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Prose From The Queen of The World

J. Elk-Baptisté

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J. Elk-Baptisté

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Prose From The Queen of The World


Red Goddess of War

Mistress of the Sun

Queen of Atlantea and evermore




Queen of all the world


Taking off down to The Sands for the day

See you there in the hollow place where dunes

Go their ways

It’s finger-food at the High Tide for luncheon

Antoine knows his stuff

You’ll be coming down in the old banger

Of course, won’t you?

Friend, Sidney promises to keep an eye out for you

If he spots you he’ll give me a quick call

He’s a good one, old, Sid

Spoke with the boy who’s always out beyond

The breakwater in his home-built dinghy

Know him--brown as a nut, freckles and ginger hair?

Has all the gossip and was very excited after

Seeing an interstellar voyager out over the estuary

The boardwalk has been extended to reach the

New cottages at the North end

The place will be subdivided and further developed

And then where will we be?

I ask you, Gracie’… where shall we be?


March on crazy man

Those stingers are biblical

Well’s dried up and stragglers are back

In the field behind the killing shed

Laughter in the canyon

Was out with Sonny Gray-hawk

Felt moved and teary eyed, damn it

But kept my footing on the shale

One of those Honey boys

Moving too fast on the way home

Bringing the tourists back safe

Ended rear-ended in the gully trap

Singing Grandpa was a lizard

They said Granny was a whore

Bet my boots you’ll scamper

When my sister calls your name

Better—run, Sonny, run!

Panic Room

Thinking it over in the room

And the whole thing’s unspeakable

But was it the blonde? With those scraped, bloodied knuckles, last Wednesday week?

Was he a Doofer? The unsavory fool in the elevator at the office cafeteria?

A, Toofer perhaps—you can never really tell

Who left the note?

Why was it dashed off like … a horrid load of scribbled scrawl

A two year olds idea of penmanship!

Oh, shit—who cares! For heaven’s sake!

And why in god’s name was it tucked under the mattress?

Young, Karly? No--she has nothing to do with any of this—surely?

How about the vile marks on her arms?

Well, all right then. Tracks

What does, Angel think of it?

It won’t be much longer and whoever they are will be inside

In here, close up and personal

Will they want to torture us?

The damn door was never going to hold for long—and yes!

I did mention doubting its efficacy to the mother fucker when he installed it

Commander Rey

Knew he liked to perambulate

He was not one hundred percent sure of the definition of the word but whatever it actually was he knew he liked doing it and especially on a Sunday afternoon and in the company of the eldest of the Ratcliffe girls.


Did you find what you were looking for?

Well, I never got rich

Were you happy, my friend?

Yeah… I guess, kinda



I’ll have to admit you’ve got me there

Sorry. Yep—don’t know--you’ll have to ask my mother

That’s an odd response and I’m making a note of it

Uh huh. Okay.

Nothing to worry over, just covering bases

All in all … as things stand … tell me now

Do you fancy going back soon?

Fancy something of a rematch?

No, thank you all the same

Of those I’ve interviewed, you are most polite

Thank you

Your behavior has been impeccable throughout

I’m impressed

And I am putting you down for a--

Cute little pony?

Ah. Well… If you so choose.

Yay! A pony!

Whoop! Whoop!

Chamber’s Way

You’re a bad man

But tell me—why do you think I’m here?

What is my purpose in visiting you?

Punishment, Sir!

No. That’s not quite it, although you can be forgiven…


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