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Bad Hair Day & Other Bits of Fiction by RC Monson Bad Hair Day & Other Bits of Fiction by Feb. 17, 2017 3437 words Read a sample
These poems were initially shared at open-mic readings in bar rooms and coffee shops. The bulk of the work was written specifically for performance purposes. A few poems were written with publication in mind, but even those usually ended up being revised into spoken-word pieces in the end. This book includes some of the proven crowd pleasers.
Between The Sheets by Coyotes Publishing Between The Sheets by Feb. 15, 2017 774 words Read a sample
Early writings done by Kennie & Crystal. As the relationship was young, but the passion was hot hot hot.
A Taste Of My Thoughts A Perverts Dream by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts A Perverts Dream by Feb. 15, 2017 350 words Read a sample
By the stupidity of the few the wicked will now be released upon our children. For every occurrence their excuse will be they are transgender. We are opening Pandora's box to all perverts with the excuse of being transgender with no way of denying their claim. They can claim they woke up today to realize in that moment they were transgender. So let's sacrifice all for the few when we have ways to
Om te onthou by Chantal Pretorius Om te onthou by Feb. 15, 2017 5172 words Read a sample
Wat is meer verheffend en veredelend as die hart wat so volkome vertrou dat hy alles op die spel plaas ter wille van God se wil? John Henry Newman.
Poems Of Presence by Carlton D Kennedy Poems Of Presence by Feb. 14, 2017 508 words Read a sample
Poems Of Presence - free verse poetry. Collection of 6 small free verse poems for your enjoyment. Thank you for taking the time to download this.
Shipwrecks in the Harbor by Frank Trautman Shipwrecks in the Harbor by Feb. 14, 2017 10632 words Sample 10%
You’re on the road seeing the odd parts of America and its buffets. But there's still new weepy crap every day.
Hounds by Blake E. Woodruff Hounds by Feb. 13, 2017 3686 words Read a sample
********This is a text only version of A Society of Hounds******** A collection of thoughts and verse. A vast collection of poems and an unique seven day tale that ties it all together.
Romantics by Blake E. Woodruff Romantics by Feb. 13, 2017 2144 words Read a sample
"I believe we all have something inside of us that calls to someone. It screams into this valley of people, looking for a voice to return to. If Art is the cry of loneliness, what is your answer?" A collection of over 20 broken verses about love, lost, and hope.
A Taste Of My Thoughts Equality by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Equality by Feb. 11, 2017 546 words Read a sample
Today, yesterday and our tomorrows seem to lack equality between black and white persons. I talk to many people of many races and they seem to all say the same thing, I hold no grudges against my fellow man. So if it is not the people then I ask who is holding us all down? Why in the year 2017 are we behind other nations when it comes to racial equality? We live together, eat together etc...
Texts to God by Grey Creed Texts to God by Feb. 10, 2017 2318 words Sample 20%
a man attempts to contact a deity he is unsure exists because nobody else is listening.
Just These Four Walls by Darren Hobson Just These Four Walls by Feb. 10, 2017 14126 words Read a sample
In these four walls you are welcome to roam free but don’t expect that to be a good thing, this here is a story of twisted love that starts in the middle and ends at the beginning, you can’t build just any type of four walls you have to build with love and passion, just be careful not to fill it up with violence and despise because you will regret it forever more.
Women in Love by Wild Rose Cherry Women in Love by Feb. 09, 2017 966 words Read a sample
In these five poems, I freely trace out the times, places and faces I can recall of some past lovers. In writing this volume, I felt as though I was on the verge of a revolution with womankind against the menacing powers of the times. Long live Pussy Riot! No explicit content, but caution is advisable before letting the kids read this. 18+.
More Poems About Cats And Teeth by James Farson More Poems About Cats And Teeth by Feb. 09, 2017 936 words Sample 20%
The first collection of poetry from Peterborough born and based writer James Farson. Collected here are 19 poems which run the gamut from acid-etched visions of sunsets to the difficulties of owning cats, or having teeth, and even a consideration of those Friends VHS tapes that you seem to find in every charity shop.
