindlessly desire. To escape, fighting and dying more,  blooming repetitive life that's been lifeless, do i even feel my growth anymore? Doing It From. My. Own will? At the end, yet she brings me below with her,  the dark soul and youth, masking her free love with the fearful trend of being hard, hiding her deadly softness no one can break, calling out melodic classical dreams to be seen later, underneath the pale star field, away from the filtering surface, everything is your religion, science, philosophy, get out Of The dark you think is light, make it your true soul, the one you want and feel should be, There goes The melodic bat, A Female Marvin martian,echoing Sonar waves of dark wonder, heard as dead harmonies,  some songs get Produced, some are miraculously unheard, like letters on bricks, it's doesn't  matter where it is, it is what it is, scream silent melodies of melodic beginning, As she flies. Deeper, my Flower grows higher, we never go, we just close the curtain,  still being underneath, a Different nothing, holding another. As roots. Come. Together underneath the glowing land, two boats as one, the flower reached the end as the bat touched the bottom, she fell into my arms, that's when I heard. The vision

Howl the vowel

Falling down into her space eyes, She watches over her garden of sweet future and past, in a camouflage of imagination and innocence, blooming a holographic reflection of a dream, so critical of it all, consumed with certain parts and pains, not seeing through it, far from her. Roots, yet still. With them, in my bright ruby lion, following the norm, going through the motions,  seeing it all, it seems I'm missing something, I can't describe. It, I can't hide what burns for you, is the real light coming out? the alien wolf  Howls the vowels, the secret odd letters Of beyond, gone weary behind the regular ones. Reflect the True other side of soul, vibrate your deepest dreams into. Reality, vibration of another, nothing, stillness, strangness, our biggest new discovery!  shining the farthest range, it's what awakens you, a reviving moment of freedom, The moon reflects our dark secrets, through lunar tears, full as it hides in its crecent shadow, you are a critical hit, you make me go beyond, make it all a critical hit of understanding love and free beyond, the shell is a spell of self mental protection, you holding yourself deeper and safer in your mind, halving the usual effects with imagined love, you are  so beautiful girl, you are a critical hit, make it all a critical hit of understanding love and free beyond, shell is a spell of self mental protection, you holding yourself deeper and safer in your mind, halving the usual effects with imagined faith and focus,  life, love and dreams never get old and die, yet they do in their constant reflection, let them grow and die beyond, the vibration Met my ruby as the moon reflected the real letters, our true infinite beyond

Uncivilized civilization: The female stoop kid, a soul smart oddity, hanging on the edge of dreams and realities, reflecting from a wave vessel,  surfing her voice that echos to me, an oncoming  past born now,  looking for another source, something beyond this mortal moment, watching a horizon of fears, memories, never wanting to come down, yet she knows she will fly beyond it when she steps off the stagnant security, reaching a new step each time, her mermaid blue Jay flying higher, so. High,  yet told that she is too naive and dark, come to this place, this is where. You should be, in a dead society of constructed biased surroundings,  the youthful rebel of free melody, I'm a star vessel, burning a comet to the soul in between.  anger is my only reaction, everything burning away for security, to remove the pain and emotions, like a celestial fire three spell, biggest fear and rejection, my real world,  blow your flame with the hottest love and rebirth, in A lost uncivilized  civilization, a foundation of the strongest oddity and free simple nothingness,  desperate to keep it going, a race of soulful change, wonder, openness and youth, if. That mattered anyway, they are the ones that are not. Civilized, their chosen Lie of properness, a robotic setness of lifeless material, don't forget your true core, the real civilization is you and dreamy oblivion,  , you can't revive what is free and gone artificially, just an eternal dead soul,  we all need a little space between,  what we are doing now Is doing before, watching our memories and dreams together from Afar, rebirthed through the fire vines, burning youthful reconnections. Far beyond, her wave reached my flame, the vessels shined out beyond, always there and free into. The next one, always one

Living coma

The crecent ufo owl, glowing virtual reality lights of memories and reflections, far in a interactive gravity of free wonder, the farthest beginning of here, putting the space in me, as we coast the soul forest, going through anything, never truly dying, just forever returning, did she ever truly connect? She doesn't feel. What is behind the phase,  her true soul sleeping in the roots, a false self in the branches, like a paintbrush wand, going off with a spell of artistic power, the double edged broom of reflection and life blocks and shows the path I'm awake, an egg world, hatching and dividing new life, a breath of another nothing, finding evidence in this state of openess, hiding a closed luminescence, if Everything is alive. Why do. I feel like. I could die? I never want to go to sleep because you'll be away, What if you could create your dreams? Controlling imagination as it always appears real? Robotic dreams of what you seem you want, no wonder, no free possibility, that's not my dream, imagine if everyone came true here then it wasn't an escape, just another secured part of self and reality, a modern superstitious creation of a secret existence, no one lives and loves like you, a seemingly effortlessly freeing care of innocent birth, in a living coma, take in the aroma of unaware true life and dreamy awakening always known, a chosen life seemingly awake, all is infinite, all is harmlessly harmful, the one I don't mind feeling poof, there goes the proof, yet this love and infinite love is bullet proof, just snap your fingers and the evidence of the essence is there in you, we have infinite ways to show happiness, through mood, energy, soul, with every face, movement, The real beyond is what doesn't come here, somewhere where it happened inside, far away, as her eyes closed, she cried a horizon river, awakening my true self, we were always awake inside

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