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You will always dwell in my heart, it’s a promise I made when I first met you”

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Boygene Borice is a young talented poet who believes in the power of words. He is an alumnus of Multimedia University. He is also the CEO and Founder of The Miracol™ Creators Limited, a firm whose main mission is to help upcoming talented writers to publish their work and reach a wide audience easily and at a minimal cost. He is also a spoken word artist and his main goal is to impact the world positively through his poetry.

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Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and adoration. Romantic love remembers what pleases a woman/man, what excites and surprises her/him. Its actions whisper; you are the most special person in my life.”Charles Stanley

The Art of Love is not just any other book of poetry based on love, but it’s an inspirational and enlightening book that focuses on helping the reader appreciate the power of words which is one of the Five Languages of love, in his or her relationship. In our current world, there is a lot of break ups and divorces. Do you know one of the causes of these cases? Spoken Word. I believe speaking words that bring the best in your partner is a charm to having a solid and happy relationship.

Telling your partners words that make them happy, praising them will make them love you more. Imagine of giving your partner gifts, yet every day you are always calling him/her names. You never appreciate them, they will stay but they will never be wholly devoted to you. Positive and appreciative words spoken with sincerity and honesty creates a lasting joy, even in the most difficult times.

Hope is a poem I wrote to refer to the woman whose virtues and wellbeing is hope to the relationship. She emerges to be outstanding and she ready to handle every problem that comes her way. She brings joy to the relationship. Though times may be difficult she remains the pillar to hold you. Such kind of a woman deserves a worthy praise. She deserves to be elevated. What is your partner’s name? You can replace Hope with her name.

Skin color shouldn’t be a factor when you are looking for a partner. She may be black or white but still she is a woman. I verily understand there are those who prefer light skinned women over dark skinned women. I accept your preference. If you have a partner and she is dark skinned, don’t start discriminating her or being ashamed of her décor. If you define her what her physical appearance is, then you will never really experience that true and fulfilling goodness in her. I wrote the poems “My Black Woman 1& 2” to show that true love goes beyond our skin color.

You should never be ashamed of your partner. Whatever his/her physic say, don’t ever judge her or feel like she is not right. The Word of God does not define the beauty of a woman using her skin but defines a woman according to her virtues and the purpose she has in this life. A woman with virtues and purpose is the woman to love, even if her skin doesn’t please you.

If you can’t appreciate how she looks, then don’t go for her. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

When I say I love you is a poem that expresses to your partner that everything you do or say, is true. I have seen people who use false words to impress their loved ones. They will use all ways to woe the lady and when she accepts after sometimes, all he said can’t be proved. He just lied. She just lied to get him. Honesty and trustworthiness are two virtues that she be highly appreciated and valued in a relationship. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. If you don’t love her or him, don’t do it or say. Walk away. If you mean it, don’t stay back, air it out.

Those who love must be ready to commit to everything they say or do. Do it in sincerity and honesty, with all your heart.

Don’t ever rush to promise when you know you won’t fulfil. Learnt to tame your tongue, even if you are tempted. It pays no great deal to say the truth.

The poem “Above all” shows that though everything may be happening, the love you have for your partner is still illuminating, and nothing that comes your way will stop you from living them. Though difficulties may arise, you will still be there for them. People may arise against you, but you won’t be shaken by them. This is what true love is. It overcomes every obstacle, mountain or anything that stands as wall between you and your partner. Never pay attention to people, if you, you and your partner will never go far together. Learn to value her/him. Guard her/him with all your heart, soul and body.

Sometimes life is unfair. A lot can happen that could even scare you to the teeth. And in those times, we need someone we can trust, someone who can listen to us, accept to help us through our pain.

I wrote “I Still Found Love” to reminisce the moments in my life when I was going through a hardship, and everyone could not understand my pain, except one woman who accepted me. She believed in me. Took me as I was, so wretched and helpless. I was heartbroken, everything wasn’t working out as I had anticipated, then from the blues she came. She showed me the way of love.

No one is ever perfect, but in our imperfections we still can learn the art of love. Learn to cherish those who are close to us. Adore those that trust us with their hearts and their bodies. Treasure them with what we have. You don’t need to be wealthy to prove your love, you just need to be you, because true love surpasses a man’s wealth.

