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The Growling Man

J. Elk-Baptisté

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J. Elk-Baptisté

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The Growling Man


It is not a red death,

Cool pink ran a winding course,

Rose doré threads pulled thin

From skein to satisfy her fingers

Nervous and at play.

For your pleasure,

The card read.

And, nothing more.

Deckle-edged, embossed

A creative effort; cryptic.

Intended to nag and worry and

Discarding it

With a dismissive wave,

Nielsen instructed, “Bag it, Latimer—

But there won’t be prints.

What’s to make of the blood?

There’s so much of it

But it’s not that is it?

It’s the color.

She was pretty—but so pink?

Cool pink’s a perfect match

For her shoes, Latimer said.

Nielsen smiled. The feminine eye,

Thought he, and his mother came to

Mind –pale carnations by a door.

She’s a gypsy, Latimer said,

A gypsy and an artist too.

There’s paint on her purse

And there’s the butterfly tat.

I’d say she has the look.

Vegan donut

Some things are meant to be just plain bad

No one should virtue signal by coming up

With healthy versions of tasty, toxic junk food

Should we by way of punishment deny vegan bakers

Anything? No of course not it would be petty of us,

Maybe, though, we should deny them baking soda.

I tried one of their donuts and it consisted of nothing

But an extremely thin, crust of pastry, chocolate icing

And air--no actual donut—cunning creature, the baker.

Thinking of things with holes you could swallow a wasp

Try it on a sunny afternoon when you’re bored

A bee has more curiosity than the average cat

So guard your Coke can and especially at the zoo

Because the place swarms with insects

And they are interested in the little holes and ring pulls

Jesus and The Fig

It will doubtless return to bite her/him on the ass

Not that I’d wish it on a friend but…

We are all familiar with this line of chat aren’t we?


Well, here’s the thing…

Without getting too deep, why did Jesus curse the fig?

Did he hate figs or just trees or, was it something about the particular tree?

Did His mother force Him during childhood

To consume too great a quantity of figs for His breakfast?

Is there anything of karmic debt involved here?

If He did not hate figs, maybe He felt peckish in passing, and seeing the tree bereft of fruit, decided to curse it?

Was the Lord prone to bouts of petulance?

Has the story something to do with laziness? Lazy, unproductive trees?

None of the usual explanations quite do it for me. I’m afraid I just don’t get it.

And I find myself wondering over encrypted meanings?

I could continue but trying to figure it is a bit of a worry in its own right.

Last winter at the roundabout near my place, a man died when a tree fell on his car, crushing him.

It was winter time, yes, but there was no wind at the time; no undermining flooding, nothing of the sort. The tree just decided at the precise moment of the car drawing to a halt, to let go with its roots, and topple over, killing a person in the process.

It was not an ancient tree and so its death cannot be attributed to rot. The tree went to the trouble of topping itself in order to take the life of another individual. Just precisely why it was out to get the man we shall never know. But it does seem a dreadful, vindictive act.

I’ll remind you of one thing: Trees are not stupid they know what they are doing.

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