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Poems For Janus by Rori O'Keeffe Poems For Janus by May 09, 2018 910 words Read a sample
Poems with dual meanings are some of the more satisfying examples of literature to read. Taking things that are unrelated, or nearly opposite in meaning, and then writing simultaneously about both, can bring out more facets of those two things. Perhaps because all is connected and language can be vague, any two things can be spoken of in the same words. There are seven short poems here. 18+.
A Variety Of Poems by Rochelle A Variety Of Poems by May 09, 2018 1,090 words Read a sample
An e-book of my original poems.
Flowing Poetry by Lady Kelly Flowing Poetry by May 08, 2018 760 words Read a sample
This book contains a collection of worship poetry that joyously celebrates God and His son, Jesus. The poems focus on our relationship with God and Jesus. The poems emphasize the need of God in our lives and the love of God. I pray that these flowing poetic verses brings God into your life in a meaningful way.
Tira de mí by Ana Hernández Vila Tira de mí by May 08, 2018 3,110 words Read a sample
Poesía (2017 - 2018) "La noche se va de los tejados, de las líneas veladas, de los amantes que ya duermen y el aire aún hiela. Estoy sola, despierta. Hay niebla."
Mera Pyaar by Hiranya Borah Mera Pyaar by May 07, 2018 1,390 words Read a sample
It is a compilation of few poems in Hindi. Most of the poems are couplets and based on love.
A to Z - Life Emotions by Prakash Hegade A to Z - Life Emotions by May 05, 2018 1,090 words Read a sample
April month is as well dedicated for A to Z challenge apart from regular routines. This was the second year(2018) I took up the challenge and successfully completed it. My theme this year was: A to Z emotions and expressions of life.
Wells by Stephen Adeewu Wells by May 04, 2018 4,110 words Read a sample
Wells is a collection of poetry born from the thoughts, interactions and ideas of people. It creates an insight into the ever changing world of man. A thrilling read and awesome work of art!
Infinite Summer by S. M. Shuford Infinite Summer by May 02, 2018 950 words Sample 35%
Infinite Summer is a love that peaks and dies like the sun’s warmth. Mystical and melancholic, these haiku express the deep agony of love and memories lost to the golden enchantments of midsummer, and broken by the decay of winter thereafter.
Peace and War by Nigel Mellor Peace and War by May 02, 2018 7,000 words Read a sample
Peace is rarely peaceful. Women’s voices are rarely heard in war. This volume of poetry seeks to go some way in attempting to address these issues, using the simplest words to capture the deepest emotions.
BOOMERANG (a POEM) by RJ Williams BOOMERANG (a POEM) by May 01, 2018 420 words Read a sample
Long poem, free-verse, by writer/artist RJ Williams. Sensory poem. Cover art & design by RJ Williams.
Beings Within the Skies of a World by Rori O'Keeffe Beings Within the Skies of a World by May 01, 2018 930 words Read a sample
Everything we do affects everything around us. There are no solitary islands in our world as everything is connected. Whether we look at life in general on our world, or at the qualities of the happiest, most radiant people, we see that we contribute for a time, then are gone. The marvels of life continue without us, and the illusions of self-importance and inequality limit us all. Three poems.
Universei - Poetry for Everyone by Anthony James Day Universei - Poetry for Everyone by May 01, 2018 20,470 words Read a sample
Universei - Poetry for everyone is a self published book by Anthony James Day. Themes of the poems include love, hate, anger and the meaning of life.
Hermit Society by Rori O'Keeffe Hermit Society by April 28, 2018 1,610 words Sample 33%
Ram and Rori were lovers not long ago, and this story in poems follows them in the aftermath of their breakup. Ram grapples with deep insecurity about his place in the world and his ultimate fate. Rori can't let go of a battle she wanted Ram to join her in, but she let go of him when he proved to be in deep love with her but too weak to carry on. Ten poems in two parts. Adult for sexual content.