The Day I Stopped Waiting For You by Charly Wilde The Day I Stopped Waiting For You by Feb. 09, 2017 1009 words Read a sample
"THE DAY I STOPPED WAITING FOR YOU, is the day I died. and had to be reborn. But this time I ate your food, I grew up with your heroes and I honored your God. And if I meet you now, it would be me breaking your heart. "
Confessions Of A Girl by Crystal Kayoz Confessions Of A Girl by Feb. 06, 2017 4312 words Read a sample
Every Woman/Girl/Lady has a diary of some sort, in this rare release Crystal bares her soul and opens her diary for all to read.
A Taste Of My Thoughts Infected Brain by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Infected Brain by Feb. 06, 2017 428 words Read a sample
Often we examine our brains as we interact with others that have skewed thoughts. Our brains seem to be infected by society, family, friends and other outside influences that are on the constant attack on our sanity. Please enjoy such an attack!
A Taste Of My Thoughts A Child Torn by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts A Child Torn by Feb. 06, 2017 577 words Read a sample
The days of family unity with the original mother and father seems to be the thing of the past. So join me as a torn child as we survive another year into another decade.
Xuân Diệu's Love Poems by Khoa Ngô Xuân Diệu's Love Poems by Feb. 03, 2017 4241 words Read a sample
This book contains a collection of translated poems on the theme of love composed by the brilliant mind of Xuân Diệu, one of the most prolific and well-known poets of Vietnam.
Softness - A Shaped Poem by Glynn Glenn Softness - A Shaped Poem by Feb. 03, 2017 360 words Read a sample
A short poem about things that might be considered soft - in a shape of softness.
More Bull: Songs of Serenity and Surrender... by Brian Mueller More Bull: Songs of Serenity and Surrender... by Feb. 03, 2017 7429 words Sample 20%
More Bull is the third collection of poetry published by Brian Mueller. His earlier collections Bull Head (2002) and Bull Heart (2015) explored familiar themes of growing up, romantic love, and the sometimes inevitable falling apart of relationships. The poems in More Bull mark a transition for Brian into a new chapter of life, one in which themes of surrender, and simplicity come to the front.
A Taste Of My Thoughts Toilet Paper Connoisseur by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Toilet Paper Connoisseur by Feb. 01, 2017 518 words Read a sample
We have all been there and done that! I just felt the need to express my thoughts so just maybe one day the inventor of toilet paper will get it right. I don't ask much from this world but a clean hand would prevent the spread of disease. knowing the world has been infected by stank hands maybe they should include a box of biodegradable gloves that dissolve on contact with water.
The Beginning by Coyotes Publishing The Beginning by Feb. 01, 2017 5974 words Read a sample
A long time ago, in a publishing company that no longer exists. Kennie & Crystal wrote a bunch of poetry and now it is time for you to discover THE BEGINNING !
TIGERS on TOAST by RJ Williams TIGERS on TOAST by Jan. 31, 2017 1110 words Read a sample
short poetry eBook by artist/writer RJ Williams. Tigers on Toast (a poetic enjambment including enjambment). A long free verse poem.
MADE for MAN by RJ Williams MADE for MAN by Jan. 31, 2017 1225 words Read a sample
eBook by RJ Williams, poems devoted to the beauty of woman.
Being The Ugly Black Woman by Anthea Mtende-Ghobede Being The Ugly Black Woman by Jan. 30, 2017 2377 words Read a sample
This book is for woman mainly highlighting the feelings and struggle they go through. It is about strength and not allowing people to push you down because of your race, colour, background or for just being you.
The Mist Calling by Soshinie Singh The Mist Calling by Jan. 28, 2017 1534 words Read a sample
I have always felt intrigued by the mist and I have related this to the experience of walking through the fog and then gaining clarity at the end.
100 Haiku by Prakash Hegade 100 Haiku by Jan. 28, 2017 1673 words Read a sample
This ebook has the first hundred Haiku that I have pen down. I hope you will read and enjoy them. I would be much happier if it inspires to write one!