If you love, you must care and if you care, you don’t only care for your partner’s physical needs but also spiritual needs. I believe before anything happens in the physical, it happens first in spiritual atmosphere. If you love her/him, then you will offer spiritual help. I wrote the poem “Love’s Prayer” for this exact purpose. Anoint your relationship with prayer, intercede always for your partner. You can never always be there, and everywhere with them but God is.

There is no perfect way to love or prove your love. This book only gives you the power of poetry. Love itself is poetry. Read out this words for your partner, use them to create a card for them, record them. You know how, yourself. It’s my prayer that you will find the exact words you have desired in my poetry, for your Love.

Boygene Borice R







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Hope does not disappoint. What a wonderful woman my soul has found!

True love is born out of the heart,

Bred by the soul,

Felt by the body,

And Hope, is that Love.

She is the pathway to serenity,

The spring of quiet waters in summer,

The touching warmth in winter,

And the joy in times of affliction.

With her, every morning though cold,

I glow with a brilliance of a successful King,

For, her love is like honey upon my tongue,

And het touch, strength to my bones.

Her affection massages me like the evening breeze,

Her words so sweet to the soul,

Diving me to a world yonder,

Whose candy only lovers understand.

I am not perfect but I am well with her,

She has made me see what others couldn’t,

She has made me explore where others couldn’t,

For she is not only ambitious but also visionary.

Dear Hope,

I may not give you the whole world,

But I give you the whole of my heart,

And I promise, to never desire another,

For my eternity starts and ends with you.

My Black Woman Part 1

A woman’s greatness does not lie in the skin but deep within her heart.

Yes, your black skin, yes,

Though your skin is black,

I know your soul is white as snow,

For it springs waters of glowing ardor.

Like a garden adorned with pink roses,

Whose pulchritude emanates adoration,

So are you in your dark suit,

With every piece of you in my eyes.

You are a woman whose honesty cannot be bargained,

Neither your virtues be compared,

As you have genuinely engraved yourself,

To the true cause of righteous love.

Some may despise you, for the chroma of your skin,

But my heart, stays alive to nourish you,

With an unflappable amour,

Because you are always at its pinnacle.

You have shown me the true character of a man,

That’s beyond the possession of material wealth,

And the strength of what many men glory in,

Yet they end up like a toilet fly.

In your blood flows diamonds of virtuous affection,

In your heart dwells wells of wisdom,

As you have become the elevation of my progress,

If it were not you, I wouldn’t have honorable titles.

They may despise you, but I will cherish you,

They may reject you, but I will hold you in my arms,

They may turn away from you, but I will be your refuge,

You may be black, yes, but I still adore you.

You are my black woman, the only woman,

Whom my heart will rest protecting.

My Black Woman 2

Love sees the best in every woman, don’t go for skin tone, go, for her

Yes, my Black woman, yes,

I have found no treasure worth,

Neither medals that could compare to thee,

For you are a true priceless jewel of a woman.

You are more than an endearment,

For your heart overflows with enchantments,

Whose touch floods my being in ways,

Even royalty can never fathom.

They have shown their hate for your skin,

But I will not be amongst them,

For love cannot be measured by the décor,

But the strength that builds within the heart.

Though the world may never appreciate you,

I will hold you dearly, never to let you go,

I will sacrifice myself for your joy,

I will give up myself, for your presence.

Though they may never love you,

I will still adore you like a mother’s love

I will defend you like David defended Israel,

For what is better than carrying you in my heart?

I will share in your grievances,

I will be your pillar in weakness,

I will be your joy in sorrow,

When Glory comes, I will be there with you.

My Black woman, yes, my black jewel,

I vow to love you with my whole life.

When I Say ‘I Love You’

I swear, by the moon and stars in the sky, I’ll be there… For better or worse, till death do us part, I’ll love you with every beat of my heart. I swear. -John Michael Montgomery

When I say I love you,

I mean that my heart has seen beyond your beauty,

Accepted your imperfections and your past,

And I’m ready to make you ever lasting Queen.

When I say I love you,

I mean that my soul has searched the whole sphere,

And found none so profound and exquisite like you,

Whose presence is like a sweet melody at dawn.