Long Road To Nowhere by Kennie Kayoz Long Road To Nowhere by April 27, 2018 2,950 words Read a sample
In this release, Kennie discusses many topics including his ex, in a good portion of it he verbally unleashes anger towards his ex and laying everything out for the world to see. A anger filled tirade that devoured most of Kennie's life while he wrote this in which in typical Kennie form he documented and shares
Take What You Want...But Leave Me the Hoover by SL Bibby Take What You Want...But Leave Me the Hoover by April 27, 2018 1,550 words Sample 20%
A collection of poems from the strange but unbelievably sane mind of S.L.Bibby.
Songs of Struggle by Linda Marshall Songs of Struggle by April 24, 2018 6,720 words Read a sample
Poems about society, politics and the struggles of life. Many different aspects of these problems are dealt with but my poems end on a positive note looking towards a more hopeful future!
Autophobia by Hayden Pearton Autophobia by April 24, 2018 5,230 words Read a sample
Arthur Reed is a painter, a father, a husband, and a friend. However, ever since a traumatic incident in his childhood, he has suffered from Autophobia, the fear of being alone. Follow his life story in 30 poems, from an rocky childhood to a difficult adulthood, as he experiences the full range of life; from lost loves and failing marriages to runaway children and soul-destroying nursing homes.
After the Dust Settles: A Collection of Poems by McKenna Sharrer After the Dust Settles: A Collection of Poems by April 23, 2018 1,060 words Sample 30%
AFTER THE DUST SETTLES contains ten poems that open up a new view of love, life, and hope.
Old Friend Faith by Rori O'Keeffe Old Friend Faith by April 20, 2018 880 words Read a sample
Faith grows with time, but in directions one would never suspect when starting out in the world. One poem, ~ 470 words.
Flower and Rain by Shireen Ayache Flower and Rain by April 20, 2018 9,420 words Read a sample
Flower and Rain is a collection of poetry and prose that will thrust you into different themes such as war, bullying, assault, depression and anxiety. Flower and Rain explores the different aspects and areas that the author has experienced throughout her life.
Poem 4.11.18 by Chris W Michael Poem 4.11.18 by April 19, 2018 820 words Read a sample
A poem written for Sedona, AZ and its splendors.
Lupercalia by Jessica Halsey Lupercalia by April 19, 2018 7,710 words Read a sample
When is a mythological body not a myth? There are no mermaids in National Geographic documentaries, we do not have holy relics of Odysseus or the longitude and latitude of Skylla’s cave. However, the stories of trial and triumph are mirrors that reflect our collective human attempts at living. Living as verb, living as the adventure that is worth experiencing.
The Echo of Something Hitting by Jessica Halsey The Echo of Something Hitting by April 19, 2018 2,110 words Read a sample
The Echo of Something Hitting is a lyric essay that explores the transformative journey from disaster to survival and beyond; a deconstructed body returning to the earth, becoming something new.
Poemas de enero, cuentos de abril by Alex Tracy Poemas de enero, cuentos de abril by April 19, 2018 9,500 words Read a sample
Poemas de enero, cuentos de abril es un poemario con una simple misión: entretener. Hay poemas de todo tipo: alegres, tristes, melancólicos, divertidos y tenebrosos, ¡para todos los gustos!¿Qué más le podrías pedir a un poemario con poemas de enero y cuentos de abril? Creo que nada más, pero descárgalo y descúbrelo tú mismo, ¡no te arrepentirás!
The Truth, My Dear by Rori O'Keeffe The Truth, My Dear by April 17, 2018 1,620 words Sample 33%
Will there be people around to admire the ruins of our civilization some distant day? The wagering sort say there won't be, and I agree, save for one fanciful thought buried at the end of these seven poems. No adult-only content.
