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Let us start with the Universe:

In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth; Heaven being the Universe and Earth being our little corner of the Universe. According to ancient Jewish scriptures, God’s unspoken name is YAHWEH. (commonly pronounced: Ya-weigh) In the ancient Hebrew language they did not use vowels like we do, so YAHWEH was spelled YHVH. The V and W is the same letter. YHVH in Hebrew was the chemical equivalent to: Y=Hydrogen, H=Nitrogen, V-Oxygen and H=Nitrogen. So, Gods name is the same as the makeup of the Universe. All things in the Universe are a combination of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen; Nitrogen being the dominant element. Now, in the 21Century, we are capable of detecting the DNA of the Human Body. Guess what we are made of? Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. It seems that I remember a story in the Bible that went something like this: “…and God took a handful of dust (Carbon) and made man and then “God breathed into man, Gods living soul.” So, to me, this means that we are God experiencing a physical life.


Let me say that again…”We are God experiencing a physical life.”

Now, think about all the confusing information we have been taught over the years by all the organized religions. They have tried to explain our relationship with God. But, if we are God experiencing life in physical form, what does that do to the concepts of Heaven and Hell? Even the Bible states; “In the beginning everything God created was good.” Why would God put himself in a physical form on Earth only to be punished daily with hatred, jealousy, evil, wars, and the fear of going to Hell? It wasn’t God that did this, it was mankind. Mankind created religions and the fear of Hell and the devil in order to control the masses. Mankind’s unknowingness and the lack of understanding who we really are, created these negative vibrating energies. The Universe and everything in it is vibrating. This vibration is seeking similar vibrations to create things and circumstances.

Mankind is born into this Universe with three minds: the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind and the Universal Super-conscious Mind. So, in actuality the Universe was “created” merely by the process of energy changing from one form to another. The creation and cessation of all things physical is simply manifestation and un-manifestation. Quantum Physics states that “something can actually come into existence only when it is observed.” In other words, that “something” only exists because a mind first thought it into existence. Everything we use today is only in existence because someone thought about it. For example: One day a caveman thought: “I’m getting tired of standing all day.” So, a chair was invented. That same caveman then thought:” You know I’m getting tired of walking everywhere.” So, the wheel was invented. The caveman then said: “This mammoth meat would taste better if it wasn’t dripping with blood.” So, then fire was invented. Think of how much better your life is sitting in your car and driving up to a fast food restaurant instead of walking to the forest and killing your next meal. Sub-atomic particles are simply energy packets. Everyone living today is nothing more than a cluster of energy. This energy is in constant motion and changes to form new configurations at every moment. From the beginning of time to around 1800 AD we knew nothing of atoms.

So superstitions and half-truths became the norm. Then science started to catch up to religion. We then discovered that all things (particles) are made up of atoms. Another discovery showed us that atoms are made up of protons and neutrons. These protons and neutrons are constantly in motion and seeking like protons and neutrons to link up with.

Einstein’s theory of relativity: E=MC2 does not mean matter is converted into energy, it means matter is energy!

Now, Quantum Physics comes along and asks: “ What is inside these protons and neutrons?” So, scientists got to work and put these protons and neutrons into a sub-atomic accelerator and opened them up and they discovered the Quark. As of this writing, the Quark is the smallest bit of matter known to man. Now this next discovery is quite unique and exciting. Scientists discovered that a quark will change shape depending on WHO was looking at it. In other words mankind can change the shape of matter by simply observing it. This made the scientific world excited, and now they want to know what is inside the Quark, and why does it change shape when being observed. Back to the drawing board for the scientists… back to the sub-atomic accelerator to crack open the Quark. What do you think they found?

They found NO-THING!

What they found was: A.L.I.V.E.-A Living Intelligent Vibrating Energy.

They found GOD!

The source, the Creator of all things, they found the Universal Super-Conscious Mind of all things!

Since all things including mankind have at its source a living God that is with us every second of every day, then the only conclusion I have is that we are God experiencing a human existence. That we can create our world around us, and we do. This intelligent vibration is also conscious and infinite. Therefore, it is actually an infinite living mind! Everything in the Universe has its source from this infinite living intelligent energy.

Let us go back to the Bible for a minute. The Bible states that God created mankind in His own image and likeness. I already stated that the ancient Hebrew’s name of God is YAHWEH, and the Hebrew letters of YHVH are the chemical equivalent of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen; the building blocks of the Universe. And I also stated that the DNA of mankind is Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon, making us an infinite intelligent energy with a physical body. How come it took me 74 years to figure out this basic and most wonderful truth? Now that you know it, how will it change your life? I always knew that religion would not prove the existence of God, and that science would. The problem is that science is too new for their discoveries to be accepted and religion is too old to change their points of view. For many centuries there have been three major questions that have yet to be answered.

Who Am I?, Why Am I Here? And Where Am I Going?

I am going to give you my opinion…my answers to these age old questions.

Who Am I? –You are pure spirit, cast into a human mold as a manifestation of Diving Intelligence, existing this little while on Earth to help carry on the Divine Plan. Being pure spirit, you are part of the only intelligence there is and all the power and understanding of this intelligence are yours to draw upon.

Why Am I Here? – The only reasonable and intelligent answer that makes sense to me is that the Universal Super-Conscious Mind (GOD) is seeking to know itself by becoming things because it cannot know itself as infinity. Thus we are born, we live, we have free will, we do well, we do badly, we suffer and we die. All the while we are expanding our consciousness. GOD seeks to know itself by becoming you and me and every other thing in the Universe. Thus, human purpose is destined to expand self-consciousness to Infinity.