When I say I love you,

I mean that having you besides me,

Fills my being with incomparable adoration,

As my fears and worries are drowned away.

When I say I love you,

I mean that my heart has found you to perfectly,

Fit every obsession I have ever struggled to find,

When everyone thought I was wasting my time.

When I say I love you,

I mean that even when your skin loses its luster,

My love for you will continue to grow,

And flow for you like a fountain upon a smooth rock.

When I say I love you,

I mean that, I’m totally blind to what people approve,

And I have decided to create a shield for our love,

So in peace, we can dwell and our love can flourish.

When I say I love you,

I mean that, even when a single bone of yours broke,

I will be the pillar to hold you still,

And I will be your ever walking stick.

When I say I love you,

I mean that, I’m ready to walk with you through tides,

Swim with you through waves,

And fly with you through storms.

When I say I love you,

I mean that, till death do us apart,

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

You Are The Reason

Always and forever, love should be the reason for your existence.

Who would I be today?

In this world with radical change,

Without your presence in my heart,

Without your touch to my soul.

You are the reason every dawn,

I still have hope for a better day,

Even when the world within me,

Is crumbling and falling apart.

You are the reason, every moment,

I feel myself, full of strength and vigor,

Even when every bone within me is weak,

To overcome even the slightest push of the wind.

You are the reason, every day,

I’m still worthy of respect and honor,

Even when I have neither position,

Nor a treasure I could pride myself with.

You are the reason I have found peace,

In a world dripping with chaos and conflict,

Where everyone is blinded by bitterness,

Failing to see the tranquil moments.

You are the reason am regarded as learned,

Though I have no enough papers to show,

For the knowledge you have given me,

Is abounding and enriching.

My Love, what can I say?

If not to say thank you for your love,

Give the whole me to you.

You are the reason I am me.


If you love, always be prepared to be drunk, for love is an addiction like no other.

I don’t know what being addicted to hard drugs means,

Neither do I understand their hallucinations,

But I know that I’m addicted to love,

I’m addicted to loving you.

I’m addicted to your love,

That every minute I miss you in my mind,

I lose my conscious and the focus,

To accomplish any task at hand.

Loving you is the stimulant of my hard work,

And the catalyst that keeps my soul moving,

Should I ever lose the sight of you, my Love,

I find myself in a pool of depression and sadness.

Every night I sleep hoping for one dream to come true,

One dream that brings joy and tranquility to my soul,

One dream, that, I will spend my life praying for,

That forever, we shall be a soul inseparable.

I may not be a guru in love,

But I know that my heart is wet with your affection,

And my soul full of adoration for you

As every minute that passes, my passion for you grows.

I would rather be called insane, all kinds of names,

Than spend my life outside your refuge,

I would rather lose most valuable treasures of life,

Than lose your presence, my Love.

If death is what awaits me, for being addicted to you,

Then I am ready to face it without fear,

For this love in my heart,

Is the best thing I have ever had.

I’m addicted to you my Love,

I hope you are too,

So we can all be addicts in this game.

I Have Faith In You

When I looked into your eyes I didn’t see just you, I saw my today, my tomorrow, and my future for the rest of my life...I love you!! -Eliezer

Today I arise to defend you, my Love,

Just as I promised when I first found you,

I will never let the world abase you,

While my heart is still functioning.

I don’t know what your mind is replete with now,

I don’t know what the still voice is susurrating to you,

But I am here, my Love, to stand with you,

Fight this battle with you, till you win.

While everyone has turned against you,

I won’t show you my back but will stay,

While everyone doesn’t see anything good in you,

I see you with eyes of love, you are still that hero.

While everyone is busy blathering about your weakness,

I will navigate the world championing your strengths,

With my whole, I will always exalt your greatness,

Because I have found no woman so prodigious like you.

Does the beloved abandon his love when there are chaos?

Does love flee when hate is too much to bear?

My Love, no amount of darkness can put out the light in you,

No amount of hate can withstand my love for you.

I will stay with you, when they apostatize you,

I will praise you, when they despise you,

I will be here, to walk with you in this path,

If you lose direction, I will be your lead.