The Elusive Spouse by Hiranya Borah The Elusive Spouse by Jan. 27, 2017 1381 words Read a sample
Our expectations from our spouses are exceptionally high. We seldom give value to their contribution when they are around. But very thought of losing them frighten us. Then one realizes their importance in our lives. The two poems are dedicated to all the spouses who feel they deserve better treatment from their counterparts.
As Seen On the Internet: A (slightly modified) Compilation by Jalen Cole As Seen On the Internet: A (slightly modified) Compilation by Jan. 27, 2017 13164 words Sample 20%
If generosity is measured by donations, then Jalen Cole is the most emotionally benevolent author of the decade. Witness what is sure to become the bedrock of this writer's long and lively career as he embarks on a journey of the mind and its many forgetful corners.
Love One Another by Samantha Terrell Love One Another by Jan. 27, 2017 1266 words Sample 12%
Love One Another is an e-book adaptation from Poet, Samantha Terrell's prayer journal for children and teens, released in 2016, via her website. This epic poem with biblical references to history, names, places and common stories, was designed for children and teens, but may appeal to readers of all ages.
program des ordis by cee bee program des ordis by Jan. 27, 2017 3137 words Sample 20%
Bull Head: The Selected Writings of Brian J. Mueller 1991-2001 (3rd ed.) by Brian Mueller Bull Head: The Selected Writings of Brian J. Mueller 1991-2001 (3rd ed.) by Jan. 26, 2017 20075 words Sample 20%
Bull Head is a collection of writings exploring a wide variety of subjects, emotions and life events. Taken as a whole it gives tremendous insight into the mind and heart of a young man coming of age in America during the 1990s. Readers will surely identify with many pieces and the many life themes Brian explores...
Holy Innocence by Elove Poetry Holy Innocence by Jan. 26, 2017 6891 words Read a sample
Holy Innocence is a collection of innocent musings on love, the things lovers do moved by love, that emotion that debilitates the body, melts the heart, confuses the mind, and strengthens the soul. It is innocent, from teen horniness, school-boy/girl crush on someone, secret admiration, harmless flirtation to infatuation or lust for someone already taken ...
Holy Emotions by Vincent de Paul Holy Emotions by Jan. 26, 2017 5883 words Read a sample
Holy Emotions is collection of the heart's innocent cravings: desires, feelings, and emotions that the lover experiences. It is an exploration of Love—an emotion of immense joy yet great sorrow—and the emotions that come with it—joy, happiness, betrayal, hurt and sorrow
First Words by Vincent de Paul First Words by Jan. 26, 2017 8275 words Read a sample
First Words is a 2010 Nairobi International Book Fair (NIBF) Literary Awards winning collection of poems that would ring, reverberate and ricochet long after you have heard them—the inner self seeking your attention and begging to be listened. First Words addresses a wide range of issues from societal maladies and politics to culture and interpersonal relationships.
এক,দুই ও তিন শব্দের কবিতা : দুপুর মিত্র by Dupur Mitra এক,দুই ও তিন শব্দের কবিতা : দুপুর মিত্র by Jan. 25, 2017 369 words Read a sample
এক,দুই ও তিন শব্দের কবিতা প্রথম প্রকাশ ২১ ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০১৭। বইটি বিক্রির জন্য নয়। কপিলেফ্ট। এই বইয়ের সমস্ত লেখা কপিলেফ্ট। এই বইটির যে কোন অংশ অবাণিজ্যিক ও অলাভজনক উদ্দেশ্যে মূল লেখক ও লেখাকে অবিকৃত রেখে লেখক ও প্রকাশকের অনুমতি ব্যতিরেকেই যে কেউ নকল এবং পরিবেশন করতে পারবেন। এছাড়া বইটির ই-বুক সংস্করণ কেবল মাত্র ই-মেইলে লেখকের সাথে যোগাযোগ করে অথবা যে কোনও কপিলেফ্ট বা ফ্রি বুক সাইট থেকে যে কেউ বি
Gnaw: The Hour Of Insomnia by Rose Kahlo Gnaw: The Hour Of Insomnia by Jan. 24, 2017 2707 words Read a sample
When your mind is restless and fingers are itching, that's when you come up with Gnaw: The Hour Of Insomnia. "All the thoughts that ever plagued me can never be expressed in simple words. But this time, some of my thoughts are nestled in my poems and presented to all the readers to savour as much as possible and maybe feel what I felt during this process."- Rose Kahlo
GET BUSY WITH WRITING  a collection of 31 daily prompts to spark your inspiration and get creativity flowing by Maja Todorovic GET BUSY WITH WRITING a collection of 31 daily prompts to spark your inspiration and get creativity flowing by Jan. 24, 2017 12805 words Read a sample
Would you like to get more inspiration for your writing? Have more confidence in your creativity? Or perhaps you would like to come up easier with new ideas? If you are one of those people who have been putting off doing their creative projects and simply think they don't have enough time to write or be creative, than this the real thing for you. It's been designed to show you that you are creat
Winter Nights by Baheya Zeitoun Winter Nights by Jan. 24, 2017 6207 words Read a sample
A collection of one hundred poems of different forms and lengths.