Where Am I Going? –To understand Infinity, we need to be infinite. Our body will clearly die, but our soul, our Subconscious Mind will never die. Neither was it ever born. What do the great teachers of all time keep saying? WE ARE ONE WITH GOD! And GOD has no intention of doing anything with your soul except to bring it back home where it belongs.

As I mentioned earlier, all humans are born with Three Minds. In order to understand how to make The Law of Attraction work for you, you must understand the power of Our Three Minds.

Our Conscious Mind – is your body. It gathers data from your five senses: taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. This data is then stored in your brain (body) as memory, we then become a product of that memory. Our conscious mind is exclusive only to us as individuals and no two humans share the same conscious mind. Our body (conscious mind) is finite. It has a definite beginning and will have a definite end. Since our conscious mind is exclusive to our body, and when the body dies it stands to reason that the conscious mind will be absorbed back into The Universal Subconscious Mind of God. Our conscious mind is the creator of our thoughts, thus our conscious mind creates our universe around us based on whether we give out positive vibrations or negative vibrations. (This is one of the secrets mentioned in the DVD Movie “The Secret”)

Our Subconscious Mind – is your soul (spirit). This is the least known and understood minds. This is not the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is your conscious mind in an unawake state. The subconscious mind is infinite, it is Universal, it is One, it is the Mind of God and there is only ONE SOUL (Mind of God) in the Universe. All humans share this Subconscious Mind. Your Subconscious Mind is like “Google” on your computer. It holds every word, thought and feeling of every human being on this planet and beyond.

The Universal Super-Conscious Mind –is the entity also known as GOD. The Creator, The Source, The Force, The Universe, Infinity, The I AM, YAHWEH and the thousands of other names religion chose to call it. GOD is A.L.I.V.E. –A Living Intelligent Vibrating Energy. GOD is in every quark, which is in every atom, which is in everything in the Universe including us! When you think of our Three Minds, think of the Holy Trinity of religion: GOD the Father is the Universal Super-Conscious Mind. GOD the Son is mankind –The Conscious Mind. GOD the Holy Spirit is the One and Only Subconscious Mind. Think of your three minds like a computer: The Conscious Mind is you, the operator. Without an operator the computer is worthless. You must turn your mind on! Your Conscious Mind’s main function is to decide WHAT you want in life. Your Subconscious Mind is the search engine. It contains ALL the information in the Universe. Your Subconscious Mind’s main function is to tell you HOW to get what you want in life.

The Universal Super-Conscious Mind is whatever you think GOD is. It is with you24/7. Your Universal Super-Conscious Mind is the hard drive of our computer analogy and its main function is to turn WHAT you want into REALITY! Using The Law of Attraction you will achieve Success and Happiness, one day at a time. The message of truth is that you, yourself, your real being, are spirit. Your physical materiality is simply your expression; your physical materiality is what you use in your expression of life. This materiality is your servant not your master. When you recognize and realize your true nature, you will be perceptive to its real relations to you and yours to it. A supreme power and wisdom governs the universe. This supreme power, this supreme mind is measureless and pervades all space. This supreme power is in everything that exists, from the minute atom to the expansive universe. Our faith gives us the power to believe and the power to see that all things are part of the infinite spirit of God and this power must work for our good. Faith, confidence, and expectation regarding the beneficial power of God tend to open the channels of God’s influence in our life. Doubt, disbelief, distrust, and fear tend to clog up those channels depriving you of its wonderful power. To a great extent you determine the quality of your own life by your thoughts. By the nature of your thoughts, you live either a very productive life, or a very unproductive, miserable, fearful existence. When you learn how to control your thoughts, you can control your world. Do you still have doubts? If you are waiting for love, money, health, happiness, or peace of mind, examine your thoughts on these subjects. You may be compounding your situation while you blame it on some outside influence. There is a four-inch space between our ears that controls our world. Control that four-inch space and live the life that God intended for you. God loves you, and would not have given you the ability to vision, without the ability to achieve your visions. Look at your neighbor. They probably handle their situation in a way worse than you do. The good news is; most people are either standing still or going backwards. All you need to do to succeed is to dream, to believe, and to put one foot in front of the other. Don’t look back, look ahead, but look with a new perspective. See that God loves you, and that He will provide you with all that is necessary to achieve your goals. Accept it, accept God, and accept the fact that your soul is infinite and will never die. Love Is the Underlying Unity of the Universe. The world is constantly at war. We fight over deserts where nothing grows. We fight over oceans that we can never own. We fight over religious beliefs, none of which we can prove. We fight over cultures, most of which we don’t understand. Most of all, we fight because we don’t know and don’t understand who we are or who they are. The answer to stop the fighting is simple. Find out who we are and find out who they are. God created the universe. At this point, to our knowledge, God put humankind on this planet. He gave humankind Earth to share, grow, and live; more importantly to love. What have we gained by wars? How can we justify war if we understand that love is the underlying unity of the universe? Could organized religion be the real culprit here? We tried to explain God through hundreds of created religions. Some of these religions have been used and are being used as an excuse to kill our fellow humans. The time has come to stop using God as an excuse for wars. God is Love and Love is God. Humankind is not separate from God. Humankind is the physical reality of God’s spirit (soul). If we could take our spirits (souls) and lay them out for inspection, we would only find one soul and that soul (spirit) is the Universal Super-Conscious Mind of God. This spirit is pure love. This spirit is eternal and all knowing. God gave us a mind to think and a body to act in kindness. Where in the heck did we lose sight of this?

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