I have faith in you, my sweetest Love,

Wet not thine eyes with tears of regret,

Even on the Cross, Christ still gave us a second chance,

To be what we are meant to be despite of our trespasses.

I, Who Loved Thee

I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more –John Keats

My Love, for once in my life,

I made a decision with a vow,

To abide in your presence,

Not with emptiness, but with floods of love.

Let not your heart be shaken like a flag,

By those who whirl like the wind,

Yet they have no in-depth knowledge of love,

But wander around with meaningless gossip.

Don’t tremble in your heart,

Let not your heart be conquered by doubt,

When distance puts us in different goal posts,

For, wherever I am, you will always be.

I, who loved thee,

Will not cast my eye to another,

But my focus and sight is on you,

Until the day my lungs will have no strength.

When everyone is running around,

I will be here with you, so still,

Neither to be moved by the distractions,

Nor plunge in the fears of those who know not love.

I, who loved thee, alone,

Will not abandon you,

Like a mother snake does to her children,

But will stand with you, in all seasons.

I, who loved thee, alone,

Will always love you till the end of times.

I Will Be There

My eyes are not worthy to look upon your face, yet they will not rest until they see you again -Cara Lynn Shultz

When the sun is selfish of his brilliance in the morning,

And the fog hides the beauty of dawn,

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

To radiate your day with affection.

When the birds deny you the sweet melodies,

Because of the jealous they carry in their hearts,

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

To entertain you with dulcet tunes.

When the oceans flood to drown you,

And there is no ship to get you across,

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

To sail you safely to your mother land.

When the rivers deny you fresh waters,

And the wells swallow all their viridity,

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

To assuage your thirst with ardency.

When the earth denies you the harvest,

And the sky gives you the eyes of famine,

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

To satiate your esurience with abundance.

When the roses dry off at your touch,

And there is no more bouquet for you,

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

To spice you with eternal amour.

When the wind takes advantage of your weakness,

And wants to throw you off to the dogs,

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

As your pillar and shield from those arrows.

I will be there, my Love, beside you,

In heart, spirit and body,

Every time, every moment,

Till a bereavement takes our souls.

I Still Found Love

No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star. -Diana Peterfreund

When I was left alone and helpless,

When everyone had ran away,

And the cold was feasting on my weak bones,

I still found love, which gave me a warmth.

When my heart was so weak to beak,

When my voice was so scratched to be heard,

When no one could listen to my desperation,

I still found love, which gave me an ear.

When I my soul was still entangled in pain,

While chains had refused to break free,

When everyone was rejoicing of my captivity,

I still found love, which set me free.

When I was so, much bound by guilt,

Of the mistakes I had made in my past,

When everyone was roving around condemning me,

I still found love, which saw me beyond my past.

When I was stuck in the failures of my mistakes,

When everyone was saying I couldn’t make it again,

When all my friends couldn’t see any worth in me,

I still found love, which gave me a hand.

When she walked away and left me in pieces,

When my heart was so broken to be recognized,

When everyone believed love was not my thing,

I still found love, which drowned me into bountiful adoration.

I found love in this woman so rare,

Whose love brought light into my life,

And made me know that it’s never over,

When love is all you believe in me.

The River of Love

I never thought love could be so magnificent until I saw the sincere look in your eyes, telling me that this time… I would never shed another tear. -Elle

I have heard stories of love from all walks,

I have tasted of the melodies of romance,

That were sung by the most profound artists,

But I haven’t found one that matches your adoration.

Your lips are like rocks that store fresh waters in the desert,

Every droplet of words that come from your mouth,

Carries within it, a deliciousness whose taste,

Breathes eternal life into my being.

From the horizons I hear your confectionery melodies,

Thriving through my bones with gratifying adulation,

Which makes me moan more for your love,

Like a child that longs for her mother’s breasts.

I have seen men praise their lovely maidens,

For their abysmal ecstasy,

But yours is superlative and surpassingly sincere,

As you have always fully made your heart my only refuge.

You have made my soul, sing melodies I know not,

Sometimes I speak a language whose comprehension,

Surpasses all my core knowledge of romance,

As your love, makes even my dead bones to breathe life.