Fishbowl by Thomas W. Morris Fishbowl by Jan. 21, 2017 15242 words Read a sample
There will be moments in life when you feel like a fish in a small bowl of water. Wanting to explore what life has to offer, but being confined by a glass dome. This is my experience of that feeling, my first three years of writing poetry, and the expression of personal emotions and creative energy.
A Taste Of My Thoughts I Think About by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts I Think About by Jan. 21, 2017 309 words Read a sample
Sitting within in a future memory that shall plague my world. Thinking about is what makes the difference between us and animals. Enjoy!
One Hundred Poems, Volume VIII by Tuomas Vainio One Hundred Poems, Volume VIII by Jan. 20, 2017 10929 words Read a sample
I have embarked on a journey to write a single poem per day and this my eight volume containing a set of 100 contemporary poems on various topics ranging from politics to cultural criticism. Sometimes the words appear harsh and on other times almost whimsical as the lines roll down and rhyme.
Disgracing Lady Justice by Samantha Terrell Disgracing Lady Justice by Jan. 20, 2017 2856 words Sample 12%
Disgracing Lady Justice is a poetry chapbook by contemporary poet Samantha Terrell, comprised of poems which stir the reader to consider the current state of American politics, and offers opportunity for reflection on civil liberties and rights.
Vibes by Komal Zeeshan Vibes by Jan. 19, 2017 8439 words Sample 10%
English Poetry Book
Het geluid van mijn ruimteschip by Jef Louisa Versmissen Het geluid van mijn ruimteschip by Jan. 18, 2017 2012 words Sample 20%
In 'Het geluid van mijn ruimteschip' spit Jef Louisa Versmissen zijn oeuvre vol dronken mislukkingen, lege planeten en verdoemde dromen verder uit. De cynische humor op de achtergrond neemt u er gerust bij.
A Taste Of My Thoughts The Calendar Pages by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts The Calendar Pages by Jan. 15, 2017 360 words Sample 20%
We live by many standards and conform to society. This is just a thought of another form of conformity that we all seem to follow. Please enjoy and remember to laugh!
A Taste Of My Thoughts I Blink By Time by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts I Blink By Time by Jan. 15, 2017 426 words Sample 20%
Time is gone before you know it and judgment day will be the surprise of the day. Just something to thinks about! Enjoy!
A Taste Of My Thoughts Angel In My Heart by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Angel In My Heart by Jan. 15, 2017 287 words Sample 20%
Trying times in life and death sometimes leaves us to ponder the day. This was written in sadness of another holiday without. Enjoy!
Metamorphosis by F.J. Malpica Metamorphosis by Jan. 14, 2017 1078 words Sample 20%
La pequeña historia de amor de Josue y su bailarina de papel. Ellos jamas imaginaron que la pasión que los llevo al éxtasis, también los cambiaría para siempre.
Antología Literaria 2000-2016 (@ruben3k) by ruben3k Antología Literaria 2000-2016 (@ruben3k) by Jan. 14, 2017 4137 words Sample 30%
Selección de la obra de Rubén III Verdugo Terminel (@ruben3k). Incluye una pequeña colección de Frases, Calaveritas Literarias, Reflexiones y Poesía.