Melancholy: A Farewell of Poems? by Anthony Pellegrino Melancholy: A Farewell of Poems? by April 17, 2018 3,190 words Read a sample
"Melancholy" is a small collection of deep poems that poignantly depict a man struggling to live his life. The author has dealt with constant and serious depression for years, but he also writes of his harsh anxiety that renders his life, perhaps, not worth living.
Illusions of Loneliness by Wild Rose Cherry Illusions of Loneliness by April 15, 2018 1,920 words Read a sample
Loneliness, in a manner of speaking, is coming out of the closet and admitting that you are one of the lonely. The themes in these poems can be a little challenging, but no good change comes without the pain of self-recognition. Loneliness is becoming a topic in the news, but strategies to help the lonely may be a long time coming - take the initiative yourself and start healing with these poems.
From The Eyes Of The Beholder by Ahmed Hamzah From The Eyes Of The Beholder by April 13, 2018 2,220 words
It changed him. He's not the same person anymore. Watch the world through the eyes of a 15-year-old as he pens down his experiences, events, and thoughts that changed his perspective of the world. For the worse. Could they change yours?
ديوان تاريخ النساء by osamaelsayed ديوان تاريخ النساء by April 12, 2018 6,230 words Read a sample
ديوان تاريخ النساء كتبته هدية لروح حبيبتى و روح أستاذى الشاعر نزار قباني
The 12th Of April by David Francis Jeffery The 12th Of April by April 12, 2018 1,820 words Read a sample
An exercise in collaboration, with my favourite Australian band.
Sylvian Tears by Tehreem Ali Sylvian Tears by April 11, 2018 15,600 words Read a sample
Sylvian Tear is a collection of poetry that focuses on a somewhat new genre of poetry altogether, if you will, called Sylviology. One poem is a heart of Sylvia Plath, while another is the colour of her hair; one is her professional life while another one is her lips as she read her poetry to the world.
The Dark Side of My Heart by stephany vivas The Dark Side of My Heart by April 10, 2018 2,660 words Read a sample
A collection of poetry on love, heartbreak, sadness and longing complimented with dreaming of that one true love.
Needless Indulgence by Charlie Chitty Needless Indulgence by April 10, 2018 1,580 words Read a sample
A second edition of fifty poems in addition to the title poem, bound together in a premium collection available for free. (Codenamed: Gluttony.)
Сборник Рождение by Aliaksey Danilau Сборник Рождение by April 10, 2018 47,140 words Read a sample
Электронный сборник стихов и сказок. The electronic book is a collection of my poems and fairy tales.
Uçan Balon by Hicran Saka Uçan Balon by April 09, 2018 4,050 words Read a sample
Hicran Saka’nın ilk şiir kitabı “Gel”den sonra Türkçe şiirlerini topladığı ikinci kitabı
Memories of a Happier Place by Affan Ali Memories of a Happier Place by April 07, 2018 2,640 words Read a sample
'When Dreams Awaken' - Poem Collection. The poems from the upcoming book, "When Dreams Awaken", collected in a free e-book with a few extra goodies.
O Jogador de Xadrez - Livro de Poemas by Paco López, Jr O Jogador de Xadrez - Livro de Poemas by April 07, 2018 830 words Read a sample
Portuguese Poetry book from the writer of " O Africano Desportista - Prólogo ".
Cosmic Energetic Atomic Dynamic Poetique by Sunny Jetsun Cosmic Energetic Atomic Dynamic Poetique by April 06, 2018 7,690 words Read a sample
Sunny’s original insight into nature’s Cosmic relationship to life on Earth and to humanity’s reactionary, mind-sets are reflected in his writings. His concern is shared by many, as in this arrangement of Chief Sealth’s letter of 1885 to President Pierce. It details the proposed purchase of the tribe’s land; its repercussions and lessons if any; we have learnt regarding our un/sub/conscious state!
Essence of violence by james milano Essence of violence by April 06, 2018 4,880 words Read a sample
Is the violence what we see and deadly destruction or is it the peace as well? there is violence in everything. From poetry to stories, find out the violence and how it shines beauty and love.