My Love,

If love was a treasure, then you are the rare precious stone,

If Love was the air, then you are the air I breathe,

If love was the sweetest melody, then you are that melody,

If love was heaven, then you are the heaven I want live

In this world my Love, you are the one I adore unanimously,

For you are the river of love, whose waters never dry,

Even in the most anhydrous seasons.

The Heart of a Rose

Your cute smile and your happy laughter attracted me to you, but your caring loving heart is the reason why I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Lana Dudley

When the dulcet melodies are sung,

Even the supercilious heart humbles itself,

And auscultates to the glory of the music,

But your way, my Love, is precocious.

You are not noble but you treat me with royalty,

You are not rich but you deluge me with love so wealthy,

You are not strong but you convoy my heart,

Like Samson did the Nation of Israel.

When the sky cries her tears, you are my shield,

When the sun descends his arrows, you are my fortress,

When the wind throws her blows, you stand still,

And guard my soul like the Great Wall of China.

When they said you are not strong to be my Love,

You came to me, inundated me with adoration,

When they said you won’t last long to be mine,

Not it’s been years, our love is always on the eve.

You have held me firmly like papyrus reeds,

Walked with me like Enoch with God,

Trusted me like Abraham did to Yahweh,

Even when no one was ready to believe in my purpose.

When I least proved to love you, you cherished,

When I focused on causing you pain, you valued me,

When I betrayed you, you still stayed with me,

You took me in your heart when I proved less worthy.

Today my heart sings a new song with bliss,

A song you have taught me all this time,

A song many yearn for but a few have found,

A song so subtile and euphonious:

“You are the true heart of a rose”


I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever. -Rabindranath Tagore

Once was love between us,

It bound our souls strongly like diamond,

Every moment felt unbreakable,

And we fed on it like our daily bread.

Our passions grew like lilies,

Our bodies could touch in ecstasy,

Without peeling off each other’s skin,

Neither was there a viper’s poison.

When I spoke, it was your voice that was heard,

Every ache you felt, I felt it in my bones,

When I was happy, we celebrated together,

When sorrow came, we mourned as one.

We soaked ourselves into the depth of affection,

Drank from the fairest cups of togetherness,

We left those who we met first,

What purpose could they serve when they were already the past?

We walked the adorned roads of Mecca,

You in me, me in you,

When they looked at you, they saw me,

We were inseparable, like miscible liquids.

How my heart doth grew fond of you,

Every feeling, every desire, I longed for,

Was all about us, us together in the now and forever.

When that day, you walked away, back to him,

I recalled one memorable holy prophecy,

A stone that the builders once rejected,

Became the only cornerstone of the foundation.

I knew my Love,

That we were never meant to be,

For we had different destinies.

A Hearts Passion

You’re always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine. No matter where I go, or what I do, I’m thinking of you. -Dierks Bentley

They say a man with little faith,

Will shake mountains that seem still,

Though the giants may run against him,

He will still emerge victorious without a bruise.

I am not that man of little faith,

But I have received what conquers men,

What brings still mountains to obedience,

I have found my heart’s passion.

She is the quintessence of fairness,

Like the radiance of the sun in the morning,

She rises at the peak of my heart with serenity,

Fills my soul with abounding virility.

Her immaculate and incorrupt wellbeing,

Dandles my soul with pash,

Aligning every bone within my body,

Like a well-crafted classic architecture.

She has deluged my life with placidity,

Of which I had died severally searching for,

Now I am that man, with direction,

And purpose to spend my life for.

Though today I may be a pauper,

Or I may never have a scent of Mecca,

I will still be content to the end,

For I have found my heart’s passion.

In These Times

I don’t care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart.

-Josephine Angelini

Dear Love,

In this times…

Where change has become a corruptible seed,

I will be your incorruptible constant,

Always and forever.

In this times…

Where love has become just a phrase,

That men and women use for instant pleasure,

I will remain true, to my vow of love.

In this times…

Where hate is now the prevailing King,

And un-forgiveness the standing queen,

Only love, I will harbor for you.

In this times…

Where gossip is the machete to end partners,

Piercing united souls apart like pieces of meat,

I will heed no to lies but the truth of our love.

In this times…

Where men are becoming everything and anything,

I will remain the true vine as from beginning,

Even if I will be the only one isolated.

Hold On

You may never know how important you are to me or how much I care for you, but you are and you will always be. Bear in mind that I couldn’t afford to lose someone I've learned to care about so much. -Ella

Dear Love,

Today, our world is crumbling,

I can hear the cracks from every corner,

Fear not, for this too shall pass.

I know yesterday we had nothing to be proud off,

Neither could we find pleasure in any household,

But cry not my Love, this too shall pass.

Everyone around us, is celebrating our fall,

Even those we loved are mocking us,

Worry not, for the Lord is always with us.

I know our plans are taking too long,

You heart is too weak to hold,

Give up not, our time is coming.

Don’t think I will depart from you,

Neither will I leave you lonely,

As I vowed, I am with you till the end.

It may seem dark today for us,

But our light is yet to come,

Just hold on a little, our time is near.

We may have failed today,

But failure of today is not our end,

We can still conquer if we hold on.

Hold on, my Love,

Though you may be exhausted,

It’s not yet over when the Lord is in it.


I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second. -Kami Garcia

What trespass is greater than love?

What sin is stronger than love?

If on the cross, Christ bore all my punishment,

Who am I not to forgive you, my Love?

My Love, let not thine eyes be wet,

Let not your body emaciate,

Nor your soul lose strength,

For what is strong than the love I have for you?

Don’t hide yourself from me, my Love,

Don’t let the past drain you of joy,

For the past is like thorns on a rose flower,

Just to scare us of the glory that awaits us.

I harbor no hate for you in my heart,

Even I, I’m not perfect, I need redemption,

Though I may have been hurt by your actions,

I still find no fault to cage you with hate.

I need you back, not because I can’t find a substitute,

But my entire soul is bound by love for you,

No mistake is mighty to break that vow,

For me too, Christ holds that love for me.

I forgive you my Love,

Together we are a Kingdom,

Together we are an empire,

Built by sturdy foundations of affection.

Above All…

No matter what has happened. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what you will do. I will always love you. I swear it. - C.J Redwine

Love transcends every power,

Every influence that a man may accumulate,

For in love, life is endless,

And her rivers never dry up.

Dear Love,

I have elevated you in my heart,

Though many have risen against me,

For making such a decision, I relent not,

Neither will I be conquered by their threats.

You may not be like a rose flower,

That blooms with adorable fragrance,

Yet my soul longs for you with vigor,

Like a thirsty deer longs for water.

Many a friend have pushed me to the walls,

To let go of you else I lose them,

But I can’t adhere to their perfidious,

For you are like oasis to my soul.

Dear Love,

When all is said and done,

When everyone decides to forsake I,

When the world votes to alienate me,

I will not give up on you, not now or forever.

Above all powers I may have,

Above all influences,

Above all the wealth I have,

You are my pinnacle priority.

Love’s Prayer

[Loving someone, means not only valuing and caring for their physical and social needs but also spiritual life. Praying for your Love is the greatest spiritual gift you can ever them]

Today my Love, my heart is at peace,

Knowing that you have chosen to be with me,

In both good and bad seasons,

You have chosen to make me your life.

To the Almighty I commit your soul,

May He guard you against your foes,

When they arise, may He be your defender,

And give you victory while they stare.

When you are weak, may He give you strength,

When you fall, may He uplift you up always,

May He show you the way, where there is darkness,

May He watch over every footstep you make.

When there is no one to hold you, Love,

May He enclose you in His wings,

May He be your refuge in times of trouble

May He give you wisdom to make the right choices.

May He prosper you, in every way you go,

May He bless you with a Midas touch,

That whatever you do, will flourish,

And the blessed will call you the Blessed one

When I can’t reach you, Yahweh will,

When I can’t protect you, Elgibor will,

For He who united us together,

Will never forsake us, now or forever.

Above all, May He bless our love,

That none shall arise to put us asunder,

That which He has blessed.

This is my prayer for you Love,

This is my prayer for us.

Author’s Endnote

What is love, when you can’t show it? If you love, you must show, in ways that are possible to you. I believe as much as love requires actions, it also requires the right words to show. You can’t love and yet all the time you fume with words that hurt the person you love.

It’s my prayer that after reading this book, you have found words to sharpen your eloquence to shower your Love with words that are flooded with true and sincere affection.

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