Photograph by W. R. Watkins Photograph by April 04, 2018 7,440 words
'photograph' is the brand new poetry collection from bestselling author W. R. Watkins
Poems' Pool by Mansi Karna Poems' Pool by April 03, 2018 4,620 words Sample 20%
Poems that did exist somewhere in the multiverse waiting for me to write them, finally out !
Blood Ballet by S. M. Shuford Blood Ballet by April 03, 2018 1,010 words Read a sample
Blood Ballet and Paradox Phenomena – two poetry sets harvested from the same embryo. Sensual and discomforting, these haiku are the gruesome songs of mourning ghouls and dead maidens. They are a step into a dark pool of subconscious desires and fears. Contains an exclusive introduction for the eBook format only. Contains mild content such as nightmarish imagery, recommended 14+.
Unleashed Tales by Sujay Rittikar Unleashed Tales by April 01, 2018 1,240 words
A poetry collection with conspiracies of life and it's constraints in our minds.
An affair with words by Ali Kattnur An affair with words by April 01, 2018 1,780 words Read a sample
for the people who like, freedom and chaos, light and darkness, love and betrayals, hope and hopelessness, look no further, this is a collection of 21 short poems, all about life, pain and all the random things that happened in my real life and in my wild dreams, written in simple english. a quick and must read. having some issues mind the poor formatting for now.
Verses Undone by Jamila Mikhail Verses Undone by March 31, 2018 3,560 words Read a sample
Take a roller coaster ride inside of the human heart with this short collection of 15 poems dealing with everything from love and romance to death to anger to friendship and beyond. Written in both free verse and fixed verse format, these poems will not only touch your emotions but they will also motivate you think deeper.
Poesías, Amor y Moscas by Lluís Viñas Marcus Poesías, Amor y Moscas by March 30, 2018 6,610 words Read a sample
Llego al tercer libro de poesías surcando los mares de la realidad en un pequeño velero. Libro con título extraño, Poesías, Amor y Moscas. En el libro encontrarás poesías de amor, del amor cercano al más lejano. También hay sitio para versos sobre esto tan cambiante que es el vivir, el mundo y las olas del tiempo. En Poesías, Amor y Moscas hay espacio para poemas cortos y de largos cabellos.
Cosmic Faeric Mystic Magique Pacifique by Sunny Jetsun Cosmic Faeric Mystic Magique Pacifique by March 29, 2018 5,410 words Read a sample
Poems of life’s journey flowing wonderfully also breaking the heart with loss and despair! Truth from good past karmas, silently flows and cleanses the expectant Mind of pain. Vipassana Meditation practised with a base of No Killing, No Stealing, No Sexual Misconduct, No Lying and No Intoxication, gives Peace and harmony for a mind to live in clear Dhamma, leads to regeneration of one’s perfection
My Latest Roommate by Rori O'Keeffe My Latest Roommate by March 26, 2018 650 words Read a sample
As far as pets go, I've never had a problem with spiders - until now. A novelty poem, ~250 words.
The Fool's Golden Tongue by Rori O'Keeffe The Fool's Golden Tongue by March 25, 2018 2,710 words Sample 33%
Turning on the theme of the fool, these short poems are tragic, hilarious, or just undeniably real. Dealing with life's ironies in vivid images and lively characterizations, the fool sees the world from hopeful beginnings through to the ennui that comes with knowing just a little too much. This volume is an amusing and startling proof that we get more than what we want when we look in the mirror.
Cosmic Organic Orgasmic by Sunny Jetsun Cosmic Organic Orgasmic by March 22, 2018 6,720 words Read a sample
What does it mean to be an artist? “The greatest mistake you make is in thinking that enjoyment is something unearned, that if you know how to play the fiddle, well it’s just the same as playing it. As for the reward, you’re always confusing recognition with reward. They’re two different things. Even if you don’t get paid for what you do, you at least have the satisfaction of doing”.